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It’s good to see the clips sites are doing so well, there seems to be a bit of a proliferation of them at the moment but then, with the problems of forming ones own web site and the costs involved I guess it’s a pretty good idea.

I have been having a look through a few of these clips sites and it’s amazing the amount of product out there. Obviously a lot of this material is homemade, not that it’s any the worse for that in fact I know that many people prefer the homemade look!

I was also pretty amazed at the range of material available, everything one could want I suppose and again that’s pretty good. These sites do seem to take quite a slice out of the producers of content but then they do have the site maintenance costs and the cost of marketing. Some seem to do it better than others.

I concentrated my search on to just the spanking content and wow! So much, I have to say though there is also a load of rubbish in with the good stuff. It’s the age old problem, when people see that there is some money to be made out of producing something everyone jumps on the bandwagon and gets out their cameras and just shoots stuff.

I do prefer to see well shot material, something that has some thought behind it and something produced by people well into the scene and not just for the money making.

I have put my links to just one or two studios, well why not, the invitation is out to other studio owners to contact me to publicize their content, but as with the rest of life, you pays yer money and ya takes yer choice.

Take a look at these stores as they represent value and quality of product. Clips 4 Sale   Spanking Library

A few of the pictures from featured films, well we all love to see a good picture.

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