A warning about pirate web sites and free hosting servers

I want to take just a moment to warn you about visiting sites hosting pirated material. I could tell you just how bad these sites and the activities of these pirates are for those legitimate producers of spanking films who, contrary to popular opinion do not make fortunes from their honest endeavours but I won’t.
I could tell you just how hard it is to find the right young ladies, those we know you really want to see spanked and who maybe have never been spanked before, but I won’t. I could tell you that most producers of good quality spanking material are quite small concerns, often just one man and his wife or girlfriend doing their best to bring you exciting and captivating spanking films and pictures, very often in a unique way, the site designed to appeal to themselves and to the select few who share their views on spanking, but I won’t

Instead I want to tell you about the plethora of so called ‘free’ spanking boards and other such rip off sites. These are sites set up with the sole aim of pirating the work of the legitimate producers, those people I have described above. What can happen when you visit these pirate spanking boards and free hosting sites? They do not give you something for nothing that’s for sure; these thieves are in the business to make money out of you and out of the legitimate producers without even a thought to the fact that they can be destroying someone’s business and maybe landing you in more trouble than you realise. You will have to pay for poor quality ripped off product. NOT ONLY THAT! They are also planting malicious mal ware and spyware and viruses on your computer with the aim of collecting sensitive information or as in many cases just causing mayhem on your computer.

You may have antivirus checkers and programs but please be warned, when you visit these sites and download there stolen product you are putting not only your computer at risk but also any data you may have on it, so, please think before you try to get cheap pirated films from these individuals. Trust your regular spanking web site to give you good quality, safe, honest spanking films. The producers and owners of these sites are spanking enthusiasts just like you, they want you to have the best so, help them give it to you.


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  • Lacey Sutton

    I’m back.

    Currently myself and 3 other hold all of the cards for spanking piracy. If you want to talk to the root of your problem then speaking to me is the closest you’ll get.

    I don’t believe you. I believe that a spanking model with a producer makes a bunch of 15minute videos then suck millions from then all. When you cry about not making money you fail to realize that if you ever provided information online it is considered openly available to people who found it. I’ve seen many models homes and lots of assets. You guys are all loaded with dirty money.
    How are you rich? well you traded the passion of spanking and turned it into one giant revenue stream.

    So we are at war. Us on the other hand are guilty of providing a network of community after community who steal spanking videos and distribute it for free. We’re dishonest in that way.
    You guys are empowering some kind of legal prostitution for MASS AMOUNTS of PROFIT.

    So, you can cry and whine all you want but we are winning the battle. There are a lot of you spanking money vacuums out there but as the internet grows download speeds and options are becoming more stronger.

    How could this have been avoided?
    -If you guys released all videos that are 1yr or older to the public then this would end. You have no reason to try to profit from older videos. You’ve already made 100K + plus from each one.
    If most of the spanking sites did this then we would have no choice but to be gone.
    Is it ever going to happen? I doubt it because you guys are not smart enough to realize that there should be a limit on making easy money.

    So good luck with the battle but know that we’re not in it for money. We’re in it to reserve the right that the internet should not become one giant store.

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