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Life gets in the way of my Blog sometimes, so much to do and there never seems to be time. I thought this week as I had not even had time to look around the spanking websites I would take a look at a couple of blogs and see what they have to say. I started with Spanking England as it looks attractive and has loads of new content reviewed. I have more or less taken their posts and reproduced them her for you.

It was lovely to see Satine Spark again recently. She made her first ever spanking film with us about six years ago and she comes back at least once a year to make some more. People can change a lot in that amount of years but I can honestly say that Satine looks as great now as she did then. Take a look at the latest films where she gets her bottom spanked and paddled by Mr Stern.

After the disastrous start to our Spankers cook book film I ask Satine to make a fruit cake. It is in fact a very nice fruit cake and when Satine invites me and the photographer to share it with her we are pleased to do so. We did not know that Mr Stern had need of it for his video and when he comes to shoot the film there is not a lot left of the cake. He is not happy and decides that a good paddling should be the reward for this rather thoughtless and naughty young lady. She has to touch her toes as he applies the paddle to her pert bare bottom. SpankingSarah

Nigel returns to SarahSpanksMen this week to receive a cold caning. Nigel has been to see me before but he is back and this time he is more honest with me abou this needs. He wants to be cold caned. Now this is extremely unpleasant and very painful but that is what he wants, I agree to cane him. We pick a selection of canes, from very thin to quite heavy and I give him just what he asked for as he bends over my caning bench

At English Spankers April May is back. April made her spanking debut with us some time ago and despite never being spanked before, she took to it like a duck to water! April has been sent by her boyfriend to see disciplinarian Mr Stern. She will not openly admit why she has been sent thus but the story does emerge after a while. She has been cheating on him and he wants to see her suitably punished. Once she owns up to this she is placed over the knee and spanked on top of her denim shorts before these are removed and her bare bottom gets the expert attention it demands. English Spankers


Last but by no means least at RedStripe Films Ashleigh knows she will get further punishment for her bad behaviour and her almost criminal activities. She is not mistaken and the pyjamas she is wearing offer her little or no protection against the hard paddling she is going to get. Her bottom is pushed high into the air and this deserved paddling commences. RedStripe Films

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