How times change. Once upon a time, no this is not a story about anything just the way that things change. So, once upon a time a photographer or film maker would have an idea, grab his camera, and find the right cast or model for the job in mind and get off to a studio and make a film or shoot a set of pictures.

Simple and easy and it worked and still does. But the big trend now seems to be for custom made films. You as the customer find a studio or film maker you like, write a script or jot down a few ideas, pick the model or models you would like and contact your chosen producer. They look at your ideas and say yes, they can do it and this is the price or, sorry, not our thing.

Once your idea is accepted the studio gets the models of your choice and the type of location and produces for you his or her interpretation of your idea, fantasy, or kink, whatever you want to call it.

You will be able to download the finished film in just a few days hopefully and enjoy the product of your imagination and your chosen studios attempt at reproducing it. A good idea? YES certainly, it really does seem to work and speaking as a producer filming for this new genre has taken me down paths, I never thought I would have to navigate.

Most of the work we produced until this last two years was straight forwards spanking and discipline films. These we used mainly on our own web sites but some we sold through the clip’s sites out there like Clips4sale and Spanking Library. Now what a change, Age Regression, Diaper Training, Pissing, Domination, mouth soaping, Ear pulling, well you get the idea and the list goes on and I continue to be surprised at the breadth of kinky ideas out there.

Is it a good thing? Again YES, it’s a breath of fresh air and the big bonus as far as the customer is concerned, you get exactly what you want. So keep sending your ideas and your scripts, If we are able to do it, if we have enough knowledge about it and if we can find the right people then we will give it our best shot.

Follow the link at the bottom of the post for more info.

Take alook at Custom Kinks where you will get full details on how to get your Custom Made Film

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