The strong arm of the state

With knife crime rife on our streets, our kids killing each other daily, drugs being peddled at the school gate and in clubs attended by vulnerable young people. With children dying from neglect and child poverty within our urban communalities it’s reassuring to know that the nations plods still have time to protect our morality […]

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New F/F discipline site

A new site has erupted upon the spanking scene featuring the real-life domestic discipline girlfriends Abigail Whittaker and Audrey Knight. Their new site features the delectable, stern Audrey taking her cute, younger girlfriend Abi over her lap or various other pieces of equipment to prepare her for some VERY deserved spankings. Abi, an early-twenties […]

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Blow jobs and spanking

News from Redstripe Films about their latest update. Sandy who runs the site has been caught out giving a blow job to the photographer when she should have been working. Luckily this was all caught on video and as we would expect from the good folk at Red Stripe they have made the film of […]

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New English Spankers blog

Wow everything changes so fast, no sooner do I get links posted than I have webmasters contacting and telling me to change it from this to that. In this case I don’t mind and I fully understand the reasoning behind it. Like a lot of spanking sites, English Spankers used the Yahoo blog program, it’s […]

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Spank a Bishop for Charity

This news item in from Emma Bishop and we reprint in its entirety after taking out the spellinig mictakes:badpunktuation and the silly little girl text langwich. (See me outside my study Emma Bishop)

I recently had a shocking experience from someone pedalling for porn on a bike,see my blog site article I now want […]

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