Spanksalot Blogspot killed by Google

Google have closed the blog after it was reported to them for repeated copyright violations under the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) regulations.

This blog had repeatedly published copyrighted images they had taken from spanking sites from which they had removed copyright watermarks and site identifiers despite written warnings from the copyright owners.


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New English Spankers blog

Wow everything changes so fast, no sooner do I get links posted than I have webmasters contacting and telling me to change it from this to that. In this case I don’t mind and I fully understand the reasoning behind it. Like a lot of spanking sites, English Spankers used the Yahoo blog program, it’s […]

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A new blog

Always nice to welcome someone new to the world of blogs and we are especcially pleased to see that Sandy from redstripefilms has now started chatting to the worl in general. The blog looks interesting so far, seems that Sandy though is always in trouble and having to bend over! What could be better. Take […]

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