New English Spankers blog

Wow everything changes so fast, no sooner do I get links posted than I have webmasters contacting and telling me to change it from this to that. In this case I don’t mind and I fully understand the reasoning behind it. Like a lot of spanking sites, English Spankers used the Yahoo blog program, it’s free and it does the job BUT, once some mean killjoy reports your site to yahoo telling them it has spanking or sex content it will only be a matter of time before they close it.
English Spankers realised this and so have a new blog on their own servers, and I have to say it is rather snazzy! Take a look at it here.
I have been talking to the guys at ES and they tell me that if anyone else out here wants a purpose built blog to get in touch and it will be done. A small charge of course but who wants to spend years building a blog and have the big boys at Yahoo come and kick sand in yer face? Oh, they tell me they can import the content from lots of the free blog programs into your smart new blog. Can’t be bad.

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