A day on the film set

Oh the joys of being a spanking blogger, you get all sorts of invites and once again Sarah Stern invited me to a shoot and I was delighted to find the delectable Susanne Smart was working with Sarah, Mr. Stern, Katie Didit & Kodders.

As usual I had an amazing day and it amazes me […]

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A Century of English Spanking! Sound Punishment publish their 100th film!

What a milestone this week has been for Sound Punishment. They now have put online their 100th spanking film! This film stars newcomer Masie Dee, a very young looking 22 year old who plays a schoolgirl superbly. The film is described as:

“Young 18 year old sixth former Masie Dee would have got away with […]

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More sex and spanking

Redstripe Films are fulfilling there promise to bring the very best of sex and spanking to the scene. They have a great update this week for those who like to see some sex with their spanking. The story concerns a wife who will not give her husband a blow job! Well that can’t be let […]

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Sound Punishment release their first Niki Flynn movie

(Click here for a 8Mb special preview)

As we have mentioned before, Niki Flynn said in her autobiography Dances with Werewolves that she had never been spanked on film whilst wearing her genuine US cheerleader uniform. So Sound Punishment did! They now have the exclusive film of this event showing on their site.

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