Four delinquents are sent for punishment to one of the most severe disciplinarians, her brief, to hand out a cold caning to each girl.

There will be an allotted number of strokes delivered cold to their bottoms. The girls were to be covered but because of some attempted subterfuge on their part it was decided that the punishment would be given on the bare bottom.

This was the brief for a story video ordered by a customer from Spanking Sarah 

The girls chosen by the customer were Lola Marie, Denali, Isabel Dean and Kayleth. All of these girls have worked previously with Sarah and she knew they had the ability to take the high degree of caning demanded by this film. She was right!

The girls on the day turned out an amazing performance, all of them taking their allotted canings whilst playing their parts to the full. It’s just not easy to act when you know that the next moment you will be ordered to bend over Sarah’s caning stool and take a real hard caning, then to get up knowing that you have to return later to take the second part of your punishment.

The girls were magnificent and the filming on two HD cameras with professional sound equipment picking up every sound, from the swish of the cane to the thwack as it lands on bare skin to the groan of pain and the occasional sobbing as tears flow.

They thought it was all over but no, more is to come and now they will each be tawsed on their hands, in many ways they dread this part of the punishment even more.

A great story made into an amazing film. This will be available on English Spankers during the coming weeks. It will also be available at Sarah’s clip site as individual downloads or one complete program.

Here are some views taken directly from the films. Enjoy

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