Classic spanking films and a rant

So many spanking web sites and so many new films every week, it seems that spanking must be one of the most popular fetishes going, maybe I’m a bit biased but it’s the one I love the best and within which I have had countless hours of fun.

I often think, how do they keep […]

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Best British Spanking

I always love to see a new site come out and especially when it is a really cheap membership one.

The last new one I looked at was Caned On Line and as the name says it is devoted just to caning films and this had a very cheap membership. There is now a sister […]

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A day on the film set

Oh the joys of being a spanking blogger, you get all sorts of invites and once again Sarah Stern invited me to a shoot and I was delighted to find the delectable Susanne Smart was working with Sarah, Mr. Stern, Katie Didit & Kodders.

As usual I had an amazing day and it amazes me […]

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Caned On Line

It’s always good to see a new website these days with so many having to go out of business. This one however is quite different from the usual, it is VERY niche! Yes as you will have gathered from the name it features caning films and pictures only.

Now I have it on good authority […]

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Endangered – Your freedom to view on the internet


Are you aware that your freedom to view what so ever you chose on the internet is being curtailed by the British Government? Are you aware what your Members of Parliament are doing in your name and this is not limited to the right wing Tory government but is backed also by […]

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Some news of new films

Life gets in the way of my Blog sometimes, so much to do and there never seems to be time. I thought this week as I had not even had time to look around the spanking websites I would take a look at a couple of blogs and see what they have to say. I […]

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Election, spank them all

With everyone now fully consumed by the forthcoming elections in the UK we are full up to the tops of our heads by the lies and the prevarication from those we can very loosely call our leaders. Are they ever going to learn to answer questions with a yes or a no? No they are […]

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Something light hearted – Sexy Spanking

It must be every guys fantasy situation, you decide you need someone to clean your house and phone the local agency expecting to get Mrs Mop but instead you get a real sexy cleaner. She comes with her own uniform, or rather a selection of uniforms and asks how you want her to dress. You […]

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From Spanking Sarah

Once again I am featuring a blog post from a top spanking web site. If you want your blog post or your site news mentioned here then please do send me the details, I am always pleased to pass on news of new films, shoots or anything spanking.

From Sarah: I couldn’t tell you how […]

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Why do glamour models take part in spanking films

Well why do they want to feature in spanking films? I have been on a number of shoots now where the girls are all first timers, when asked what they do for a day job they tell me they are glamour models or in one case a fashion only model. Spanking films and the taking […]

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Businessman Fined for spanking his wife

Businessman fined for putting his wife over his knee and SPANKING her in a row over money John Smith put wife Kim over his knee and smacked her bottom, court told. The 60-year-old carried out the smack after a row over financial matters. Magistrates told he held her face down on sofa smacking her several […]

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Punishment Films is now live

Good news for all you Spank Fans out there on a tight budget. A new site has just opened today which has an unbelievably low monthly membership price and there are no nasty catches like some of the other low priced sites out there. You get top quality full films with great girls taking real […]

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A Happy Spanking New Year from Spanking News

Happy New Year to all our readers. We at Spanking News are waiting with baited breath to see what changes 2011 will bring to those involved in the Spanking Industry. In the UK and in most other parts of the world, times are hard and this does not seem set to change anytime soon. People […]

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Big Beautiful Women, are they sexy?

Well, Sandy the RedStripe Films lady seems to think they are! Perhaps you don’t. I guess the fact that we don’t all like the same things is good. If we did, we would all be chasing the same lady! Sandy opened RedStripe films around 3 years ago as she felt that there was a niche […]

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Submissive Hollies spanking good adventure.

Sarah at SpankingSarah has done it again! This young lady is a lover of firsts. Not only does she quite often show up as Number One on the google recognition, but she is propbably the best site to see ladies who are not models but genuine lovers of domestic discipline and cp. Hollie a young […]

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