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Once again I am featuring a blog post from a top spanking web site. If you want your blog post or your site news mentioned here then please do send me the details, I am always pleased to pass on news of new films, shoots or anything spanking.

From Sarah: I couldn’t tell you how many spanking websites there are. At a guess I would say hundreds …. It may even run into thousands. But there is only one Spanking Sarah. This site was and still very much is my baby. It has seen some changes over the years. Initially I starred as the main submissive and the site covered my journey into spanking. As the years have passed I don’t identify as a submissive anymore, I class myself as a Top and without meaning to sound my own trumpet, I know I am a very good one. I will continue to make the occasional film as a bottom but I wanted to ensure that my site did not lose its uniqueness and become just another spanking site.

I think this has been achieved by quite a few factors. I am not and never will be age discriminative, I will never forget how I felt when I first looked into the possibility of being a spanking model and found that many sites would not shoot with anyone over the age of thirty! How unbelievable and sadly apart from the occasional ‘token oldie’ most spanking sites still seem to have A hard caningthis attitude. I have shot with some beautiful sexy ladies in their thirties, forties and fifties and will continue to do so.

I also take a chance on brand new spanking models. Girls who have never ever been spanked before. This is not without risk, some girls really cannot take the pain and believe me, I do not go easy upon them. But I have found that many go on to make more films and also end up being featured on other spanking sites. I guess that is a way of measuring success. I love the buzz of introducing somebody to spanking and seeing the genuine reactions plus of course you always get amazing marks on virgin bottoms.

Bonnie is one such girl and she really is a beauty. We will be filming with her again next week and I just can’t wait to spank her again. This was her first ever dose of the cane and the welts left on her bottom look absolutely fantastic. She is an absolute natural and really took the pain well.

In our first film I was her nasty Landlady who was absolutely sick to death of waiting for the rent to arrive. I gave her a hard paddling and left her with an ultimatum, pay the rent or feel the cane. I gave her a time limit and vowed to be back.

Poor Bonnie is therefore rather dismayed when I return the very same night with a cane in my hand. She quite rightly points out that I haven’t given her enough time to pay and cannot believe her ears when I admit that I just want to cane her for fun!

Not only do I want to cane her, but I want to humiliate her as well. I make her remove all her clothes and play with her nubile young body before bending her over the table for the cane. Bonnie really has little choice but to comply with my depraved wishes.

Bonnie is given twelve hard strokes of the cane and each one leaves its mark on her tender young flesh. Her bottom is soon welted and she is in great pain. Bonnie is made to suffer purely for my pleasure. Take a look at this great film and many others at Spanking Sarah

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