Something light hearted – Sexy Spanking

It must be every guys fantasy situation, you decide you need someone to clean your house and phone the local agency expecting to get Mrs Mop but instead you get a real sexy cleaner. She comes with her own uniform, or rather a selection of uniforms and asks how you want her to dress. You naturally enough pick the prettiest, the shortest, the one that is going to show off the beautiful girl standing in your kitchen to her best advantage, cos the agency have obviously made a mistake and sent you just the sexiest spankiest girl you have ever seen.

Now you are not one to take advantage especially of an attractive young lady who says she is there just to please you and that “by the way, if I don’t do the cleaning to your total satisfaction you can spank me”. Oh no, this must be a dream so you blink and she is still there and is already bending and stretching and showing off lovely nylon clad legs and a firm bottom that is just waiting for the spanking you know you are going to give it before very long.

Yes, it is a fantasy but you can get pretty close to reliving this fantasy with the SEXY CLEANING COMPANY  films, I think they are a breath of fresh air, sexy, titillating and full of good hard spanking scenes. Get along to the web site and take a look. Oh the girls in the pictures below are of course Aleesha Fox and Satine Spark now how can things get better?

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