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This is a round up of British Blog News for the week, if you are a web site owner or blogger and want to contribute to this site and spread your words around then please contact us and we will be pleased to help. If you don’t push yourself forwards then you can’t complain if others get the publicity, this is a news blog and we can only publish stuff we know about. It would be good to get some contributions from our American friends so please make use of this medium.   Mr and Mrs Stern spank a lot of bottoms for a lot of their spanking sites. Some of the girls who come along have never ever been spanked before, some do it purely for the cash and some find they absolutely adore it. Each and everyone of them has a unique story to tell and this week we are fortunate to hear all about Pixie and her spanking life. I try to make sure that all the ladies that appear on RedStripe are the sort that could be living next door to you, carrying out their spanking fetish in secret and Pixie is one such lady. You could pass her in the street or in the supermarket and not know her sexy secret. Pixie is like myself a larger lady and she has a fantastically firm bottom which is just perfect for spanking. I find these interview films absolutely fascinating. Everybody has a different view on our kink, different likes and dislikes and it is always nice to hear a lady discussing her absolute love of being spanked, paddled, caned and whipped. After the chat there is always the spanking to look forward to. Mr Stern takes this lovely lady over his knee and gives her her very first filmed spanking. He knows that she likes a hard hand so he makes sure each and every slap leaves its mark and he gives her a very red bum indeed! But will being spanked on film feel the same as real life play? Take a look at this and hundreds of other great spanking films at RedStripe Films.

I am beginning to have my doubts about whether Luna and Belle will ever make the grade as Carers. I am not one to throw the towel in BUT these two naughty young ladies do not seem to have a compassionate bone in their bodies! Their treatment of Doctor Stern bordered on criminal and instead of learning from the hard punishment I gave them they seem intent instead on fighting each other! No sooner is my back turned then this degenerate pair are having a real cat fight with fists flailing and hair pulling. My word! They seem intent on causing each other some damage. God knows what would have happened had I not walked back into the room. We may have had a real casualty on our hands. I don’t think I could say which was the most badly behaved. In fact, I would say that neither young lady should be allowed to look after a goldfish let alone be a care worker. Enough is enough and I decide that these two can be punished over my knees at the same time as each other. Luckily I have very long legs and my lap is big enough to take two naughty girls at one time. With my legs spread wide I can place them one over each knee which gives me the room to swing my nastiest leather paddle over both bottoms. I don’t mess around, their uniforms are pushed up and their knickers yanked down. If they thought they were sore before then they have a lot to learn! The paddling is a fast, harsh no nonsense one which soon has both girls squirming and wriggling and begging me to stop. Undeterred, I continue spanking at a harsh pace and make sure that each and every part of their naughty bottoms gets paddled and paddled hard. I then make them both kneel on the sofa with their red bums high in the air so that I can use the full extent of my arm to swing that paddle back and forth. They really do howl with pain but will they ever learn? Two rather sore young ladies. Take a look at this and hundreds of other great films at Spanking Sarah.

We do love Satine Spark. She really is quite a wonderful young lady. Not only is she beautiful but she can take a good hard spanking as well. Not only can she take a spanking, but she admitted on our last shoot that she often spanks herself as well. This we had to see. I don’t know about you, but I think that there is something incredibly sexy about a girl who likes to smack her own bottom. We asked Satine if she could show us exactly what she does and she was more than happy to oblige. We gave her a nice spanking paddle, set up a camera rolling and left her to do exactly what she wanted to do. I must say that I am rather pleased that we did! I always knew that Satine was a really horny little madam but I certainly didn’t realise just how sexy she could be, particularly when she is giving herself real hard swats with that paddle. She has soon given herself a really red and sore bum but this did not deter her. We incorporated her self spanking into a little storyline. Mr Stern had employed her to work for his sexy cleaning company – he had gone away to phone an interested client leaving Satine along with the spanking paddle. The positions that young lady managed to put herself into would make anyone blush! Revealing, sexy self spanking at it’s very best finished off with some pussy play. A wonderful self spanking film. Take a look at this and hundreds of other fantastic spanking films at English Spankers.

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