A new blog

Always nice to welcome someone new to the world of blogs and we are especcially pleased to see that Sandy from redstripefilms has now started chatting to the worl in general. The blog looks interesting so far, seems that Sandy though is always in trouble and having to bend over! What could be better. Take […]

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Max Mosely Wins – but what now?

Max Mosely has won his case against that abominable newspaper the News of the World. A very good précis of the 57 page judgement by Mr Justice Eady can be found here on the Spanking Writers blog.

I am aghast that, despite this judgement, that the BBC and press are still referring to the girls […]

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Sound Punishment have a makeover

Our reporters have noticed that have had an extensive makeover of their site. We had a look and we think that the new easy to navigate design and striking colour scheme have brough this site more in line with the latest design principles.

This site currently has nearly ninety of its original […]

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Thinking will soon be illegal

We were not going to say anything about the outrageous article concerning the private life of Max Mosley and the unjustified attentions and lying assertions of the news of the world. In a way we felt sad for the society we live in and horrified that in this 21st century people still need to resort […]

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Spanking Models

We have had a number of spanking web sites asking if we can put them in touch with models, the answer is no, we are not a contact agency. We suggest that anyone looking for good spanking models takes a look at spankingmodelsuk They seem to have a great selection of the loveliest bottoms and […]

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The perfect mistress

I have to say that in my day school mistresses certainly did not look remotely like this and I am damn sure they would not have taken their clothes off for the camera. There is absolutely no story attached to this picture we just like it and have to thank Red Stripe Films for it. […]

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Emma, a new blog

News from Emma Bishop is always welcome and now she has her new Blog up and running. Take a look at it at Emma’s Blog We noticed also some changes on her web site. It’s always nice to see a real life spankee running her own sites and making such a great job of it. […]

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