Thinking will soon be illegal

We were not going to say anything about the outrageous article concerning the private life of Max Mosley and the unjustified attentions and lying assertions of the news of the world. In a way we felt sad for the society we live in and horrified that in this 21st century people still need to resort to reading such utter trash produced by talentless bottom feeders.
The general public seem to want to read this morass of filth, if they did not this vile rag would not print it there only aim in life to make money for the grubby owners. The general public is not too concerned that this mans privacy was invaded and that he now stands accused and convicted by the rag of something which is not even a crime but for which, because of his family background and his position in life he has to suffer the consequences. If they were concerned they would not spend good money on the paper.
The general public is not too concerned about the loss of our freedom in the many ways that it is being curtailed, the violent porn regulations being among the latest. How do we know that people are not concerned, well, look around, the news of the world thrives on its diet of filth. No one kick up hell when restrictive laws are passed by our elected brothers and sisters. The only reason Mosley can fight the rag is because he is very wealthy, do not think for one second that if this rag had invaded your privacy you would be able to take on them on in court, this is the preserve of the rich.
The only reason we have said anything at all is because we think you should go along to Pandora’s Blog and read her well thought out and sympathetic posting. We could not do better so get along there and have a look.

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