From Spanking Sarah

Once again I am featuring a blog post from a top spanking web site. If you want your blog post or your site news mentioned here then please do send me the details, I am always pleased to pass on news of new films, shoots or anything spanking.

From Sarah: I couldn’t tell you how […]

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A new departure for one of our Top spanking sites Northern Spanking

It’s always good to be able to start the year with news of interesting developments in the British spanking scene and this new year looks like it is going to be a good one for our great British spanking sites. I have taken the report below from Best British Spanking where you can go to […]

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Crazy – but I love you

Not spanking related, we nicked it from the BBC who nicked it from someone else who…well you get the message. Nice to know there are still some crazy people around!

Austrian driver’s religious headgear strains credulity Having received his driving licence, Niko Alm now wants to get pastafarianism officially recognised.

An Austrian atheist has […]

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Spanking News Online is launched!

Welcome to Spanking News Online.

We will try to bring you as much news about the spanking scene as we can, non partisan and none judgmental, unless something real bad is going on and then just like any other news medium you would expect us to comment. We need your […]

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