Spain in the middle of your British winter has got to be a big plus for anyone but, for a spanking model who loves to keep working it’s a great few days away in the sun and the chance to earn some winter money.

Kayleth is a 20 something model who covers most of the fetish and glamour requirements and is in great demand as a spanking model. It’s always good to shoot with a girl who loves what she is doing and really gets into things.

If you as a producer and you are going to the expense of bringing someone to another country you need to be absolutely sure they are going to fulfill all the requirements you may have for the coming shoot. Spanking Sarah new just the girl she wanted for this very dark story. It concerns the fate of a girl who puts her trust in the wrong person without taking any precautions. The story could in fact have been a truth, it is certain that the fate that befalls Kayleth has been visited upon many unsuspecting young ladies, not all with such a good and happy out come.

Running out of Money whilst on holiday a young girl looks in the local English paper at the jobs advertised. She finds just the one for her, a maid is required in a large house, accommodation and food all found and a nice wage on top. Without telling anyone she allows herself to be taken out into the Spanish countryside where she meets a very nice lady who, after a short chat tells her she will need her passport and phone to register her for work.

And so the torment starts, the film will be out in four parts soon on Sarah’s web site and also as a complete version in her clips site. Well worth taking a look and keep your eyes open for it.

You can follow Sarah on twitter it’s @spankingsarah

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