Something not very nice!

Oh dear something not very nice is happening out there in spanking land and I really don’t know if I should be happy or mad about it. The story started when a friend of mine who I know gets a lot of spanking material from pirate sites tells me that he has been ripped off.


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Right of reply

Well, contrary to what they say we do let them have their rant, we could look at the arguments presented by them in an effort to justify their illegal activities, file sharing, money laundering, credit card fraud, breach of contract being just a few, but whatever we said would be read by people who do […]

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The cost of Piracy

The article below is reprinted withg thanks to Spanking England

I remember a TV advert which had the slogan ‘It is good to share’and must confess,sometimes it is. However,it certainly isn’t if you have joined a spanking website. Your membership is for you and only you –when you join all websites set this out in […]

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The end for porno pirates?

We all love to get something for nothing but where do you draw the line? Do you have pirated copies of software programs, Windows, Photoshop, games? Yes I guess that most of us have something that we have not purchased from the copyright owner or have ripped off from a web site.

Just at the […]

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