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Well, contrary to what they say we do let them have their rant, we could look at the arguments presented by them in an effort to justify their illegal activities, file sharing, money laundering, credit card fraud, breach of contract being just a few, but whatever we said would be read by people who do not care to understand. These people are not idiots, they have the nonce to set up some sort of system which must earn them some sort of money but as they and most of our readers will be aware the opportunity for them to market their ill gotten produce is getting smaller. Why? Well the law courts and the authorities are at last realising that what this industry and the the whole of the music and film industry has been saying for years is in fact correct revenue is being lost and the end user does not want to risk giving his credit card details to dodgy characters who are just as likely to plant Trojans on their computer and rip off their credit cards.

To put the argument that in return for spanking film producers to continue to produce films, someone has to pay for them and If not, if there is no profit, then there will be no films does not ever make a difference to these people. What then, leave it to the pirates to produce films? Oh No! They will then be producers and will be in the same position as the people they are robbing now, so no new films for the many real enthusiasts to look at. We know lots of producers, not only of spanking films but of legit films and music, they are all suffering and where the vast sums are being made I am sure most of them would like to know.

So, the pirates will carry on with their sad games, the producers will carry on trying to make an honest living, you as the honest consumer can help by only watching films from legitimate sites. After all, when your working week ends you like to be paid for your honest labours, so do the producers, that’s all they ask.

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