Best to blow a British trumpet and once again you get a chance to vote in the British Spanking Awards. This is the second year that we have had a chance to vote for what we consider to be the best of British spanking. We have reprinted all the information here for you but please do go along to The Awards Page

My word,can anyone tell me where last year went to?  It was fast and we in Britain definitely seemed to miss the part which is usually called ‘Summer’  My local Supermarket scared me yesterday with its how many sleeps til Christmas sign. It is not many.  So,the time has come around again to vote for your favourite British Site and other spank related categories.  There are similar awards for American spanking sites but I think we should support the Brits a bit more  We may only be a tiny island but do you know what?  I at least think that  we make great spanking films and we have some fantastic spankers and spankees so the Brit Spank Awards allow them to get a little recognition for the fabulous job they do.

OK,so we need some rules.   You can vote for any British or British run site.  You can vote for yourself and your nearest and dearest.  You can vote for more than one person,you do not have to vote for every category.  In the New Spankee of the year you can vote for somebody that you have only noticed in the past year –I don’t want it to get to anal. You can put nasty comments about people/sites if you wish and I can (and will) delete them.  This is for Fun.  As far as I am concerned everybody involved in the British Spanking Industry deserves a medal.  The Winners will get a cyber one.

How can you vote?  Well,it is simple.  The easiest way would be to leave a comment.  If you have ever commented before then this will show straight away,if you haven’t then I will moderate it as soon as I can and it will show up then. You can if you prefer send me an email and I will put your vote up on the blog.

So without further ado let me tell you which categories there will be this year.

1, Best British Spank Site

2, Best British Blog

3, The Best British Female Spanker

4, Best British Male Spanker

5, Best British Spankee

6, Best British Newcomer

7, Best British Spanking Film.

8, Hardest Spanking Film

So, there you have it, now  lets all get along and vote for our great British spanking sites, we do have the best spanking producers in the world so get out and encourage them.

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