How times change. Once upon a time, no this is not a story about anything just the way that things change. So, once upon a time a photographer or film maker would have an idea, grab his camera, and find the right cast or model for the job in mind and get off to a studio and make a film or shoot a set of pictures.

Simple and easy and it worked and still does. But the big trend now seems to be for custom made films. You as the customer find a studio or film maker you like, write a script or jot down a few ideas, pick the model or models you would like and contact your chosen producer. They look at your ideas and say yes, they can do it and this is the price or, sorry, not our thing.

Once your idea is accepted the studio gets the models of your choice and the type of location and produces for you his or her interpretation of your idea, fantasy, or kink, whatever you want to call it.

You will be able to download the finished film in just a few days hopefully and enjoy the product of your imagination and your chosen studios attempt at reproducing it. A good idea? YES certainly, it really does seem to work and speaking as a producer filming for this new genre has taken me down paths, I never thought I would have to navigate.

Most of the work we produced until this last two years was straight forwards spanking and discipline films. These we used mainly on our own web sites but some we sold through the clip’s sites out there like Clips4sale and Spanking Library. Now what a change, Age Regression, Diaper Training, Pissing, Domination, mouth soaping, Ear pulling, well you get the idea and the list goes on and I continue to be surprised at the breadth of kinky ideas out there.

Is it a good thing? Again YES, it’s a breath of fresh air and the big bonus as far as the customer is concerned, you get exactly what you want. So keep sending your ideas and your scripts, If we are able to do it, if we have enough knowledge about it and if we can find the right people then we will give it our best shot.

Follow the link at the bottom of the post for more info.

Take alook at Custom Kinks where you will get full details on how to get your Custom Made Film

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After a long time away from things Spanking News is back online. We have just been so busy that we simply could not keep up with all the work. Our first post is something of a warning to those of you who buy porn online, not just spanking porn but all porn.

DO NOT USE PIRATE SITES! These people are vermin who steel the content of real producers and put it out on their own well designed and plausible looking sites. You may think you are getting a good deal, being able to download all the latest films for a small cost, or sometimes not so small, very often it’s cheaper to get the films from say or  I have given links to sites we approve but you will find hundreds of great stores there. If you buy from pirate sites you are helping to put honest producers out of business, yes, it’s as simple as that. The pirates produce nothing!

Another and equally important reason for not using these pirate sites is that they USE YOUR CREDIT CARDS TO PURCHACE THE FILMS YOU ARE GOING TO DOWNLOAD and a lot more as well. Yes, they actively use your card details to go to the clips sites and download the latest films. They not only rip off the producers butt they will rip you off as well.

Be warned, these people are thieves, look at it like this, if you put your time and money and years of experience into producing a product would you be happy that someone is steeling it and your potential customers are buying from them?

Over the next few days we will be updating all the links and adverts on the site, if you are a producer, a kinky couple making product or giving a service or have a web site you would like to see advertised then send details to us at:   If you have any spanking or kink related news or happenings send us details, it’s free to advertise and we reach loads of people. Please follow us on TWITTER .

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A pornography festival in London this weekend has been forced to relocate after protests.

Faced with the prospect of a picket, organisers of the London porn film festival, which describes itself as “celebrating queer, feminist, radical and experimental porn”, pulled screenings from the Horse Hospital, an arts venue in Bloomsbury. The three-day event will instead be held at a new location disclosed only to ticket holders.

Multiple complaints about the festival were made to Camden council. Local authorities have the power to permit screenings of uncertificated films.

Despite the festival’s progressive intentions, feminist organisations branded it demeaning. Janice Williams, chair of the activist group Object, said the films on show promoted “degradation and oppression”. Rude Jude, one of the festival’s organisers, disagreed. “This is the next step on from the moral panic and the rightwing conservative groups that protested this kind of thing before … Britain likes to think of itself as a place tolerant of queer people, but when queer people assert ourselves, we’re attacked.”

The festival programme includes screenings titled Soft Tender Tuff Bois, described as a “love letter to all genderqueer and transmasculine people”, and The Kinks Are All Right, which takes the theme of “seductive humiliation”.

Rude Jude said the festival was staged as a response to 2014 legislation that extended pornography laws to films streamed over the internet: “It banned so many queer acts. It banned the depiction of female ejaculation, caning, breast play, flogging. These things are part of queer sexuality. The festival was formed as a protest.”

The coordinators of a separate pressure group, Women Against Pornography, said: “Feminist pornography is an oxymoron … feminism is not about individualistic wishes or desires, it is about liberating all women from the oppression of males. This can never be achieved by being tied up in a bed or by telling women that torture will make them free.” Women Against Pornography cited “security reasons” for not wanting to reveal their names.

In a letter to Camden council, Williams singled out a festival strand titled Sex Work Is Work, the online description for which included the hashtag #necrophilia. Williams claimed the festival was to show extreme pornographic images and pornography that is “likely to result in serious injury” to the performers. The hashtag has since been removed from the festival site.

“These are not violent or extreme in the legal definition,” said Rude Jude. “Some of the films show practices that some people aren’t into, but that is very different. No one has even seen these films yet. Obviously there is no necrophilia involved.”

The annual festival began in 2017 and its programme is put together from open submission. The organisers say their original inspiration was pornfilmfestival Berlin, which has been running since 2006. Those showing their work are encouraged to ensure films are fully accessible, with audio description and subtitling. As well as themed screenings, this year organisers are staging an “audio porn” workshop.

Nimue Allen, whose film Fisting Fun is being shown as part of the Brazen Brits strand on Friday, says the festival has proved an inspiration for performers. “Festivals like this are so important to show that there are alternatives to the mainstream porn … Centring people of colour, trans performers, queer sex of all types – and allowing people to see themselves represented on screen – is something that needs to be done so much more often.

“I’m one person making porn from my bedroom, which can feel incredibly isolating without the ability to meet others with similar views at community events like this.”

The debate surrounding sex work has sparked disagreement among feminist groups. Coinciding with International Women’s Day on 8 March this year, groups including the English Collective of Prostitutes staged a demonstration in London’s Leicester Square to protest against laws that they say put them in danger. Strippers from across London went on strike in solidarity the same evening. In 2018, the Women’s Equality party was criticised for opposing the decriminalisation of sex trade.

In a series of Twitter posts, the festival claimed transphobia underlay the attack on the event. Women Against Pornography refute the accusation: “In the letters we sent there was no mention of transgenderism. However, if transgenderism is apparently so closely linked with pornography then that’s not a very good advert for it. As radical feminists we are gender critical, although this didn’t form part of our criticism of the festival.”

The Horse Hospital, which does not receive public money, is known for its grassroots art programming and has hosted the festival since its inception. “We’re in a difficult position here. We’re always up against it with somebody,” said director Roger Burton.

Thanks to The Guardian The progressive newspaper



Update 28/04/2019: Yesterday, we protested outside the venue of the London Porn Film Festival, which was advertised using the hashtag ‘necrophilia’. Their first venue cancelled due to the concerns raised by OBJECT and others. The ‘rape festival’ organisers informed us that OBJECT caused them a net loss of over £2000! Priceless. Let’s keep up the pressure and stop the glorification of violence against women, pornography and prostitution.

Update 26/04/2019: Today we are outside a Stonewall conference in London, protesting lesbian erasure and the idea that lesbianism is just a sexual fetish for men. We OBJECT! Lesbians are women-loving women. Only women can be lesbians! An OBJECT member attended the conference to remind Stonewall that lesbians don’t have penises – read her account here!

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Age verification won’t block porn. But it will spell the end of ethical porn

Thanks to Girl On The Net we hope she wont mind us sharing this

Thanks to THE GUARDIAN The best British News Paper

Porn is not illegal. Please write this down on a sticky note and put it on your fridge at some point before 15 July this year, when the UK government will begin blocking porn sites. It’s important to remember that porn is not illegal, because although the aim of the new law on age verification is to prevent under-18s from accessing adult content, the actual effect will be far broader than that.

Online pornography age checks to be mandatory in UK from 15 July

The UK government is concerned about youngsters accidentally seeing porn, so for a long time it’s been exploring how to implement robust age verification checks. Not just a tick-box to say “I am over 18” (which, let’s face it, doesn’t work) but forcing adults to prove they are adults. In practical terms this means that you’ll either have to type in identifying details to prove your age (credit card number, drivers’ licence, passport) or visit a shop and show them your ID to purchase a one-off “porn pass”.

Not keen on having to register personal details to watch porn?

You’re not alone. There are huge privacy concerns – not only does it encourage users to be freer with this sensitive data, any database that collects this info will be a tempting target for hackers. Just last week a hacker was jailed for six years for blackmailing porn site users, and organisations such as the Open Rights Group have already sounded alarm bells about the huge problems with the way AV will be implemented. It turns out the government is perfectly capable of highlighting these problems without their help, though: the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, in an act that looked like deliberate self-parody, announced the new date in an email that it sent to hundreds of journalists … exposing all their email addresses because it forgot to use the bcc: feature.

There will be many who think a porn block sounds like a great idea. After all, isn’t porn abusive and misogynistic anyway? Those who advance this argument usually have Pornhub in mind, so I’m sorry to break it to you but even after the ban, tube sites are going nowhere. MindGeek – which owns many sites including Pornhub – will be offering its own solution, AgeID, for people to verify their age, and for other porn sites to verify their users too. The sites that will suffer most under this law are the ones that can’t afford to implement age verification measures and will therefore be blocked: independent porn sites, often ethical producers who are going it alone because they want to offer something different from mainstream sites. When these sites die, the only options left will be those that could afford to implement age verification – so hand over your data to the big boys, cough up for a “porn pass”, download a VPN or head to the dark web. If you do the latter, welcome to a world where you can also access actually illegal content such as child abuse.

The above sites might be easy to categorise, but the same is not true of all erotic content. Hilariously, the government had to exempt sites such as Twitter (there’s loads of porn on Twitter!) from its ban, but other sites that want to remain compliant must navigate murky and confusing rules. I write porn (although let’s call it erotica – nudge nudge, wink wink!) and I also record audio porn for people with visual impairments. Audio is explicitly included under the new law, while text is not. So does this mean my work is “porn” if it’s read aloud, but “not porn” if it’s just text? There’s also a rule about whether “more than a third” of the content on your site is porn, so perhaps we’ll start seeing a proliferation of porn sites that offer news, analysis and amateur dramatics alongside sexy videos. Perhaps we’ll see fewer people watching porn at all, because they are understandably afraid to register. Maybe we’ll see more people accessing illegal content via the dark web, because that’s where they had to go in order to circumvent the government’s porn ban.

The age verification law won’t just harm people like me, who use the internet as an outlet for sexual expression and a means of making a living – it will harm people like you, who enjoy sexual content. The government can only succeed in doing this if we accept their premise that sexual content is shameful, so it’s important for us to remind them it’s not. Write it on a sticky note: porn is not illegal. Humans have sex. We masturbate. Providing it is consensual, it is legal. And it’s not something to be ashamed of.

Girl on the Net is a sex blogger, feminist and big fan of ethical porn Taken from the best British Newspaper The Guardian

All STRAND WEBSITES are offering sound advice on the use of VPN’s which from a user point of view will be far sager than subscribing to one of the governments age verification systems. All your details will be private, no one will be able to see which sites you visit, no one is going to have information to hack into and use for comercial gain. Take a look at our info page here

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BRITS will have to hand over ID to access adult websites from July 15, the Government has confirmed.

The new start date for the controversial “porn block” follows a series of delays that pushed the roll-out back from its original April 2018 kick-off.

Dubbed a “porn ban”, the new law will force 18+ websites to demand age-identification from Brits trying to log on.

It’s part of the Digital Economy Act 2017, and is ostensibly aimed at preventing children from accidentally finding extreme porn online.

A DCMS spokesperson said: “This is a world-leading step forward to protect our children from adult content which is currently far too easy to access online.”

We  understand that adult websites will be given a grace period of three months to begin enforcing the new rules.

The block was originally expected to come into force back in April 2018, but was pushed back to December that same year.

The Government then pushed the launch back again, with the expectation that it would come into force in early April – before Easter.

In 2018, Margot James, Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries, said that “we can expect it to be in force by Easter of next year”.

“It has taken longer than I would have liked, but I’d balance that with a confidence that we’ve got it right.”

The BBFC, which is regulating the process, said that there will be “an implementation period before the law comes into force”.

“This will give the industry time to comply with the legislation,” the watchdog added.

UK porn block – how will it work?

The controversial porn block will restrict access to adult websites, including free porn sites like PornHub and YouPorn – which attract nearly 2billion visits a month between them worldwide.

They’ll join a number of other sites in using the AgeID system, which requires users to verify their age via an official form of ID such as a driver’s license or passport.

From April, when the new system is expected to launch, randy internet lurkers will be shown a non-pornographic “landing page”, according to AgeID spokesman James Clark.

“When a user first visits a site protected by AgeID, a landing page will appear with a prompt for the user to verify their age before they can access the site.”

“Each website will create their own non-pornographic landing page for this purpose.”

When someone first clicks on a site, they’ll be asked to register with AgeID and verify their age using a Mobile SMS, credit card, passport, or driving licence.

Users will then be able to use their AgeID username or password to access all porn sites that use AgeID – though some may use different age verification systems.

Clark said: “It is a one-time verification. Once a user has age verified once, on ANY site protected by AgeID, they will then simply pass-through or login to any other site using AgeID without needing to re-verify.”

Unlocking porn on your local high street

There’s an alternative to handing over your details online…

  • As well as registering with AgeID, Brits will also be able to access porn sites using a voucher you can buy from high street shops.
  • Thousands of shops will offer the special ID cards, which users can link to an app known as Portes.
  • Through Portes, they can then login to sites without having to hand over their email address.
  • Clark said: “The PortesCard will be available to purchase from any of the UK’s 29,000 PayPoint outlets as a voucher.
  • “It will also be available from selected high street retailers, which we can share more details on soon.
  • A unique validation code on the purchased card must be activated via the Portes app within 24 hours, otherwise it’ll expire, he added.
  • Verified users will then automatically be granted access to all sites using AgeID.
  • Each PortesCard will cost £4.99 for use on a single device, or £8.99 for use across multiple devices.

Sites face fines of up to £250,000 or a blanket block by UK internet service providers if they do not comply with the rules.

Regulators will be also able to block porn websites if they fail to show that they are denying access to under-18s.

However, there are some reservations from experts.

UK porn block branded ‘censorship’

The porn block risked creating a “sex tape black market” on social media, chat apps and even USB sticks.

Executive director Jim Killock, of the Open Rights Group, said “If children want something, they’ll generally be able to get it.”

He warned that teens risk being pushed onto more extreme material as they skirt the ban – and said that the blocking system won’t stop children accidentally seeing smut online either.

That’s because the BBFC will be focusing on “mainstream” porn sites, but won’t tackle smaller sites or social media apps like Twitter or Reddit.

And pornography will still be accessible through a simple Google Image search, which could put kids at risk.

“The government wanted to stop children who are under 12 from accidentally seeing porn,” said Jim, who heads up ORG, a non-profit aimed at preserving digital rights.

“But this just seems a very odd policy justification in the end, because the porn that children accidentally see is on Google search or Twitter, or pornographic adverts on slightly odd sites, like file-sharing sites.

“Those are probably where children most commonly accidentally see porn. But none of that is going to be blocked by this.”

Ministers have implied that the job was so difficult it warranted additional time to get right – but internet rights experts think snuffing out porn is an impossible task.

“It can be shared on USB sticks, sent by email, shared on WhatsApp,” Jim told us.

“And of course, children can guess their parents’ credentials and log into these sites that way – or steal them.

“So it’s pretty unlikely that this is really going to reduce teenagers’ access to pornography.”

He also warned that it will “increase risky behaviour” like using “free proxy sites” that might install spyware on your phone or computer.

Even worse, you could end up with a big bill – depending on how teens choose to skirt the block.

“It might increase children downloading porn from file-sharing sites, which comes with the risk that you get a letter in the post complaining that you’ve been downloading dodgy porn that belongs to a company, demanding payment.”

It’s also possible that the porn block could drive Brits underground into extreme corners of the internet.

“A censored internet will force users to circumvent the enforced controls,” said John Fokker, McAffe’s Head of Cyber Investigations.

“On the hunt for the content they want, it is likely they will search in even more dangerous places online.

“It’s paramount that people take responsibility to check the authenticity of websites before sharing any personal information,” he added.

UK Minister for Digital Margot James said: “Adult content is currently far too easy for children to access online. The introduction of mandatory age-verification is a world-first, and we’ve taken the time to balance privacy concerns with the need to protect children from inappropriate content.

“We want the UK to be the safest place in the world to be online, and these new laws will help us achieve this.”

BBFC Chief Executive David Austin said: “The introduction of age-verification to restrict access to commercial pornographic websites to adults is a ground breaking child protection measure. Age-verification will help prevent children from accessing pornographic content online and means the UK is leading the way in internet safety.

“On entry into force, consumers will be able to identify that an age-verification provider has met rigorous security and data checks if they carry the BBFC’s new green ‘AV’ symbol.”

Jim Killock Executive Director of Open Rights Group said: “The government needs to compel companies to enforce privacy standards. The idea that they are ‘optional’ is dangerous and irresponsible.

“Having some age verification that is good and other systems that are bad is unfair and a scammer’s paradise – of the government’s own making.

“Data leaks could be disastrous. And they will be the government’s own fault.

“The government needs to shape up and legislate for privacy before their own policy results in people being outed, careers destroyed or suicides being provoked.”

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Pornography depicting a number of previously banned sex acts has been made legal in England after a review of obscenity laws. Essentially, sex acts that are not illegal in another context can now be shown in pornography

Certain types of violent porn are now permitted so long as the sex acts are consensual (focusing on ‘full and freely exercised consent’,) do not cause serious harm to participants, are not ‘inextricably linked with other criminality’ and are not likely to be viewed by anyone under the age of 18.

Obscenity lawyer Myles Jackman, who has campaigned for these changes for a number of years, told us that the change had wider implications for the law.

He said: “It is a very impressive that they’ve introduced the idea of full and freely exercised consent in the law.


“Even for people with no interest in pornography this is very important for consent and bodily autonomy.”

Activist and queer porn filmmaker Pandora Blake, who also campaigned to have the ban on the depiction of certain sex acts overturned, called the news a ‘welcome improvement’.

They said: “This is a happy day for queer, feminist and fetish porn.”Acts that were banned that can now be depicted include:

Acts that were banned that can now be depicted include:

  • Spanking
  • BDSM
  • Female ejaculation
  • Urinating (also known as watersports)
  • Strangling
  • Face-sitting
  • Fisting
  • Humiliation

In 2014 laws were altered to ban pornography created in the UK from showing certain sex acts, sparking accusations of censorship particularly targeting female pleasure.The laws also failed to distinguish between consensual and non-consensual acts, particularly when force or humiliations were involved.

UK viewers could still view pornography of this type created elsewhere in the world.

When the ban was brought in, Mr Jackman said: “Pornography is the canary in the coalmine of free speech: it is the first freedom to die. If this assault on liberty is allowed to go unchallenged, other freedoms will fall as a consequence.

“This declaration of State censorship will affect millions of consenting adults who choose to view British pornography; impose an unnecessary trade barrier, which has already caused independent UK producers to shut down; result in a significant loss of revenue to The Treasury; is practically unworkable as it can be circumvented by proxy servers; and has implications for all forms of freedom of expression on the internet.

“Of particular concern in terms of loss of freedom is the underlying intent to allow undesirable foreign websites to be blocked under UK ISP’s filtering systems. This has immeasurable implications on freedom of information and net neutrality.”

Well aint that just great, the pictures below are no longer illegal! Who the fuck has the right to decide what you or I look at in our private lives, why do we put up witg any form of state censorship? Why does the state want to control what we see and hear. Just think about it, yes spend some time and give it some thought, you may come up with the correct answer.

Thanks to strandvideo and strandgirls for the pictures.

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Spain in the middle of your British winter has got to be a big plus for anyone but, for a spanking model who loves to keep working it’s a great few days away in the sun and the chance to earn some winter money.

Kayleth is a 20 something model who covers most of the fetish and glamour requirements and is in great demand as a spanking model. It’s always good to shoot with a girl who loves what she is doing and really gets into things.

If you as a producer and you are going to the expense of bringing someone to another country you need to be absolutely sure they are going to fulfill all the requirements you may have for the coming shoot. Spanking Sarah new just the girl she wanted for this very dark story. It concerns the fate of a girl who puts her trust in the wrong person without taking any precautions. The story could in fact have been a truth, it is certain that the fate that befalls Kayleth has been visited upon many unsuspecting young ladies, not all with such a good and happy out come.

Running out of Money whilst on holiday a young girl looks in the local English paper at the jobs advertised. She finds just the one for her, a maid is required in a large house, accommodation and food all found and a nice wage on top. Without telling anyone she allows herself to be taken out into the Spanish countryside where she meets a very nice lady who, after a short chat tells her she will need her passport and phone to register her for work.

And so the torment starts, the film will be out in four parts soon on Sarah’s web site and also as a complete version in her clips site. Well worth taking a look and keep your eyes open for it.

You can follow Sarah on twitter it’s @spankingsarah

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Well we’re into the New Year updates now and boy do we have some amazing films for you. Sarah and her crew are shooting fresh new content right through the year, looking for new spanking models and especially those who have never been spanked before.

Lots of girls have started their spanking life right over Sarah or Mr. Sterns knees! Lucky people… Yes the girls as well. It’s not easy to find new faces and also to bring back those you really like. We do in fact have some models who have been working with Mr. Stern and Sarah for over 12 years, in fact one lady has worked with him for over 20 tears. Got to be a record.

Right lets get on with some information about the latest site updates, stating with English Spankers This story features Denali, as far as we know she has not featured on any other spanking sites and indeed is quite new to spanking but she is now well into the scene. This is the story:

After her home is invaded by mad striper girl Denali, Sarah is certain that her husband is going to pay for having booked this girl to perform for him, she is also certain that Denali will pay. In her case it is to be with a real hard flogging with a leather strap. Stripped naked and bent over she gets her bare bottom welted and marked in this beating.

Next we have the update for Redstripe Films this week it features the lady who runs the site the very popular Sandy. One of our more mature ladies she is a real hard working spanking fan but she is also something of a naughty lady as this film will show. This is the story:

Don’t get the idea that it’s all work at the Redstripe Films office. Office manager Sandy does manage to fit in some play time as you will see here. Mr. Stern however did not realise that she would be pleasuring herself with her vibrator. He was happy to help her get some enjoyment on the strict understanding that this would be followed by a good hard session with his new black cane. He used it on her pussy and her tits as well as her big bare bottom.

OK well that’s it for today, more update news and some vidseo clips tomorrow but don’t forget you can see free clips on the outside of all the sites above or if you want to look at more, well over 1000 go to our store at

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Well, it’s been a great day working with lovely Louise, she is such a delight and laughed all the way through the filming. So much so that Mrs. Stern had to cane and paddle her harder than she otherwise would have. As I said before some girls really do enjoy the sting of the cane and the thud of the paddle on their bare bottoms and thankfully, Louise is just such a girl.

I can’t tell you about the films at this stage but I will put some pictures below and tell you that the films will be out on Redstripe Films and Spanking Sarah web sites in the new year. All the sites

We are trying to make this news site more relevant so please do follow our twitter feed @realspanknews If you have any views or spanking related news then please contact us and we will look to publishing it. It’s free and it’s here for you to use for kink friendly posts.

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Shooting Today

The first shoot after Christmas and it will be with lovely young looking Louise. We have filmed with her previously but not for some time now and it will be great to see her again.

Louise is a very young looking spanking model so we will have to give some thought to the story line! Out comes the note book…

Fortunately enough she is a young lady who also loves to be spanked, that is not always the case, whilst all of the girls we shoot are more than up for the spankings and caning it does not mean they all enjoy it and want it.

So, it’s always nice to work with a lady who loves it. We work hard, as I ‘m sure does every spanking film producer to put our models at ease, plenty of time, no rush chocolates always on hand and of course cups of tea and cafe. The camera man today is Remington Steel and Kodders will be handling the sound. Mr. Stern may show his face once he knows we have Louise coming back as I happen to know he did rather like her first visit.

Right, some pictures from our first shoot below and I will post some from today later. The films will be on Redstripe Films web site quite soon.

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Four delinquents are sent for punishment to one of the most severe disciplinarians, her brief, to hand out a cold caning to each girl.

There will be an allotted number of strokes delivered cold to their bottoms. The girls were to be covered but because of some attempted subterfuge on their part it was decided that the punishment would be given on the bare bottom.

This was the brief for a story video ordered by a customer from Spanking Sarah 

The girls chosen by the customer were Lola Marie, Denali, Isabel Dean and Kayleth. All of these girls have worked previously with Sarah and she knew they had the ability to take the high degree of caning demanded by this film. She was right!

The girls on the day turned out an amazing performance, all of them taking their allotted canings whilst playing their parts to the full. It’s just not easy to act when you know that the next moment you will be ordered to bend over Sarah’s caning stool and take a real hard caning, then to get up knowing that you have to return later to take the second part of your punishment.

The girls were magnificent and the filming on two HD cameras with professional sound equipment picking up every sound, from the swish of the cane to the thwack as it lands on bare skin to the groan of pain and the occasional sobbing as tears flow.

They thought it was all over but no, more is to come and now they will each be tawsed on their hands, in many ways they dread this part of the punishment even more.

A great story made into an amazing film. This will be available on English Spankers during the coming weeks. It will also be available at Sarah’s clip site as individual downloads or one complete program.

Here are some views taken directly from the films. Enjoy

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The end of the year

Yes, it’s the end of another year and what can we say? The world is no better this year than it was last, human behaviour, one man or woman to another seems to have gotten  worse with extremists from all ends of the spectrum running the world and the people in many cases seeming to be happy with this state of affairs. I have to say, I really do not understand the mentality of those who vote to have their lives made worse, to have others treated as sub humans, to deny the challenges of climate change and the evils of waste and the dumping of rubbish in our oceans. Fracking seems to be the latest get quick rich scheme dreamt up by the multinationals who run our world, no thoughts of the people who don’t want it, don’t need at and have made their voices heard to no avail.

Do those in power ever listen to the people? It seems not. Do they care? Not  a jot. Will they continue to prosper? You bet your life. Will we keep giving them a second chance? Of course we will. So who’s to blame for all the idiots running the world? We are of course because we elected all these low life bottom feeders and we don’t really care any more. We have been lulled into that comfortable basket of cotton wool and  feathers, we are told everything is fine, we have never been so wealthy, we have never been so safe, we have never been so well governed. Oh dear, we are all to blame.

Well that’s my rant over and now I’m going to post some pictures of some of the beautiful ladies we have met and photographed this year. This is one of the few things we have that is honest and untainted, although, don’t look too far ahead, the barely legitimate government in the UK at the moment are coming back with more plans to curb your freedom on the internet so, better not get too complacent, but in the meantime enjoy and lets all try to make 2019 better, you can help by not voting for dictatorial idiots and spoilt child like apparitions.

Thanks in no order to Lulu Lamb,Cherry English, Amelia Jane Rutherford, Suzanne Smart, Mia Beth, Lola Marie, Tindra, Denali, Alexa, Isabel Dean, Kayleth, Lucy. And not forgetting Parker and our great man of all parts Kodders.

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Do we like costume spankings

What a question to ask, yes of course we do like to see our spanking ladies dressed in all sorts of different costumes, anything to try and give the story a bit of a lift I say. We are all used to the school girl, school master scenario and of course we have loads of doctor and nurse stories, well they do in a way lend themselves to the spanking genre! 

So onto something a bit different, some time ago in the series from Strand on the Spanking Sarah web site we had the very sexy nun played by Sarah Stern in the Unladylike Manor series. This has become one of the longest running spanking soaps and is certainly the best and most interesting. Sarah has now moved that on to a more authentic costume look and her new series Breaking The Habit is certainly different. In these stories she gets all sorts of young ladies entangled in her web of fantasy and pain. They usually have no idea what the motives are behind her interest in them till they find themselves bent over getting their delectable bare bottoms beaten.

The series is quite new but is already looking very interesting with a couple of new faces making an appearance and some well known ones also getting the Sarah treatment.  One thing about this lady, she does not differentiate between the new comer and the old hand when dishing out the punishments, she lays it on full force come what may. 

The second new series from Sarah is The Judge At Home, which will be out on English Spankers now this is different and nothing like you would expect. Briefly, the court under Judge Stern sits in a domestic situation where she deals with things that have happened to people in their own homes. The miscreants are charged, she hears the evidence and then pronounces an appropriate punishment, this can stretch from a spanking to a paddling, a caning and even a session with the dreaded bath brush. The costume is authentic, Sarah looks great and the girls seem to relish the difference it makes when a story comes together.

So, yes we do like costumes and we love to get them as authentic as possible, I don’t know what Sarah will come up with next but it’s sure to be something good but lets just see how these progress and pan out.

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It’s all in the costume

no Twitter with current idA new series has started on Spanking Sarah, the home of Unladylike Manor a major spanking soap and of course The House Of Correction. The series is entitled  Breaking The Habit and it is of course based on the adventures of a serious minded Nun who is trying to save the fallen ladies of this world.

The part of Sister Sarah is admirably played by Sarah Stern who, if memory serves me also played a sexy Nun in earlier adventures of the Unladylike Manor series. In this new series however she is serious about her work and much more demure in her dress code.

The first two stories are coming out right now and feature a couple of rather lovely new ladies to the spanking scene. I particularly love the first episode featuring Kayleth, she is such a great foil for a serious Sarah with her quirky behaviour and quick answers.

In this film she gets a rather severe telling off and is told in no uncertain terms that she needs to mend her ways. She comes along in response to Sister Sarah’s search for fallen women, she having just discovered the amount of lewd and disgusting things available on the internet. After the lecturing comes the penance and this consists of Kayleth getting a real hard beating with a wooden backed hairbrush.

The camera does pick up, and how could it not, the tears rolling down the cheeks of the lovely Kayleth as the spanking progresses.

I loved the film, its fun, it’s different and the action is excellent. You can see it now on Spanking Sarah, or you can download it from Sarah’s download site here.

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Unladylike Manor In Spain The latest adventure

I have mentioned before the amazing long running spanking soap THE ADVENTURES AT UNLADYLIKE MANOR,  well the latest adventure is out and it sees some of the regular crew move out to their home in the south of Spain. Spanking Sarah, Suzanne Smart, Kodders and Mr. Stern spent a happy week making three films in the heat of the Spanish sun. Lucky guys!

The series is now up to Episode 52, yes an amazing number of top quality films that have seen the participants and the story line go from rags to riches, poverty to untold wealth, religion and weird cults to the latest adventures in Spain.

The story in this series centres on Lady Suzanne and Lord Stern. They have run away together to  Sterns holiday home in the sun leaving Lady Stern at home in not very good humour as they have taken her beloved dog Mr. Noah with them. Unbeknown to them she sends Kodders the butler  out to follow them and report back to her. This he does>

Lady Stern decides to get herself out there and to rescue her dog but what she finds when she gets there is where the real action starts.

Let Lady Sarah tell it as she sees it. “Now Lord Stern has taken his lady friend Lady Suzanne to our home in Spain but she has made the mistake of taking my dog. I send Kodders after them to bring my dog home but his Lordship persuades Kodders to stay in Spain. Meanwhile Suzanne has taken my dog to the clippers and they have made such a mess of him that even Lord Stern is upset and so he sets about punishing Lady Sue.

The next adventure  sees the very naughty Lady Suzanne being taken down the garden by Lord Stern and mistreated in a way I never thought he would, not his lady friend anyway! He had purchased a whip whilst out in the local village and thought now would be a good time to try it out and on the naked body of the lovely Suzanne. A real good breast and pussy dirty whipping scene.

Lady Susan & Mr. Stern confronted by me and I am determined to take my revenge for the kidnapping of my beloved dog Mr. Noah and really sort out Lady Sue. When I am  in this sort of mood the only thing to do is submit, so Mr. Stern makes himself scarce whilst Lady Sue is dragged off the bed and bent over for a long and fierce caning on her bare bottom. I have to say, this is one of the most satisfying canings I have ever given”.

I have checked out the whole series and I have to say, it’s really rather good and great to see them out and about in the village and I particularly loved the scene of Lady Suzanne in the pool. The films are available on the Spanking Sarah web site or can be downloaded individually or as a complete series from Sarah’s clip site and her Spanking Library.

Take a look at a clip from our Clip Site

I understand that the crew will be returning to Spain next year to make some more in the series but with a rather unusual twist to the story.

Oh, I also need to mention that Sarah also dealt with her butler, she was not at all happy with his loyalty to her and his complicity in what went on behind her back. This real hard hitting film is out now on the Sarah Spanks Men

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