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The Zeroth Film Festival

Once again we have something of great interest not just to spank lovers but to those who like all things kinky. I have, with permission reprinted a complete blog posting  from another blog, always ask first! Take a read I think it is a really great idea and something we have been needing for quite a time. Your comments will as usual be welcome.


It is 4am in the morning and I can’t sleep. Rather than lay in bed I thought my time would be better spent telling you about the Zeroth Film Festival which is the fantastic brain child of Hywell Phillips and Ariel Anderssen (better known as Amelia Jane Rutherford) in the spanking world. Fans of Bondage will of course know this lovely couple from their website Restrained Elegance. Inspired by a showing of films from the Kiel Fetish Film Festival they decided to run their very own hence the birth of the British Fetish Film Festival Now let me just say before members of Atvod start licking their lips at the smell of fresh and easy blood, although it is a British Festival, entrants can submit films from anywhere in the world. A ‘dry run’ for film producers was held yesterday and I think went rather well.

.Restrained Elegance

I was very happy to be one of quite a select few to receive an invitation to submit some of my work. I have been involved in the production side of our sites for quite some time. Now, I am well aware that none of us are going to win an Oscar anytime soon and there is an argument and it is quite a valid one that we are making videos for people to wank over. I am under no illusions that people sometimes fast forward to the spanking or indeed any other fetish and ignore the storylines BUT I and a lot of other producers still take care to ensure that we are providing a quality product that we are proud to put our name to. The day I start to make ‘insert girl here’ porn will be the day that I look for an alternative job.

Spanking Sarah Spanking Porn to be proud of

Paul and Lucy from Northern Spanking had kindly offered to host the Zeroth Film Festival. As the day drew ever nearer I was filled with excitement. I also realised that the only time I had ever watched any of my own films was whilst in edit or with friends and let us be honest, your friends are not going to say that they don’t like your material are they? On the way to the Festival I suddenly decided that it wasn’t such a good idea. What if the other producers hated my work? What if they belittled it? What if they were all far more intelligent than me? Paranoia took over and I announced to Mr S that he should turn the car around, that I didn’t want to go. After he had calmed me down we continue on our journey but I will admit that I was still filled with dread.

One of the very many excellent updates available at Northern Spanking

Upon arrival it was nice to see a few familiar faces who incidentally shared the same concerns as I. In fact Nimue from Nimues World has admitted on Twitter that she had wanted to submit but had ‘chickened out’ Despite taking our clothes off for the Nation it seems that we are quite a shy lot and probably all feel insecure about our work. Perhaps this is because in the greater community we are seen as odd, strange or in extreme cases dangerous? Whatever the reason, it is a shame and unfounded. I can’t speak for my own work but I can say that the other producers including Nimue have absolutely nothing to be worried about.

Fantastic Porn at Nimues World

We chatted for a while before settling down to watch each others films. The moment had arrived. I realised that despite having memberships to a great many sites that it had been a while since I had seen any films. This was not a choice I had consciously made, but due to lack of time. It felt quite decadent to know that I would be spending the whole afternoon watching fantastic films made by fabulous people. As this is a spanking site I will concentrate on the spanking content but will say that it was interesting to watch things from outside my ‘kink’ I won’t admit to understanding all of it but could recognise that the production was fantastic. I am sure that there were people in that room who didn’t get the whole ‘getting spanked’ concept either.

A very early Spanking Sarah film were I look very young (and very skinny)

Pandora Blake submitted her film ‘Marital Discipline’ featuring Michael Darling and Dana Kane. Having shot with Michael I knew that he was a great actor but I hadn’t realised quite how good Dana was. She really holds a scene and add a touch of humour alongside some good hard spankings. The film also included a bathroom scene where Dana shaves Michael. This was very well edited. Poor Pandora nearly died when it was her turn and it was suggested that a cushion might help the more nervous producers get through the viewing of their film. If you haven’t already joined Dreams of Spanking then please go and take a look at this great site.

One of many great full films at Dreams of Spanking

The ‘Governor’ at Bars and Stripes decided against the ‘Cup Cake Cushion’ but I suppose if you are in charge of a notorious prison you can’t be seen to show any weakness. I secretly suspect he was as nervous as the rest of us but hid it well. He submitted the film ‘Dream or Nightmare’ starring Paul Kennedy, Stephen Lewis and Amelia Jane Rutherford. A great film which took time to make. Good films tend to take the time not only to produce but to script and edit. I am of the belief it is better to make less ‘great films’ then lots of rather rubbish ones and it seems that Bars and Stripes (and all the other producers present tend to agree)

Bars and Stripes

50 Shades of Pink was the submission from Northern Spanking and I must confess that this was one of the few spanking films from another Producer that I had watched before. It did not lose anything in the second viewing. A hilarious story, Scarlot Rose and David Wolf played their parts very well It was a perfect example of the excellent (and vast) amount of content you can expect from a membership with Northern Spanking.

‘That Shower Scene’ from English Spankers

After lots of discussion and lots and lots of cake it was time to go home. I can’t speak for anybody but myself but I can say that despite my nervousness it was a fantastic afternoon. In an age where just about anyone can (and does) buy a couple of cameras and call themselves a producer it was nice to meet people who share our values and beliefs and can be proud of the material they produce. Everybody there seemed to be a genuinely engaged and interested in the fetish material that they shoot. I feel refreshed and energised and raring to make more great films! Will there be another Film Festival? I hope so. Time will tell as there are certain hoops that the organisers have to jump through. But even if there isn’t I am proud and pleased to have been at the Zeroth. Thanks once again to Ariel and Hywel from Restrained Elegance and Paul and Lucy from Northern Spanking for making it possible.



A fair comment but nothing to do with spanking

I hope the good people over at Spanking England wont mind me lifting this bit from one of their recent blog posts. As it says, not a lot to do with spanking but maybe quite a lot to do with free speach and expression.

Quote ”

When Margaret Thatcher came into power I was seven years old.  When the election results were given I can clearly remember my Father stating that ‘She would ruin this Country’  Did she?  Perhaps,in all honesty I can say that I was not adversely affected.  In fact,I was rather glad when she got rid of free school milk!  I had never liked drinking from those nasty bottles.  My brother and I proudly refused to pay our poll tax  unbeknown to us my Mother who didn’t want either of her kids to have a criminal record paid it for us and perhaps that is the point.  We as a family were not adversely affected,but then we lived in Kent and were not dependent on industry.

I do know that as an adult I did not and still do not agree with her policies or her polictics and I certainly don’t think that our cash strapped country should be contirbuting to the funeral!    Life for many under Thatcher was miserable and families particualy in the North suffered and some are still suffering the affects to this day.  Some will argue that she made hard decisions that had to be made and they might be right.  However,all these years later a lot of people still feel very bitter.  In fact,bitter enought to ensure that their voice is heard.  The BBC ummed and aahed about whether they should play the song which looks very likely to get to number one and fortunately good sense and ‘Freedom of Speech’has prevailed.   I don’t feel strongly enough to download the song and in some ways to believe it to be quite disrespectful,but that doesn’t mean that I want it censured.  We as ‘Producers of Porn’who some would rather call ‘Disciples of the Devil’face enough censorship already.  Long live Freedom of Speech and RIP Margaret Thatcher who probably wouldn’t have cared about this song anyway.

What did that all have to do with Spanking?  Nothing?   Apart from the Freedom of Speech bit. So without further ado I will stop subjecting you all to my somewhat (light weight) opinion and proceed with the reason that you are all here.”



EU MEP wants to take away your rights

Once again some right wing or left wing zealot (What’s the difference) is out to reduce the freedom you as an adult and as a human being have. As usual they try to make the case of harm to children without ever paying any attention to parental responsibility or looking at the sociological history of  banning things which the great majority of people actually indulge in.

We thank the HUFFINGTON POST for this;

It’s the continent that brought the world Page Three and nudist beaches, but these images could be on their way to being banned on the Internet, beginning with a resolution at the European Parliament next week.

Ostensibly, on its title alone, no-one could object to the resolution “on eliminating gender stereotypes in the EU”, announced to mark International Women’s Day.

It was introduced to by Dutch MEP Kartika Liotard, recommending a “ban all forms of pornography in the media,” including what it refers to as “the digital field.”

It also calls for the establishment of regulatory agencies with “a mandate to impose effective sanctions on companies and individuals promoting the sexualisation of girls.”

The chances of a EU-wide ban on porn are, undoubtedly, slim, with many stages of reports and votes which would have to pass before the idea got anywhere near law. But it is the vague wording that has worried some, as the word “media” is undefined.

Many believe that a ban on pornographic images in the media would have a positive effect on the fight against sexism. Jacqui Hunt, the London director of Equality Now told HuffPost UK: “The media has a privileged place within contemporary society.

“Equality Now encourages all measures which seek to build a truly equal and democratic society, where women and girls do not have to experience prejudice or fear physical and psychological abuse.”

Christian Engström, a Swedish MEP for the Pirate Party, voiced strong criticism of the motion. On his blog, he wrote: “As always, the devil is in the detail.

“To a certain extent, the exact meaning on this proposed ban on pornography is unclear, since neither the 1997 resolution nor the text we will be voting on next week contains any definition of what is meant by ”in the media”.

“Magazines and cable television would presumably be considered to be ”media” by most people, but what about the Internet? Without any definition of ”media” in either of the two resolutions, the answer is not obvious from reading just those two articles, at least not to me.

“This is quite clearly yet another attempt to get the Internet service providers to start policing what citizens do on the Internet, not by legislation, but by ”self-regulation”. This is something we have seen before in a number of different proposals, and which is one of the big threats against information freedom in our society.

“Although I completely agree that eliminating outdated gender stereotypes in the EU is a worthwhile goal, I will be voting against this resolution next week.”

The vote on the report is not legally binding on any state if passed, but could pave the way for further legislation.

The issue has caused understandable consternation online. Engström reported receiving many hundreds of emails on the subject, as did his European colleagues. But he also reported that the IT system later had emails from constituents blocked.

“The IT department of the European Parliament is blocking the delivery of the emails on this issue, after some members of the parliament complained about getting emails from citizens.

“This is an absolute disgrace, in my opinion. A parliament that views input from citizens on a current issue as spam, has very little democratic legitimacy in my opinion.

“I will be writing a letter to the President of the European Parliament to complain about this totally undemocratic practice.”


EU to vote on porn ban, calls for Internet enforcement
In a severe threat to online freedoms in the region, the European Parliament is set to vote in the next week on “a ban on all forms of pornography in the media.”
The European Parliament will vote Tuesday on a proposal that could lead to a blanket ban on pornography in any forms of media with potentially wide-ranging implications for freedom and expression in the 27-member state bloc.
Passage of the proposal, “Eliminating gender stereotypes in the EU,” would allow the EU to help secure the rights for those across the gender spectrum, particularly women. While the report states that there is an “increasingly noticeable tendency…to show provocatively dressed women, in sexual poses,” it also notes that pornography is becoming mainstream and is “slipping into our everyday lives as an evermore universally accepted, often idealized, cultural element.”
But if adopted, the proposal could infringe certain civil liberties in the 500 million strong population.
Christian Engström, member of the European Parliament (MEP) for the Pirate Party, said on his blog that the “devil is in the detail,” warning that the wording in an older resolution from 1997 could lead to “statutory measures to prevent any form of pornography in the media.”
Dutch MEP for the Socialist Party, Kartika Tamara Liotard, tabled the report in the European Parliament’s Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality (FEMM) late last year.
In one section of the new report, Liotard calls on the European Union to enforce a blanket ban on pornography in the media of the 27 member states, which could also include online pornography.
The report says:

17. Calls on the EU and its Member States to take concrete action on its resolution of 16 September 1997 on discrimination against women in advertising, which called for a ban on all forms of pornography in the media and on the advertising of sex tourism.

The scope of “the media” has for years been ill defined and vague at best, but the report specifically includes Internet-related activities. And because the bill encompasses “any media,” the belief is by Engström that this will also include the Web, social networks, emails, and include even the photos that European citizens upload.
As Engström notes: “To a certain extent, the exact meaning on this proposed ban on pornography is unclear, since neither the 1997 resolution nor the text we will be voting on next week contains any definition of what is meant by ‘in the media.’”
The report goes on:

14. Points out that a policy to eliminate stereotypes in the media will of necessity involve action in the digital field; considers that this requires the launching of initiatives coordinated at EU level with a view to developing a genuine culture of equality on the internet; calls on the Commission to draw up in partnership with the parties concerned a charter to which all internet operators will be invited to adhere;

The wording suggests that while Internet service providers may not be forced to comply with the principles of the report, it could give these companies ‘policing rights’ over their customers, similar to the “six-strike” rule in the U.S. relating to online piracy.
Point 14 also suggests that any kind of sexual content on the Web, such as on open platforms like Twitter, could also be eventually ruled out. Legislation at best can be vague and does not always specify exactly what the bill intends to do.
The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) in the U.S., for instance, are two fine examples of how specific and yet so vague some laws can be. In the case of FISA, U.S. authorities have a secret interpretation of the data snooping and wiretapping law, which has yet to be released in an unredacted form to the public.
Worryingly for principles governing the freedom of the press in the region, the report calls on all 27 countries in the EU to create regulatory bodies that could ultimately control and punish the media and companies that use discriminatory advertising, for instance.

19. Calls on the Member States to establish independent regulation bodies with the aim of controlling the media and advertising industry and a mandate to impose effective sanctions on companies and individuals promoting the sexualisation of girls;

This initiative report, which will be voted on, is not a draft legislative measure, though it is a report to suggest that legislation should be in the future drafted and voted on.
While at this stage it is merely an opinion formed by a vote in the parliament, this is one of the first ways in which a new draft law could serve as a basis for the European Commission to propose such laws. The European Parliament would then bring it to a vote that could then see the draft ratified into law.


Another Website Revamp

It must be the new year that’s doing it but we have another revamp of a top site to tell you about. We do welcome information from anyone on the progress or any changes to their sites just send us the details and a small article and we will reprint for you.


The New Year is certainly bringing in the changes and the latest to be notified to me comes from the good ladies at Redstripe. This site has been up and running very successfully now for around three years and has always concentrated on those ladies not normally seen on the more conventional spanking sites. Larger ladies,the more mature  and those who love to combine their sex with spanking. well they obviously thought it was time for an up  date and to move forwards and widen the scope of their site.

So what has happened? Quite a lot is the answer,they have sent me a free members pass,yes I know I am a cheapskate and anyone who wants to do the same is quite welcome to,but lets look at the changes. Starting outside the site the whole look is changing,away from the stark black and red to a much more friendly grey and a much nicer looking art work,still not the most modern,if you want flashes and whistles and bangs you won’t get it here but you do get an easy to navigate site. Click on the first page pictures which show the latest update and you go into the free area of the site where you can access the free clips,there are around 26 as of my latest count plus there are the update details of well over 100 of their latest films.  Then you see the most exciting changes,the affiliation with their new range of films under the Spanking Manor brand name. This is what they say about the films ”Our well loved Redstripe Films featuring the more mature and different ladies will still be there with more sex and spanking action planed for this year and now running alongside these films will be our Spanking Mansion specials. These will,we are sure show you a natural progressive side to the spanking and CP scene,filmed in different styles to reflect the story line and as with our first series actually written by the lady herself”.

”You may find some of these films will go to the extreme of what you like to see,some may want to take things further well if that’s what you want we can. These films will all have more than one episode and your response could help us shape the next in line. We want your feedback so please let us know what you think and what you want to see”. They go on, ”The films are designed to be edgier,harder and for the most part written by the ladies who will feature in them. Our first series of films feature the thoughts and the desires of Suzanne Smart. Suzanne has made a number of films for other web sites and volunteered to be the first star of our new genre of films. The story revolves around a period of infidelity in her life,her husband has found out and now she is awaiting the punishment she knows will surly come,what she did not expect were the consequences of that very first punishment session and where fate would lead her”.

I have been into the totally revamped members area and can report that the picture sets are now larger and the Spanking Mansion films and pictures are filed separately from the traditional Redstripe. I have watched the first film and had a sneak preview of the second and I have to say I am most impressed. Everything about this film is right. Suzanne Smart is just the most believable of ladies and the discipline is hard and done without any mercy being shown to the poor girl and the story looks as though it is going to go down a very interesting path. I have said it before but it’s worth saying it again,if you are going to attempt to make a soap or a semi feature film then you have to know how to shoot and also how to edit it,this has happened here,everything about it is just right. Best British Spanking.

I think that this range of films will just add to the excellent range produced by Remington Steel for the Strand Group,this guy has been making spanking films for over 30 years so he should by now know what he is about so please,do yourself a favour,get along and take a look,not only at the new range from The Spanking Mansion but the more traditional Redstripe Films.


A new departure for one of our Top spanking sites Northern Spanking

It’s always good to be able to start the year with news of interesting developments in the British spanking scene and this new year looks like it is going to be a good one for our great British spanking sites. I have taken the report below from Best British Spanking where you can go to to see some pictures.

They say; I have news that two sites will be taking things further than ever before with great new and innovative films and filming. The first of these I can exclusively announce today is a new look to Northern Spanking

I have to admit that I have not yet had a chance to visit the site and view the film but as soon as I have there will be a fuller report. From the information supplied by the ever helpful team over at Northern I can say the following:“Two women. Unsuspecting. Unknowing. About to be thrown head-first into a world of hell. 2013. Northern Spanking Gets Evil.”What we did was,taking a story written by Stephen Lewis,asked two girls who we knew trusted us completely,Jadie Reece &Sascha Harvey if they would take part in a filmed scene,without knowing anything whatsoever about what was to happen to them! Yes,really! Having checked hard limits of course!

What followed was completely unscripted and even the camera operators knew nothing about what was going to happen,which made shooting it interesting! Jadie and Sascha remained in-role throughout a long and very painful afternoon,even when the cameras weren’t running (again,they never knew when they were). It would be easier to list what wasn’t done to them than what was in a really wicked kidnap,punishment and exploitation game played by Stephen and Lucy 

Says Best British Spanking, “Now one other reason I really want to get a look at this film is to see the lovely Sascha Harvey,one of my all time favourite spanking models and we see too little of her these days so,welcome back Sascha. Get along to Northern and support them in their efforts to up the spanking game,you know,it’s the innovation and the clear thinking and the understanding of the subject that makes our top sites the very best in the world“  We at Spanking News second all of that.



Best to blow a British trumpet and once again you get a chance to vote in the British Spanking Awards. This is the second year that we have had a chance to vote for what we consider to be the best of British spanking. We have reprinted all the information here for you but please do go along to The Awards Page

My word,can anyone tell me where last year went to?  It was fast and we in Britain definitely seemed to miss the part which is usually called ‘Summer’  My local Supermarket scared me yesterday with its how many sleeps til Christmas sign. It is not many.  So,the time has come around again to vote for your favourite British Site and other spank related categories.  There are similar awards for American spanking sites but I think we should support the Brits a bit more  We may only be a tiny island but do you know what?  I at least think that  we make great spanking films and we have some fantastic spankers and spankees so the Brit Spank Awards allow them to get a little recognition for the fabulous job they do.

OK,so we need some rules.   You can vote for any British or British run site.  You can vote for yourself and your nearest and dearest.  You can vote for more than one person,you do not have to vote for every category.  In the New Spankee of the year you can vote for somebody that you have only noticed in the past year –I don’t want it to get to anal. You can put nasty comments about people/sites if you wish and I can (and will) delete them.  This is for Fun.  As far as I am concerned everybody involved in the British Spanking Industry deserves a medal.  The Winners will get a cyber one.

How can you vote?  Well,it is simple.  The easiest way would be to leave a comment.  If you have ever commented before then this will show straight away,if you haven’t then I will moderate it as soon as I can and it will show up then. You can if you prefer send me an email and I will put your vote up on the blog.

So without further ado let me tell you which categories there will be this year.

1, Best British Spank Site

2, Best British Blog

3, The Best British Female Spanker

4, Best British Male Spanker

5, Best British Spankee

6, Best British Newcomer

7, Best British Spanking Film.

8, Hardest Spanking Film

So, there you have it, now  lets all get along and vote for our great British spanking sites, we do have the best spanking producers in the world so get out and encourage them.


Right of reply

Well, contrary to what they say we do let them have their rant, we could look at the arguments presented by them in an effort to justify their illegal activities, file sharing, money laundering, credit card fraud, breach of contract being just a few, but whatever we said would be read by people who do not care to understand. These people are not idiots, they have the nonce to set up some sort of system which must earn them some sort of money but as they and most of our readers will be aware the opportunity for them to market their ill gotten produce is getting smaller. Why? Well the law courts and the authorities are at last realising that what this industry and the the whole of the music and film industry has been saying for years is in fact correct revenue is being lost and the end user does not want to risk giving his credit card details to dodgy characters who are just as likely to plant Trojans on their computer and rip off their credit cards.

To put the argument that in return for spanking film producers to continue to produce films, someone has to pay for them and If not, if there is no profit, then there will be no films does not ever make a difference to these people. What then, leave it to the pirates to produce films? Oh No! They will then be producers and will be in the same position as the people they are robbing now, so no new films for the many real enthusiasts to look at. We know lots of producers, not only of spanking films but of legit films and music, they are all suffering and where the vast sums are being made I am sure most of them would like to know.

So, the pirates will carry on with their sad games, the producers will carry on trying to make an honest living, you as the honest consumer can help by only watching films from legitimate sites. After all, when your working week ends you like to be paid for your honest labours, so do the producers, that’s all they ask.


The cost of Piracy

The article below is reprinted withg thanks to Spanking England

I remember a TV advert which had the slogan ‘It is good to share’and must confess,sometimes it is.  However,it certainly isn’t if  you have joined a spanking website.  Your membership is for you and only you –when you join all websites set this out in their terms and conditions.  You could say in the contract and if you breach this,then you could find yourself in hot water.  Now,let us set the record straight.  It is true that their are some prolific pirates out there that we do not catch,do you know why?  They are involved in organised crime.  They join our sites with stolen credit cards and they download our films via proxy servers. We have all got much better at identifying these but occasionally one manages to get into our sites and before we know it,our whole site is replicated on a pirate board.  The IP addresses are usually in Russia or other far flung countries where copyright rules are not recognised.

But if you are a Spank Fan who has joined and decided to share our content then you are headed for trouble as Darren East of Brighton can attest.  Now,I am well within my rights to publish his full name and address online but I won’t.   He was a member of the  Spanking Sarah Site and they can prove that he has re uploaded their films to a file locker company.  Whether this has been done for financial gain I cannot say. Darren East has now had his membership to Spanking Sarah cancelled and his credit card has been reported and blocked by all billing agents.   He has been emailed and asked to remove content from the pirate board.  If he fails to do so,then action will be taken.

I expect some of you will class this as ‘petty’or ‘vindictive’  Spanking Website producers are rolling in money right?  Think again.  Most of them have separate jobs as well as their sites. The days when there was plenty of money to be made are long gone.  Every single membership matters and if they allow  films to be shared in this way the websites will simply not survive.  Everyone has to take as many steps as possible to protect their content and if that means chasing people in the small claims court then so be it.  I should imagine Darren East would prefer to just take the pirated films down rather than face his neighbours and work colleagues knowing that not only does he watch spanking porn but that he illegally shares it as well!

I know a lot of the British Spanking website producers and they are all in exactly the same boat.  None of them are rich. They do what they do because wthey have a genuine love of spanking and corporal punishment but  can’t produce content for free.  There are costs involved which need to be covered.  Equipment,Studios,model fees and server costs are just the tip of the iceberg.  The big pirates could not care less if another spanking film was never ever made –they don’t care what genre they rip off.  But if you are a genuine spank fan and you share you are destroying the source of your enjoyment.   You do not have to be a rocket scientist to work out that if the producers do not make any money, they cannot carry on.

I understand that times are hard,for everybody.   However tempting it maybe,please keep your membership to any site to yourself and do not share.


Dutch spanking film pirate identified and his site deleted – Wulfram Bosch

Wulfram Bosch was positively identified today as being the serial Dutch spanking video pirate Wulfram. Mr Bosch has, by his own admission, been a serial video pirate for at least 17 years and has used several URLs over the years to post films he has stolen onto a server running on his domestic ADSL connection.

A video producer recently sent DMCA notifications to Mr Bosch and also to KPN his ISP and Mr Bosch closed his site  within hours.

This just shows how effective DMCAs to organisations higher up the Internet chain can be. Mr Bosch had ignored DMCAs just sent to him and even published the names and addresses of his accusers!  This was contrary to the Dutch Criminal Code and he was warned on this matter.

As the site is now gone and the DMCA complainant’s details have been removed from Mr Bosch’s site, we shall not publish Mr Bosch’s private address but any video producer wishing to take action against him for previous infringements may make a request for those details to us via the comments box on this site. We shall require verifiable contact details before releasing Mr Bosch’s details so that we don’t infringe on his EU and Dutch civil right of privacy in the same way he had done to the DMCA complainant.

Piracy can be stopped and we hope that with Mr Bosch’s departure that the word will spread that producers are fed up with the pirates and will take appropriate, legal, actions against them.



Oh dear another nail in the coffin of the spanking film producer, one which I doubt will be survivable, Net Models that bastion of all that is correct in the modelling world has decreed that those who make video films are no longer welcome to advertise on their forums. I quote “I regret that Escape ( The Boss)! says this is a stills only site and your ‘filming’ suggests a video He permits video of stills shoots don’t ask me the difference“. There you have it. Now we feel pretty aggrieved about this having payed the not inconsiderable fees to this site for a good number of years and establishing a very good reputation with the Net Models we have worked with. One can only hope that those models seeking video work will now take their money and advertise and search elsewhere and that any film makers out there will do likewise.

I would just like to know why a video producer should be seen as any less of an employer that a still photographer, after all, I can do both and I thought this type of site was all about finding work for the models not standing in the path of their employment particularly when times are hard.


Surfthechannel owner faces jail after copyright conviction

From the BBC news website  27/6/2012  (all rights acknowledged)


The owner of has been convicted after “facilitating” copyright infringement.

Anton Vickerman will be sentenced next month after being found guilty of conspiracy to defraud, at Newcastle Crown Court. The maximum penalty for his crime is 10 years in jail.

His site used to host some of the UK’s most visited web pages offering links to illegally copied streaming videos.

Anti-piracy campaigners say it proves such sites can be brought to justice.

Mr Vickerman’s wife was found not guilty of the same charges.

Undercover agent

The Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) – whose members include film and TV distributors from across the world – said that at its height in 2009 attracted more than 400,000 visitors a day, generating more than £35,000 in advertising revenue a month.

It said users had been encouraged to find, check and add links to help keep the site up to date.

FACT hired an undercover agent to confirm Mr Vickerman was running the site, who visited the suspect’s house without revealing their true identity.

They confirmed Mr Vickerman had designed the “front end” of the service and recruited others via the internet to look after its “back end” functions.

“Mr Vickerman set up Surfthechannel with the aim of it being one of the world’s top destinations for pirated films and TV programmes,” said Kieron Sharp, Fact’s director general.

“This was a criminal conspiracy for criminal profit to fund a criminal lifestyle and Vickerman is now paying the price.”

Legal alternatives

The British Video Association also welcomed the verdict.

“Increasing numbers of British consumers are moving to legitimate online services that offer films and TV programmes in high quality for rental or sale,” said its director general Lavinia Carey.

These businesses are relatively new and should not have to compete against pirate websites.

“The verdict in this trial makes it evident to all that copyright theft will not be tolerated and that such sites are criminal operations.”

Mr Vickerman, from Gateshead, is due to be sentenced on 30 July.


We at welcome this verdict because the more  pirates that are brought to justice, and the verdicts publicised, the more the public will realise the damage that these pirates do to legitimate businesses – including the spanking film industry.



We have information exposing a major video pirate who seems to be concentrating at the moment on stealing content from spanking web sites throughout the world. He was brought to our attention some time ago but we did not have sufficient proof to expose this individual but we do now have absolute and concrete proof of his activities.

Selling his stolen video via mail order he uses PayPal to collect the money from his customers, PayPal we understand have been advised of his illegal activities but don’t hold your breath for them to take any action to stop him.

Listed below are some of the companies he is ripping off, this is not an exhaustive list but it will come as no surprise to find that most of the major video producers product has been stolen by this individual and is being resold at £5 per DVD.

So the owners of: Mood, Montrose Academy, Miss Lancer, Spanking Services, Nuwest Leda, Strictly English,Rosaleen Young, Moonglow, Real Spankings, Pain 4fem, Shadow lane, Girls Boarding School, Lupus – Rigid East, British Punishment, Real Life spankings, Calstar, Spanking Sarah, Spanked Schoolgirls, 1st Choice Spanking, Spanked in Uniform, Fullforce, Spanked cheeks, Rosaleen Young, Girls boarding school, Spank camp, FirmHand spanking, Spanking Digital, Lady Sonia, Red stripe, Shan van Media… And so on. This guy is listing hundreds of titles from all these companies and more.

So where is he and who is he? Well his name is Chilli Palmer and he lives in Gloucestershire in the UK, we do have his full address which will be given to site owners and web masters as will a copy of the full lists of the films he has to offer.

What can be done to stop this pirate from selling your films, spoiling your business and offering very low grade second rate films to your potential customers, we have heard various suggestions from webmasters but most are illegal, so maybe the best thing is to invoice him for the use of your titles and make no mistake, he has the full catalogue of some sites on offer. Times are hard for legitimate web site owners and film producers and we do not think they should be ripped off by people such as this.


O2 porn filesharers to be sent letters from film-maker

From BBC News (all rights acknowledged)

O2 customers suspected of illegally sharing pornographic films made by Ben Dover Productions will begin receiving letters from the film-maker shortly.

The firm won a court order in March forcing O2 to pass on details of the owners of 9,124 IP addresses linked to illegal downloads.

The High Court has now approved the text of the message that will be sent.

Ben Dover has said its focus is on users who had uploaded films to others.

The commercial director of the firm – which is registered at Companies House as Golden Eye International – said that parties who “simply downloaded one film” would not be pursued.

“In our first letter we seek to find out more information regarding evidence of an infringement of our copyright,” said Julian Becker.

“Depending on the response to our letters we will then decide our next action.”


It is understood that recipients will be told what to do to negotiate a settlement, and will be warned that if they do not respond they could be found liable.

They will be given 28 days to reply after the judge said that a 14 day limit requested by Ben Dover was “unreasonable”.

The firm was also told it could not specify compensation of £700 but should individually negotiate a settlement sum with each defendant.

The judge added that a threat to tell users it would ask the ISP to “slow down or terminate your internet connection” if they did not comply was unjustified.

A statement from O2 said: “We are pleased that the court has taken a robust approach and controlled the tone and content of the letter Golden Eye proposes to send to our customers. We are also pleased that the judge acknowledged the unique position we are in, and agreed that we have approached this issue in a reasonable way.”

Adult content

The action is the latest in a series of efforts to clamp down on online piracy.

XXX sign Ben Dover Productions says the pornographic industry has been “decimated” by piracy

US authorities shut down file-sharing site Megaupload in January and are attempting to extradite its founder and administrators from New Zealand to stand trial for copyright infringement and other related offences.

Courts in the UK, Greece, the Netherlands, Italy and India have also ordered ISPs to block access to a number of file-sharing sites over the past month.

While such efforts form an attempt to clamp down on a wide range of media piracy, Ben Dover suggests its sector of the industry has been particularly hard hit.

“Due to the nature of the way most consumers view adult content, the adult business has been affected far worse than mainstream film due to the fact that the pirates cannot replicate the cinematic experience of mainstream films,” Mr Becker said.

“Our core business has been decimated by piracy and we are pursuing several projects in combating both the internet sites that facilitate online piracy as well as the end violators and the physical DVD pirates.”


Campaign group Consumer Focus had previously attacked Ben Dover’s claim for £700 compensation as “unsupportable”, and said it now welcomed the fact that the sum would not be mentioned.

“‘We do not condone copyright infringement, but neither do we want to see any innocent people pursued for something they are not guilty of, or intimidated into paying out large sums of money to make the intimidation go away,” said the group’s chief executive Mike O’Connor.

“The court has recognised that bill-payers should not be automatically assumed to be guilty for alleged copyright infringement on their internet connection, and that firms should not send threatening letters as Golden Eye originally intended to do.

“It is welcome that the court is putting further requirements on the letters that are sent out. These will need to provide consumers with appropriate protection from unjustified intimidation and take full account of customers’ rights.”


Password sharing

Just an interesting little snippet from one of the pirate boards, the guys who run these things are obviously not content with the money they are making selling stolen films they have now branched out into the password sharing market.

Take a look at this missive:

Dear members! Unfortunately, the Spanking Passwords Exchange forum is not as active and popular as we want it to be. I’d like to make a couple remarks concerning passwords exchanging via PMs. While posting links to copyrighted material is a crime in some states, exchanging passes with friends is absolutely legal. If you buy a password and wish to give it to a friend for free, you have the right to do so. You can do almost whatever you want with the passes you  buy.

Yes, many sites say that they prohibit password sharing. But this is not a crime from the legal point of view and giving passes to a friend does not have any legal consequences. Exchanging passes is one of the best ways to make new friends!

Well there you have the voice of reason and sanity It’s not a crime so let’s all do it!  So once again those who are not able to produce anything good of their own seek to take money from those who have spent money building web sites and promoting their material for the benefit of everyone who wants to join a site in the usual, proper way.

 First thing, it’s not a nice thing to do, trade or sell a password that you have paid for. It is also pretty mush counterproductive, the security software on most sites these days is sophisticated enough to put a quick stop to the illegal use of the password. That means that not only will it not work for those who buy or trade illegally, it will no longer work for you.

 When you join a web site they have terms and conditions, you agree to these when you join. So you are in breach of the contract between you and the site owner. So as soon as the site owner finds out you are sharing the password he notifies the billing companies who will blacklist you and your credit cards. Come on, is it worth it? At one time it was a bit of fun to give your password to your mate, now it’s big business for crooks, do you really think they do it out of a sense of altruism? No they are making money and not only that, the sites you are going to are in many cases downloading to your computer all sorts of spyware and malware. Keep it clean, but your own membership and keep it to yourself.


Masie Dee spanked on Game of Thrones

Masie Dee spanked at SoundPunishment.comThe second series of the HBO fantasy thriller Game of Thrones threw up a surprise this week.  Masie Dee (credited as Maisie Dee)  was shown in a role we all know well – bent naked over a four-poster bed being spanked and then thrashed with a thick belt on her bare bottom by another prostitute on the orders of the cruel boy King Joffrey.

I think it was fortunate that the final implement was not shown landing on the delectable Masie’s bottom because it was more a sharp faced club than a proper disciplinary implement.

We were gentler for the many films she made for, but only by a little!