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Something not very nice!

Oh dear something not very nice is happening out there in spanking land and I really don’t know if I should be happy or mad about it. The story started when a friend of mine who I know gets a lot of spanking material from pirate sites tells me that he has been ripped off.

Now he has always denied visiting these dodgy sites but I have always known the truth, but it was one of those things, he is a friend and as long as his activities did not affect me why should I care. Anyway, he came to see me this week and said that his credit card had been cloned or ripped off and that from the activity on his card it looked as though his details were all over the net. As I am a web designer and know my way around the net he thought that maybe I could help him find out what was happening. We did a few basic searches and he showed me the communications he had had with his bank and it soon became obvious where he had been got at.

He uses one of the well known pirate forums to find new material he may be interested in and took out a premium membership on a hosting site where he paid for this premium membership with his Visa card. We did a search on this hosting company and after following lots of dead ends we ascertained that this site was hosted in Russia. Hmm long way to go to get your money back.

Anyway, I have to admit to not having a great deal of sympathy with him, he knows I strongly disapprove of pirate web sites and the scum bags who operate them but I did not think he would be so daft as to entrust his credit card details to a bunch of criminals. Just goes to show. Anyway, the story does not end there, he spoke to other people who use these pirate sites and found he was not alone in being ripped off. It seems that not only are these guys ripping off legitimate spanking producers but they then rip off the idiots who download the material from their servers. It is well known that they download mal ware at the same time as they download the stolen films but to actually rip off credit cards seems to be a new thing, natural progression maybe. I pointed out to him that the money he paid for this premium membership was in fact the same as he would have paid to join the average web site.

The lesson is clear, don’t entrust your credit card details to people who have already proven they are thieves. You know it makes sense!


Important information for all lovers of fetish films

We hear that ATVOD have now ordered Pandora Blake to close her excellent web site Dreams Of Spanking. It had to happen, these are people who do not see things from the same perspective as us, by that I mean everyone outside their little bubble.

This country is currently going through a very insidious and clandestine cleansing of what this right wing government considers to be dangerous people, that would appear to be anyone who like to participate in or watch fetish films which feature spanking, bondage and many other of your favourite pastimes. We will not go into the politics behind it now there are plenty of excellent articles we pointed to in earlier posts. Pandora has chosen to take the fight to the modern equivalent of the burners of books and she is assisted in this by Backlash   they could do with your support and donations to a fighting fund, remember ATVOD are already using your money to persecute the producers of fetish sex films and either they or some other QANGO may soon be looking at other areas of your freedom.

There is a link below to a most excellent video produced by Hywel Phillips  it does help you to understand the ridiculous situation that adult film producers find themselves in. Be sure to watch it and share it. Every little helps, as they say



Trouble Films joins the fight

LONDON — Trouble Films announced that the studio has donated $400 to Backlash to help fight against new regulations that require U.K. video-on-demand operators adhere to the same guidelines laid out for DVD sex shop-type porn by the British Board of Film Censors.

Funds for the donation came from the profits of the film “Ban This Sick Filth!”

“We’re thrilled to be able to not only support Backlash ethically, but financially,” troublefilms spokeswoman Kitty Stryker said. “Being able to put together a film that is educational, entertaining and erotic while also making a political statement about obscenity laws and the impact they have was a dream for us. Being able to give back to a group doing such important work is even better.”

Backlash is a London-based non-profit that provides academic, legal and campaigning resources defending freedom of sexual expression. The organization has been highly critical of the new rules set in place for pornographers, the Audio-visual Media Services Regulations 2014.

Newly released on, “Ban This Sick Filth!” is a political and sexual revolution within a compilation of films and interviews on porn censorship and its impact in the U.K. and U.S.

The collaboration between American performers/producers Kitty Stryker and Courtney Trouble from TROUBLEfilms also features hardcore content and interviews from British performer/producer Pandora Blake from Dreams of Spanking

Originally planned to highlight censored acts in the U.K., the film was denied DVD distribution in the U.S. because of some of the consensual acts depicted, Stryker said

The film is said to feature an array of scenarios exploring topics considered taboo by censors. “Ban This Sick Filth!” includes a disciplinary caning scene, a nun/altar boy scene and a menstruation masturbation solo scene.

Interspersed throughout the film are interviews with directors and cast on the intersection of porn, artistic expression and censorship laws, as well as behind the scenes information on how these films were made and conceptualized.



You have to start taking the threat to your civil liberty seriously at some time, those of us either involved in the spanking and CP world and those of us who just love to look at the results of the labours of the aforementioned and indeed those of us who just value our right to free speech and expression of our likes, desires and our feelings are now, in the UK facing the biggest clampdown on our liberty in living memory. More than this, the right to enact and enforce the un-asked for and un-needed piece of legislation which is being used to restrict your rights to view what you as an adult chose to view has been given to an unelected organisation which seems to make up the rules as it goes along.

There are many within the industry who have chosen to get out and do something else with their talents, there are others who have relocated abroad so depriving the country of much needed tax revenue and there are others who are fighting from within. I want to offer to you a short free film from the very excellent people at I do hope that you take a look at it and if you have a web site or a blog take it and use it with their compliments. People need to wake up to what is happening around them and supposedly in their names. Those of us in the industry need to do all we can to fight and to support those who will undoubtedly find themselves in the firing line of the thought police at ATVOD. Those who love to watch the results of the film makers in the UK should also take note and where possible give their support to British web sites if you don’t they will disappear and you will be left with the mad outpourings of those unregulated producers who are peddling porn and sex of the most disgusting type. Please note if you are viewing this on a phone or tablet you may not see the viewer so please go direct to from your PC


Do we know all about this?


They say that what America does today we will do in 10 years but, well I think this is just a good old DS relationship by another name. Come clean guy don’t invoke the name of your God. ( No I am not including those who don’t want to join this arrangement or who are forced into it, that’s assault)!

A growing number of married American couples are agreeing to allow husbands to keep their wives ‘in line’ by taking to corporal punishment.

The trend is called Christian Domestic Discipline and much of what is known about the practice is published on the website Learning Domestic Discipline, published by husband and wife CDD duo, Clint and Chelsea.

The website states: ‘It is an arrangement between two adults who share the belief that the husband is the head of the household and with that position comes the right to enforce his authority.’

Clint and Chelsea have also written a 50-page packet on the practice called Beginning Domestic Discipline.

In the packet they describe CDD as a ‘practice between two consenting life partners in which the head of household (HoH) takes the necessary measures to achieve a healthy relationship dynamic.’

That translates to all methods of punishment, not exclusive to spanking. Clint and Chelsea advocate lecturing, removing privileges, corner and bedroom time – essentially the ways most people discipline their children.

For CDD enthusiasts, this type of punishment isn’t sexual in nature. Vera (anonymous last name),  who is in a CDD relationship with her husband told The Daily Beast that the practice is in no-way sexual. ‘The pure CDD people don’t go there. A lot of folks think of Fifty Shades of Grey – but this is not that.’ Spanking is clearly the bread and butter of this kind of relationship. Eighteen pages of the CDD manifesto are dedicated to spanking and how to properly go about administering spanks.

What do you call it when a husband beats his wife with a paddle for disobeying him? Some would say domestic abuse. These people say he’s doing God’s work. By Brandy Zadrozny. On a pain scale of one to 10, Chelsea ranks the epidural-free birth of her child as a six. Her husband’s spankings? Those are an eight.

First, he uses his hands for “warm-up” slaps. Then comes a combination of tools based on the specific infraction. The wooden spoon is the least severe; for the worst rule-breaking—like texting while driving (“It could kill me,” Chelsea admits) or moving money between accounts without his permission—she’ll be hit with something else: a hairbrush, a paddle, or a leather strap.

But this isn’t domestic abuse, Chelsea says. This is for Jesus.

Chelsea and her husband Clint, belong to a small subculture of religious couples who practice “Christian Domestic Discipline,” a lifestyle that calls for a wife to be completely submissive to her husband. Referred to as CDD by its followers, the practice often includes spanking and other types corporal punishments administered by husbands—and ostensibly ordained by God. While the private nature of the discipline makes it difficult to estimate the number of adherents, activity in several online forums suggests a figure in the low thousands. Devotees call CDD an alternative lifestyle and enthusiastically sing its praises; for critics, it’s nothing but domestic abuse by another name.

Clint was in the room while I talked to Chelsea. They do everything together, including running their blog, Learning DD, which chronicles their exploration of domestic discipline. When Chelsea gets flummoxed by a question, she asks Clint for guidance in a voice so high-pitched that it belies her 28 years: “Honey, how long does the spanking usually last?” (About 5 minutes, Clint says.)

He has left bruises, Chelsea says, but it’s rare, and she attributes them to anaemia. You don’t have to be a Christian to practice domestic discipline, although many of its practitioners say they believe that domestic discipline goes hand in hand with their faith. Specifics of the practice vary by couple, though CDDers all seem to follow a few basic principles. Foremost, that the Bible commands a husband to be the head of the household, and the wife must submit to him, in every way, or face painful chastisement.

When a wife breaks her husband’s rules that can equal punishments which are often corporal but can also be “corner time”; writing lines (think “I will not disobey my master” 1,000 times); losing a privilege like internet access; or being “humbled” by some sort of nude humiliation. Some practice “maintenance spanking,” wherein good girls are slapped on a schedule to remind them who’s boss; some don’t. Some couples keep the lifestyle from their children; others, like CDD blogger Stormy, don’t. “Not only does he spank me with no questions asked for disrespect or attitude in front of them, but I am also required to make an apology to each of them,” she writes

After discipline, many wives report being held and comforted. And on Internet message boards dedicated to the practice, couples emphatically advocate for the CDD way of life. As such, there’s a temptation to file away domestic discipline into to the “different strokes for different folks” category. But mental-health and abuse experts see a potential for danger.

Jim Alsdurf, a forensic psychologist who evaluates and treats sexual psychopaths and is the author of a book on abuse in Christian homes, says CDD isn’t about religion—it’s an outlet for emotionally disturbed men with intimacy deficits.

“No fool in his right mind would buy this as a legitimate way to have a relationship,” Alsdurf says. “A relationship that infantilizes a woman is one that clearly draws a more pathological group of people.”

For Alsdurf, though, CDD sounds less like an act of violence and more like of an act of distorted sexual arousal. “If people want to spank each other, go ahead,” he says. “The problem of course, is if it’s done in a controlling and a mildly abusive way.” Like with all outer variables of sexual expression, he says, “If they’re not done in a healthy way they can become about abuse and control.”

Others are less equivocal. “It’s sick,” says Wendy Dickson, who runs an emergency shelter for women and children fleeing abusive homes in Evanston, Illinois. Women who receive beatings in the name God, she says, are no different than the women she sees every day in her shelter. Domestic abuse, which one in four U.S. women (PDF) will experience at some point in their lifetime, often conjures scenes of thundering rage, broken bones, and black eyes. But the most dangerous kind, Dickson says, is the emotional kind, because it keeps people trapped. “The definition of domestic abuse is power and control over another individual,” she says.

And as for women who seem content? Dickson says many of the abused women whom she helps also make excuses for staying in an unacceptable relationship. “Everyone just wants to maintain and tell themselves this is what they want,” she says.

Perhaps for these reasons, CDDers are a private group. As they see it, they’re fighting (and losing) a culture war against liberalism and feminism. There are no brick-and-mortar churches where adherents gather to pray and paddle. Instead, the ties that bind the community are formed in largely anonymous online communities.

There are dozens of online meeting places. On Fetlife, the Christian Domestic Discipline group has more than 500 members. The private Yahoo group boasts some 4,000 members. The topics on these forums range from the banal (“Happy Flag Day, everybody!”) to the political, such as a thread on whether Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly got it wrong on bread-winning moms. And then there are posts that are just plain disturbing: “My wife cries and writhes and begs me to stop during spankings, should I?”

Some women post questions about how best to convince their husbands to begin disciplining them, or pen distressed posts when the punishments wane in number or intensity.

Dig deeper, though, and you’ll find women who seem to want out. They describe being scared and in physical and emotional pain. The responses range from suggestions to submit more fully and try harder to leaving the relationship.

“I wanted the spankings to stop and my husband told me it was either DD and marriage or divorce,” one user named “Michelle” wrote on a popular domestic discipline blog. “I chose divorce. I couldn’t handle the pain of spankings anymore, emotionally or physically.” Leah Kelley, a CDD blogger and author of “spanking romance stories,” split from the man she had described as her “knight in beat up armor,” in 2010, citing her husband’s “deep-seated mental issues,” as the reason for the marriage’s end.

What seems to be the most obvious explanation for CDD, one acknowledged by some domestic discipline advocates not tied to the Christian church, is that the practice is a means to justify the fulfilment of a sexual fetish. On a CDD blog, “Sue” writes, “Boy do I wish more of the women in DD would admit to this. It’s a sexual fetish. There’s nothing wrong with it, but they try to make it so much more than it is.”

But the moral constraints of the church make it difficult for couples to be honest about the sexual nature of their desire, says Paul Byerly, who with his wife runs The Marriage Bed, a site dedicated to sexuality and religion. Byerly, who calls CDD a “distortion of what God intended,” believes that “women, particularly in the Christian church tend to be sexually repressed.” Domestic discipline, he explains, could be “a way around that”—a chance to explore sexual desires while still nominally acting in the name of Jesus.

Still, CDDers themselves reject this pain-for-pleasure explanation. “The pure CDD people don’t go there,” says Vera, who is both in a domestic discipline relationship as well as into sex play. “A lot of folks think of Fifty Shades of Grey—but this is not that,” she says. Vera (not her real name), argues that abuse is all about intent. “He never punishes me when he’s angry,” she says of her partner. “He doesn’t yell. The worst thing I can do is disappoint him and I do that when I act on one of my character defects.”

And do men have any of these defects? Who is there to correct them? “He’s not perfect,” Vera says, “but it’s not my role to point that out. He self corrects.”

And as for what a man gets out of it, besides a woman who obeys his every command, Vera says her partner is satisfied by her growth. “He enjoys seeing the person he owns, his property, become the thing God wants her to be. It might sound weird, but that works for me.


A Sad Day For UK Porn Freedom

Thanks to Spanking England for this article

I must confess to feeling a little bit sick. It seems that the Conservatives will be in charge of the UK for another 5 long years. I actually can’t believe that it has happened. All I do know is that any British UK Porn Producer should seriously consider getting their companies out of the reach of ATVOD. Let us recap. it is NOT illegal to watch Spanking and other types of porn in the UK, it is NOT illegal to participate in it, it is NOT even illegal to film it but it is now illegal to produce it. Why? Well, because without argument or debate a new law was passed in December. We are told this is to protect our children. Quite frankly I would prefer our children were protected by allowing people like myself to run our own business and provide for them.

We saw this law coming and we began to move our company out of the UK many years ago but it was still a shock when we had to actually move ourselves to avoid prosecution. We now have official Spanish residency, our money is paid into our Spanish bank account and until our daughter has finished her education we have to go back and forth between the two countries. This is not viable on a long term basis but what else can we do? We love making spanking films and have been doing so for many years. Can you imagine us turning up at the Job centre? To say I feel bitter is an understatement and I know that this is a feeling shared by many of my fellow producers who have had to act to protect their businesses in the same way.

What of those who decided to stay and fight? Pandora Blake has given her voice in protesting this unfair and possibly illegal law. Her prize? Her site, which is her baby is now under investigation by ATVOD. I cannot even begin to imagine how she feels. You can read more about her plight at her Dreams of Spanking Blog . My heart goes out to her especially as it seems that not only are ATVOD intent on ruining her business which I imagine she has poured blood, sweat and tears into as well as a huge amount of money but that there is a possibility that they will ‘out’ her. None of us are ashamed of what we do but we all have family, neighbours, friends and in some cases employers, our lives could and can be irrepealably damaged. Pandora is going to fight but even if she wins her real name will be in the public domain and the reverberation from that could be endless.

I wasn’t brave enough to stay and in some ways I feel ashamed but I have children who have to come first. The thought of my teenage daughter being taunted at school because her Mother ‘hits people for a living’ is almost intolerable. She is my main priority. I should not be wishing her childhood away but I am. The older she gets the better adjusted she will be and the less effected by decisions I made about how I wished to conduct my life. We are safe for now but I am under no illusion that ATVOD and a Tory Government are intent on banning online porn from being viewed in the UK. Will they succeed? I certainly hope not but it will take brave people like Pandora Blake who are willing to stand up and fight.

What can you do to help? You can donate to Backlash You can show Pandora Blake your support by joining Dreams of Spanking whilst you are still able and if you are really brave you can write to your MP and let him know your views.


Election, spank them all

With everyone now fully consumed by the forthcoming elections in the UK we are full up to the tops of our heads by the lies and the prevarication from those we can very  loosely call our leaders. Are they ever going to learn to answer questions with a yes or a no? No they are not, they dare not because this would expose the shallow margin between all the main parties and the certainty that whoever wins it will be the very poor and week who will suffer the most. If you vote for one you might get the other but you won’t really know.

I thought our economy was still in a bit of a mess with starving people going to food banks, kids leaving school not qualified to do anything and old people left to rot in their home for the lack of social services but then I realised this must be all nonsense because the Conservative party are once again concentrating their formidable spin machine on the availability of online porn. Call me an old cynic but I recon this is just to distract a certain section of the population from the real issues. Do these people really think that by clamping down on what is available on the internet, that bit of it supplied from the UK anyway,  they are only helping the unscrupulous purveyors of the real nasty stuff to come out from the dark side and into the main stream. No, this is not really about porn, it’s not really about protecting kids, what’s happened to good old fashioned parenting? No it’s that famous British smoke screen, obfuscate and bewilder those two servants of our government, we know them well.

It’s up to you how you vote and so it should be but  do try to look past the bullshit they are spreading on the streets, don’t get bogged down in it. After 5 years of this government we still have poverty in one of the richest nations on earth. After 5 years of the next government, whatever its colour we will still have poverty on our streets. So I just hope that instead of watching porn on the internet our kids are out there telling these be suited public school boys that they have seen enough, they want change and they want it now.

Oh I know what you are going to say, this is not about spanking and it is supposed to be the Spanking News. Well it is about spanking because if they get their way you soon won’t be able to see any and the next thing will be that you won’t be able to do it. So, there’s the bit about spanking, now give these nasty people a spanking.


The Spanking Head – Not the way

A former headmaster who was “obsessed with spanking” has been found guilty of sex attacks at a Norfolk school. David Tuohy, 83, who now lives in Oxford, took charge of Eccles Hall, a special school, in the 1970s.

At Norwich Crown Court he was found guilty of 15 counts of indecent assault on five boys with special needs aged as young as 10. He was found not guilty of four serious indecent assaults and two counts of indecent assault.

Prosecutor Andrew Shaw said: “You may think from the evidence presented he had a particular deviant sexual fascination with the bottoms of very young boys.”

‘Sexual gratification’

Tuohy liked to discipline boys who came to the school from different parts of the UK and found themselves alone, isolated and separated from their families, the court heard. “As one of the people charged with the duty of caring for these children, he abused the trust placed in him and used these children for his own sexual gratification,” Mr Shaw said. Pupils at the boarding school had found life difficult in mainstream education, the court heard. The attacks came to light when a man who suffered the abuse in the 1970s reported Tuohy to the police. As a result of the publicity several other victims came forward.

Det Con Faith Morris said of the man who reported Tuohy: “He has been left shattered by his experience and has had to receive medical treatment to help him cope with what happened. “All the victims suffered years of abuse at the hands of Tuohy and it has taken an enormous amount of courage for them all to speak to the police and stand up in court and give evidence.”



British Blog Round- Up

This is a round up of British Blog News for the week, if you are a web site owner or blogger and want to contribute to this site and spread your words around then please contact us and we will be pleased to help. If you don’t push yourself forwards then you can’t complain if others get the publicity, this is a news blog and we can only publish stuff we know about. It would be good to get some contributions from our American friends so please make use of this medium.   Mr and Mrs Stern spank a lot of bottoms for a lot of their spanking sites. Some of the girls who come along have never ever been spanked before, some do it purely for the cash and some find they absolutely adore it. Each and everyone of them has a unique story to tell and this week we are fortunate to hear all about Pixie and her spanking life. I try to make sure that all the ladies that appear on RedStripe are the sort that could be living next door to you, carrying out their spanking fetish in secret and Pixie is one such lady. You could pass her in the street or in the supermarket and not know her sexy secret. Pixie is like myself a larger lady and she has a fantastically firm bottom which is just perfect for spanking. I find these interview films absolutely fascinating. Everybody has a different view on our kink, different likes and dislikes and it is always nice to hear a lady discussing her absolute love of being spanked, paddled, caned and whipped. After the chat there is always the spanking to look forward to. Mr Stern takes this lovely lady over his knee and gives her her very first filmed spanking. He knows that she likes a hard hand so he makes sure each and every slap leaves its mark and he gives her a very red bum indeed! But will being spanked on film feel the same as real life play? Take a look at this and hundreds of other great spanking films at RedStripe Films.

I am beginning to have my doubts about whether Luna and Belle will ever make the grade as Carers. I am not one to throw the towel in BUT these two naughty young ladies do not seem to have a compassionate bone in their bodies! Their treatment of Doctor Stern bordered on criminal and instead of learning from the hard punishment I gave them they seem intent instead on fighting each other! No sooner is my back turned then this degenerate pair are having a real cat fight with fists flailing and hair pulling. My word! They seem intent on causing each other some damage. God knows what would have happened had I not walked back into the room. We may have had a real casualty on our hands. I don’t think I could say which was the most badly behaved. In fact, I would say that neither young lady should be allowed to look after a goldfish let alone be a care worker. Enough is enough and I decide that these two can be punished over my knees at the same time as each other. Luckily I have very long legs and my lap is big enough to take two naughty girls at one time. With my legs spread wide I can place them one over each knee which gives me the room to swing my nastiest leather paddle over both bottoms. I don’t mess around, their uniforms are pushed up and their knickers yanked down. If they thought they were sore before then they have a lot to learn! The paddling is a fast, harsh no nonsense one which soon has both girls squirming and wriggling and begging me to stop. Undeterred, I continue spanking at a harsh pace and make sure that each and every part of their naughty bottoms gets paddled and paddled hard. I then make them both kneel on the sofa with their red bums high in the air so that I can use the full extent of my arm to swing that paddle back and forth. They really do howl with pain but will they ever learn? Two rather sore young ladies. Take a look at this and hundreds of other great films at Spanking Sarah.

We do love Satine Spark. She really is quite a wonderful young lady. Not only is she beautiful but she can take a good hard spanking as well. Not only can she take a spanking, but she admitted on our last shoot that she often spanks herself as well. This we had to see. I don’t know about you, but I think that there is something incredibly sexy about a girl who likes to smack her own bottom. We asked Satine if she could show us exactly what she does and she was more than happy to oblige. We gave her a nice spanking paddle, set up a camera rolling and left her to do exactly what she wanted to do. I must say that I am rather pleased that we did! I always knew that Satine was a really horny little madam but I certainly didn’t realise just how sexy she could be, particularly when she is giving herself real hard swats with that paddle. She has soon given herself a really red and sore bum but this did not deter her. We incorporated her self spanking into a little storyline. Mr Stern had employed her to work for his sexy cleaning company – he had gone away to phone an interested client leaving Satine along with the spanking paddle. The positions that young lady managed to put herself into would make anyone blush! Revealing, sexy self spanking at it’s very best finished off with some pussy play. A wonderful self spanking film. Take a look at this and hundreds of other fantastic spanking films at English Spankers.


Something light hearted – Sexy Spanking

It must be every guys fantasy situation, you decide you need someone to clean your house and phone the local agency expecting to get Mrs Mop but instead you get a real sexy cleaner. She comes with her own uniform, or rather a selection of uniforms and asks how you want her to dress. You naturally enough pick the prettiest, the shortest, the one that is going to show off the beautiful girl standing in your kitchen to her best advantage, cos the agency have obviously made a mistake and sent you just the sexiest spankiest girl you have ever seen.

Now you are not one to take advantage especially of an attractive young lady who says she is there just to please you and that “by the way, if I don’t do the cleaning to your total satisfaction you can spank me”. Oh no, this must be a dream so you blink and she is still there and is already bending and stretching and showing off lovely nylon clad legs and a firm bottom that is just waiting for the spanking you know you are going to give it before very long.

Yes, it is a fantasy but you can get pretty close to reliving this fantasy with the SEXY CLEANING COMPANY  films, I think they are a breath of fresh air, sexy, titillating and full of good hard spanking scenes. Get along to the web site and take a look. Oh the girls in the pictures below are of course Aleesha Fox and Satine Spark now how can things get better?


From Spanking Sarah

Once again I am featuring a blog post from a top spanking web site. If you want your blog post or your site news mentioned here then please do send me the details, I am always pleased to pass on news of new films, shoots or anything spanking.

From Sarah: I couldn’t tell you how many spanking websites there are. At a guess I would say hundreds …. It may even run into thousands. But there is only one Spanking Sarah. This site was and still very much is my baby. It has seen some changes over the years. Initially I starred as the main submissive and the site covered my journey into spanking. As the years have passed I don’t identify as a submissive anymore, I class myself as a Top and without meaning to sound my own trumpet, I know I am a very good one. I will continue to make the occasional film as a bottom but I wanted to ensure that my site did not lose its uniqueness and become just another spanking site.

I think this has been achieved by quite a few factors. I am not and never will be age discriminative, I will never forget how I felt when I first looked into the possibility of being a spanking model and found that many sites would not shoot with anyone over the age of thirty! How unbelievable and sadly apart from the occasional ‘token oldie’ most spanking sites still seem to have A hard caningthis attitude. I have shot with some beautiful sexy ladies in their thirties, forties and fifties and will continue to do so.

I also take a chance on brand new spanking models. Girls who have never ever been spanked before. This is not without risk, some girls really cannot take the pain and believe me, I do not go easy upon them. But I have found that many go on to make more films and also end up being featured on other spanking sites. I guess that is a way of measuring success. I love the buzz of introducing somebody to spanking and seeing the genuine reactions plus of course you always get amazing marks on virgin bottoms.

Bonnie is one such girl and she really is a beauty. We will be filming with her again next week and I just can’t wait to spank her again. This was her first ever dose of the cane and the welts left on her bottom look absolutely fantastic. She is an absolute natural and really took the pain well.

In our first film I was her nasty Landlady who was absolutely sick to death of waiting for the rent to arrive. I gave her a hard paddling and left her with an ultimatum, pay the rent or feel the cane. I gave her a time limit and vowed to be back.

Poor Bonnie is therefore rather dismayed when I return the very same night with a cane in my hand. She quite rightly points out that I haven’t given her enough time to pay and cannot believe her ears when I admit that I just want to cane her for fun!

Not only do I want to cane her, but I want to humiliate her as well. I make her remove all her clothes and play with her nubile young body before bending her over the table for the cane. Bonnie really has little choice but to comply with my depraved wishes.

Bonnie is given twelve hard strokes of the cane and each one leaves its mark on her tender young flesh. Her bottom is soon welted and she is in great pain. Bonnie is made to suffer purely for my pleasure. Take a look at this great film and many others at Spanking Sarah


Thanks to Best British Spanking for this short post

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There is also a FREE FILM at sarah spanks men this one I really do recommend if you like to see what happens when you wish for something without thinking. Ouch! Have a good one And lets hope the forces of evil do not triumph and we as British people manage to retain the freedom to see and do just what we want among our consenting selves.


The fight for freedom of expression

Extreme violenceSometimes when an organisation does something without thought or without consulting and without any tangible and valid reason it leaves itself open to there being a backlash. This is a good place to link to Backlash who as they say “Backlash is an umbrella organisation providing academic, legal and campaigning resources defending freedom of sexual expression. We support the rights of adults to participate in all consensual sexual activities and to watch, read and create any fictional interpretation of such in any media“.

Maybe now we should not be looking at ATVOD or getting involved in the details of what they consider right or wrong, it is maybe time to put the question, Do we need censorship at all, do we need to have an organisation like the BBFC. Who wants it, who appoints these people, who gives these people the power to make arbitrary decisions governing what we as individuals with a brain of our own can watch, lets ask thExtreme Fune question WHY? Once you allow people to start dictating what you can watch on your TV or what you may see on video or any other medium, once you give them the veneer of respectability, an admission that they are doing something even remotely useful they begin to think that they are wanted, needed and will then just want to expand the scope of their pernicious interference in your life. It’s simple, we are all free people in Europe, lets try and keep it that way, next come the books, after that it will be organisations they don’t like after that…

I found this article quite a refreshing look at the situation Eye For Film and the questions posed by Ben Yates maybe we should be looking in depth at the credentials of those who would sit in judgment on us. The petition to the government needs to collect 100,000 signatures so please go here and sign it. It is important and you know that your freedom is important. It could be you they come after next.

One of the images above shows a measure of violence and could well be illegal, which one is it. Answer on a postcard.


What the Mirror says

Thanks to the Mirror for once again being ahead of the game. It is always interesting to see what the main stream media think to any given situation, sometimes you get knee jerk reactions sometimes you get reasoned well thought out comment, for this reason and when you get reasoned comment I am sure they will not mind it being repeated. Spanking, being tied up and female ejaculation are now all banned from internet porn under a new law. Sex workers aren’t best pleased Sex workers are angry that the government is regulating which porn on the internet is safe or unsafe, after new regulations came in yesterday. Many of the most common sexual fantasies have now been banned from  video on demand porn – pornography that you pay for online rather than just steal from the internet (or is free to view). The government is deciding which porn you are allowed to watch The Audiovisial Media Services Regulations 2014 is now regulating porn made in the UK under the same criteria that it regulates DVDs, movies and TV shows. If it wouldn’t be shown on an 18 film, then it’s not allowed in your porn. This means that acting out anything that the government deems to be ‘dangerous’ during sex on camera is now forbidden in any porn that could be construed as “TV-like”. What is banned? It’s actually quite random. Urination is banned in a sexual context and the government seem to count female ejaculation as urination! So any porn with female ejaculation is now banned. And some pretty mainstream fantasies and sex acts are now being banned on-screen. We’ve asked the British Board of Film Classification to clarify exactly what about this is banned, exactly the point it becomes banned and why it is banned. We await their response.

  • Bondage – being tied up is banned. As is being gagged. 52.1% of women – more than half – have fantasised about this, and 46.2% of men. They can no longer buy porn of it in the UK. 59.6% of men and 46.7% of women have fantasised about dominating someone.
  • Spanking, hitting or whipping – 23% of women, 39.6% of men and a whopping 53% of our readers are interested in being spanked or whipped for sexual pleasure

Things that aren’t that dangerous…

  • Abusive language during sex is banned – No name-calling in bed form now on. All porn is now going to be really courteous, which is a shame. What counts as “abusive language”? We asked the BBFC if calling someone a “dickhead” during sex will be banned.
  • Face-sitting – We can see how this could go wrong, but should it really be banned? Has anyone ever died from their face being sat on during sex?
  • Fisting, but only if all knuckles are inserted – Surely having all the knuckles of a small hand is better than having some of the knuckles of a huge hand. Just saying.

Who is affected? Not, to a huge extent at least, the mainstream porn industry. It won’t really affect what porn you watch as porn from providers and servers not based in the UK will still be available in the UK. And a lot of mainstream porn doesn’t include these banned actions. It will, however, affect independent and BDSM porn providers, who rely on people purchasing their material to make a living. They are understandably angry about this change. And arguable the mainstream porn industry, which has issues with trafficking and not paying performers properly is more harmful than a loving couple producing and selling BDSM porn. I spoke to a sex worker who specialises in BDSM to find out more. Her work name is subSinead. She thinks that the female ejaculation rule is sexist.  “Why is it OK to show men coming but not the female orgasm? Is the world going to fall apart because men (and they have to be adult  men since you  need a credit/debit card to watch a cam show) see a woman orgasm?” “The government are now saying it is ok to watch porn but not if the woman enjoys it too much, not if she orgasms more than briefly. What do they want, us to lie back and think of England?!” She also thinks that a law about how large a dildo you can use is ridiculous (you’re no longer allowed to be penetrated with a ‘dangerous item’ on film if you’re a sex worker) “There are now rules on how big a sex toy i can use on cam. Which minister is in charge of that, are they going to come round and measure my sex toys and tell me which ones Cameron approves of? I would love to be a fly on the wall at that cabinet meeting.” And the bottom line is that adults buying and selling BDSM porn is consensual and on the whole unharmful. She concludes: “What I do is consensual, between adults and harms no one, the fact the government sees a problem with that says all you need to know about their attitude to sex.”

Who are the laws protecting?

Ostensibly children. However, this is only for porn you pay for online. If Mummy is giving her child her credit card to buy hardcore BDSM porn with, that’s a problem with Mummy, not the porn industry. There’s also the cast-iron defence that it’s art. Under the Obscene Publications Act 1959, “no offence is committed if publication is justified as being for the public good on the grounds that it is in the interests of science, art, literature or learning or other objects of general concern”. Just make it look pretty. They are also ‘protecting the public from viewing harmful or dangerous content’. We’d like to point out that the Saw films contain more dangerous content than a video of a woman ejaculating. SubSinead thinks that the government are wasting their time, and should be focusing on more important issues. “Many cam girls are very angry that while we have inquiries into MPs ignoring child abuse at the highest level, the government is wasting time on this. In fact at lot of us think it is a way of distracting from the real issue, a way to show they are doing something while their friends in high places get off.” What do you think? Let us know but above all SIGN THE PETITION  



Relating to yesterdays news update there is now an official petition which everyone who respects their freedom should sign. Do not worry about giving the few details asked for these are full confidential but this petition could mean that this anti liberty law gets looked at again and hopefully some changes made. Below are details of this petition and we do urge everyone to read it, understand just what is being done in your name and get it stopped.


Repeal new anti-porn legislation

Responsible department: Department for Culture, Media and Sport

The Audio-visual Media Services Regulations 2014 came into force on December 1st, restricting UK production of online pornography which depicts spanking, caning, face sitting, female ejaculation, fisting, bondage, and other acts legal to perform between consenting adults. We want this legislation repealed.

The list of banned activities is transparently sexist: depictions of irrumatio (forceful fellatio) are explicitly permitted, but face sitting (even fully clothed) is banned. Similarly, male ejaculation on a partner is explicitly permitted, but female ejaculation on a partner is banned.

In addition, these restrictions will cripple small independent UK businesses producing niche pornographic content, while favouring large companies producing mainstream content. They will also benefit foreign companies producing content which is now illegal to produce in the UK, but still legal for UK customers to purchase and view online.