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Sarah Spanks Men A new site

The world is full of surprises and the spanking world seems to hold just as many. Who would have thought that the UK’s premier spankee come spanker of young ladies has just opened a new web site featuring her taking her wicked way with lots of naughty men. Yes Sarah Spanks Men has launched and jolly good it is too. I have to say that I did join as I wanted to see the films, at the moment there are no free clips but I am assured that these are coming shortly.

At the moment there are only a small number of films plus some really horny POV clips featuring some of Sarah’s lady friends talking directly to camera. I did not think that would be for me but I was pleasantly surprised. Now what of the site, well the style and layout follow that of Spanking Sarah, well it makes sense, if you have a brand style that works then stick to it. The content is well described and the inside of the site is simple to navigate and contains the full films, the POV films and photo sets from the various shoots.

I understand there are lots more films to go up as the days progress plus there will be bonus content but she would not tell me what that will be, hmm. The join price is very reasonable at the moment, I am sure it will increase as the amount of content increases, Sarah said if you join now and maintain your membership then you have this low price for ever, makes good sense. The films are as with all the films produced by this lady of the very best quality, well thought out stories, a bit too real for me!

I do know a couple of the guys featured in the films, they have been on other sites but for the rest these are all new to the spanking scene but despite that they do all seem to take quite a thrashing from this very strict Sarah. If you are into this side of the spanking scene then I can strongly recommend you taking a look at Sarah Spanks Men

Head teacher spanks wife

A former head teacher of a primary school spanked his wife as punishment for having an affair after drawing up pie charts to detail how much pain she had caused him. Graham Jones, 44, told his wife that she would receive eight blows one for each day he had known about her relationship.
Jones bent his wife over a freezer in their cellar and spanked her with a plimsoll before she escaped to the kitchen. There he told her she had four more hits to come and used a spatula to deliver them. Crying and screaming, Mrs Jones was left with bruising and reddening.

Jones admitted spanking his wife at Mold Crown Court in North Wales, but claimed she had consented to his behaviour. He received an eight month prison sentence, suspended for two years and was sent on a domestic violence course.The couple’s marriage had initially run into problems when Jones resigned as a head teacher and he had difficulty finding a job. It was alleged that he became controlling and argumentative and discovered his wife’s new relationship when she accidentally sent him a text message intended for her lover.

Jones then prepared pie charts detailing how much pain she had caused him and showing how much he blamed her and the other man. In court his lawyer said that Mrs Jones had sent her husband a text two days before the offence which indicated she was willing to engage in adventurous sexual behaviour. Leaving court Mr Jones said: “I don’t know what we are doing here. “Only 32 hours before hand I received a text from her telling me she had been naughty, deserved to be punished and she consented to spanking as she has done over the years. “But it is me which is made out to be the bad guy.”  Oh the rich tapestry of life, will the truth ever out? A ‘Domestic Violence Course’, he needs to be taught? I don’t think so, but maybe he fell into a trap, maybe none of us ever really know the outcomes of certain behaviour, maybe it did start as a game, maybe he is not a violent man.


Update news from Redstripe Films

I understand that there are lots of people who do not understand what a judicial caning is and I offer the following update from Redstripe Films in the hope that it may make things clear. No? well it won’t but it’s a damn fine film anyway.
This is from Sandy, she is the lady who runs Redstripe. Now if you want to have your site mentioned here, or if you  are having a spanking party or if you just have some spanking related news get in touch with us at Spanking News

Now I am not too sure just what a judicial caning is, I have to admit that I just hate being caned. Mr Stern does cane me occasionally when I have neglected my work in the office, I know that I may well deserve it and bend over and take it with the best grace I can. Now that is a straightforward punishment caning and is different from what is termed judicial. I suppose the judicial must be a lot harder and meant to really hurt. The film on my sight this week is just such a one, Susan, and this is actually a true story, was going to make a spanking film for my site, now she had been filming earlier that day for Spanking Sarah but she did not tell me or Mr Stern about this. Now he did have a phone call from Sarah who told him that Susan had been filming that very morning, so he examined her bottom and found that it was marked. So she had told a lie! Mr Stern decided that he could not punish her that day but did call Sarah and ask her if she would come to his location and deal with Susan. Sarah arrived and after talking to Susan decided that she was going to give her one of her special real hard canings and that’s what we have in this weeks film. It is hard, she did have to take quite a lot of strokes and I have to say I did end up feeling a bit sorry for her. Take a look at the free film clip here and don’t forget that in my members area I do have over 250 full length films covering every aspect of discipline

npp7008028npp7008010 judicial caning



Why self spanking

WHY SELF SPANKING. Well why not is the answer. As adults we do lots of other things to ourselves which are far more harmful, smoke, drink, cross the road, exercise! So it seems to me that a little bit of self spanking or as is the case in the film I am using to illustrate, self paddling. That a beautiful young girl feels the need to paddle her own bottom escapes me, I must send her my phone number then maybe she won’t want to paddle her own delicious bottom. Honesty has just started working for her new Boss. He works from home and has left her there whilst he pops up on some errands. Instead of doing her work like a good girl, she decides to have a little nose around the house. She takes a look in the drawers and is surprised to find a spanking paddle. Now, Honesty could have just put it back and forgotten about her find. Her Boss would have been no wiser and she could have just got on with her work. Instead this silly girl lets her curiosity get the better of her. She examines the paddle and smacks her own hand with it before hoisting up her skirt and trying the paddle out on her bottom. Honesty finds the self spanking quite exciting and gives herself quite a few slaps with it. In fact she is concentrating on what she is doing so much that she does not hear her Boss return. Before she notices he has been watching her self spank for some time. She is rather shocked when he eventually makes his presence known. Her Boss has found the whole thing rather horny but pretends to be cross in order to give her a dose of the paddle himself! Honesty is informed that seeing as she likes it so much he will make sure she gets it long and hard and on her bare bottom. Honesty soon goes from a nice sensual paddling to a hard thrashing on her tender young cheeks. She is soon rather red and marked and begs her Boss to stop. He has other ideas and carries on with the punishment of his naughty employee. Curiosity leads this young lady to get a blistering bare butted beating. Take a look at the free clip here.



Jess spanked at the house of correctionRedstripe Films have a long running series starring Aunty Katie, better known as Katie Didit, it is centred on her House Of Correction wher young ladies who have offended the law in one way or another are sent for strict discipline. They all get a “welcome” spanking from Aunty Katie, they have to strip naked, she examines the girl to ensure she is not carrying drugs anJess spanked at the house of correctiond then the girl, in this case Jess, goes over the spanking stool and gets what I consider to be one hell of a good spanking. I think that Sarah is now up to around Episode 21 and the series still looks good. It generally follows the girl through a series of misadventures and harsh punishments during their stay. Meet Jess. Jess is the latest recruit to be unfortunate enough to join the House of Correction. This naughty girl was caught shoplifting and now she must pay the price. Jess seems to think that she is going to be in for an easy ride but she soon realises that Auntie Katie does not stand any nonsense from naughty girls. As soon as she arrives at the house she is forced to strip and subjected to a search to ensure that she has not brought any contraband into the house. Every inmate at The House of Correction gets spanked the minute they walk into the house. This serves a few purposes, it lets the naughty girls know that their stay will be a pain filled one and it encourages better behaviour. Auntie Katie has a hard and heavy hand and she puts it to good use. Jess finds herself naked and vulnerable when she is placed over the spanking stool. There is no warm up to this spanking, It starts off hard and fast and continues at the same pace. This is a punishment and is made to feel like one. Jess soon has a bright red bottom and you can see her visible signs of distress. The poor girl really was not prepared for the treatment she is receiving. Auntie Katie makes sure that the spanking is a prolonged and incredibly painful one. Jess endures smack after painful smack on her pert bare bottom. Take a look at the free clip here



A Kansas lawmaker is proposing a bill that would allow teachers, caregivers, and parents to spank children hard enough to leave marks. Current Kansas law allows spanking that doesn’t leave marks. Rep. Gail Finney, a Democrat from Wichita, says she wants to allow up to 10 strikes of the hand and that could leave redness and bruising. The bill also would allow parents to give permission to others to spank their children, but it would continue to ban hitting a child with fists, in the head or body, or with a belt or switch.

Finney says she wants to restore parental rights, and improve discipline. But Rep. John Rubin, chairman of the House Corrections and Juvenile Justice Committee, says he isn’t sure the committee will even consider the bill.

No this is not a joke it’s for real, is this a good idea and could we see it extended throughout Europe? Lets hope not, I for one have never been in favour of smacking children nor anyone else who does not want to be smacked.


Why do glamour models take part in spanking films

Porn model spankedWell why do they want to feature in spanking films? I have been on a number of shoots now where the girls are all first timers, when asked what they do for a day job they tell me they are glamour models or in one case a fashion only model. Spanking films and the taking part in is something way outside their usual activity. Most say on first being asked that they do it for the money, I do not altogether believe that as they will usually add “and I like being spanked”.

It seems that spanking between couples is now the thing to do, I am all in favour of that. It used to be known as the perversion of a certain class of gentleman who, after being spanked and caned at his public school either took a craving for that into his everyday life or turned 180 degrees and decided he wanted to hand out the spankings. So, I deduce after not a lot of research that the reason our lovely glamour models are getting into the spanking film business is because they like it, Oh and they do get paid. It’s a win Win situation

The World is full of naughty girls whose behaviour deserves a good hard spanking. Unfortunately, the laws of our land often prohibit us from able to administer these badly behaved ladies with the beatings they need. Fortunately we can all escape into Spanking Land where naughty girls get their just deserts. In fact, in spanking land, sometimes really good girls get spanked as well.

Ashleigh falls into the first category. Ashleigh is a very naughty girl. She has invited a photographer around to her house and agreed to have some rather dirty photographs taken. She is happy to pose topless for payment and of course, the photographer is soon busy snapping away. Unfortunately she has forgotten to mention that she lives with her Aunt and that her Auntie will not be impressed to discover that her home is being used in this way.

Obviously Auntie walks in and she is furious! She gives the photographer a flea in his ear before throwing him out. Her niece seems to think that the situation is really funny but she soon realises that Auntie means business when she gets hauled over the knee. Her short denim shorts offer her little protection from her Aunties hard and heavy hand. She is spanked like a naughty little girl over the knee.

Ashleigh is soon close to tears. Not only is her punishment painful, but it is humiliating for her to be treated this way. The spanking is prolonged and it does not take ling for her poor bum to be bright red and feel very very sore. But will she learn her lesson? Take a look at the free clip here



Our Spanking Mansion series has proven to be very popular. It seems that a lot of you like the darker, more edgier films we are making for it. In most instances the ladies who have appeared in these films have been close friends of ours – in honesty you could not make these type of films with strangers. A hell of a lot of trust and respect is involved when you push the boundaries as far as we do and this film is no different.  Imogen D’Arcy and Sarah Stern originally wanted to make a hard hitting real domestic discipline film. They then hit upon the idea of just how awful it would be if one partner wanted to be involved in a cp relationship and the other didn’t. Add some infidelity into the mix plus a rather unstable girlfriend and you have the ultimate betrayal. Imogen had wanted out but kindly agreed to just one more night. How she has lived to regret that. Sarah does not want to let her go and is furious with her for cheating and trying to leave. She has drugged Imogen and decided that she will act out all of her sordid fantasies. Sarah loves Imogen but hates her as well and in this part of the story alternates between being furious and beating her ex and wanting to kiss and her. Imogen is just terrified. She is tied to the bed unable to move and is being subjected to some rather sadistic and painful treatment. Sarah has also realised that she can never know let Imogen go without the girl getting her arrested and so ponders out loud about just how exactly she can deal with her. Imogen is left in no doubt that she may not get out of this situation alive. She is scared, hungry, and in terrible pain. Sarah not only punishes Imogen on her bottom but on her hands and breasts. The beating is given without mercy and Imogen is soon in floods of tears. Just how will this end? Take a look at the free clip here

Latest News Update from SPANKING SARAH

Sophie Parker canedIt has been a long time coming but Sophie Parker has eventually got her just deserts at The House of Correction. Since she entered the House she has been making ASophie Parker canedmelia Janes life an absolute misery. She has bullied her endlessly and ensured that the poor girl has been beaten by Auntie Katie at every opportunity. They do say that cheats never prosper but I think we were all beginning to think that this wicked girl would get away with her bad behaviour. This week Mr Stern decides to intervene. He has noticed how quiet and withdrawn young Amelia is and decides to have a chat with her and find out what is troubling her. Amelia is initially to scared to confide in him but after some persuasion she tells him the whole sad and sorry tale. Mr Stern is horrified! The House of Correction is supposed to improve young ladies behaviour, not give them a platform to bully and cause further mishap. He decides that he will deal with Sophie Parker himself and that she will be taught a very painful lesson indeed. Being a man of the cloth he decides to hear what Sophie has to say about the matter and calls her in for a chat. As soon as Sophie realises that Amelia has told on her she jumps to the defence and actually attacks Amelia and tries to throttle her. Poor Amelia is powerless to defend herself and Sophie has to be dragged off the terrified girl and restrained. A furious Mr Stern scolds Sophie and decides to punish her there and then. In order to cause not only pain but humiliation, he decides to allow Amelia to watch. Sophie is hauled over the knee and her knickers are pulled down and her bottom is given rather a sound spanking which leaves it bright red and sore but this is just the start of her ordeal. Mr Stern decides that the best punishment for this naughty girl would be a hard dose of the cane. Sophie is made to kneel in the sofa with her bottom stretched tight and she is forced to endure stroke after painful stroke of his cane. This leaves her bottom bruised and welted and will hopefully improve her appalling behaviour. Take a look at the free clip here


Update news from ENGLISH SPANKERS

Ella Hughes punished at English Spankers npp70688926I love this new film at English Spankers and I am pretty sure that you will too. Ella Hughes is a brand new model but she is not now to spanking. This lovely nineteen year old has wanted to be spanked all her life and as soon as she came of age, she made sure that she was! Ella and Sarah seem to have a great on screen chemistry and judging by their tweets, they seem to get on just as well in real life. Ella just loves being dominated by an older lady and Sarah just loves to beat her so it is a fantastic arrangement. This film is a hard hitting one. Ella wants to be beaten hard and so Sarah always makes sure she gets exactly what she wants. Not only can Ella take a good whacking but she can act as well and really gets into any role she is given. Ella plays the part of a naïve college student who has been failing her grades. Her Tutor realises that this is the type of girl who she can take advantage of and does so quite wickedly. She forces Ella to strip naked and endure rather a hard beating which includes some overtly sexual touching as well. This film can be viewed on our English Spankers site or if you prefer to buy individual films, you can do so by visiting our Clips4sale site where this film along with hundreds of others can be purchased without taking out a membership. In fact, at the moment this film is the best selling spanking clip on the entire clips4sale site! It is rather hard hitting and hot so I can see why. Poor Ella is used and abused by her Tutor who has blackmailed her into being involved in a sadistic relationship. The girl has been told that if she does not accept her teachers advances then she will be forced to leave her course. What can she do apart from endure the rather lecherous and incredibly painful treatment she is given? She is beaten with a variety of implements including a tawse, strap and paddle and beaten relentlessly. She is left well marked and sore and feeling rather sorry for herself. Take a look at the free clip from this film here

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A look at some updates

These are a few site updates once again some interesting new ladies and some great scenes

Ella is back with the principle of her college, this wicked woman is trying to seduce this beautiful young girl and will let nothing stand in her way. After making her parade naked she bends her over a chair and hands out one of the hardest beatings with a variety of leather straps that we have shown, Ella has no choice but to take the strokes on her beautiful pert bottom and is left marked and in tears. English Spankers

The latest film for RedStripe and The Spanking Mansion is not for the light hearted. Imogen and I have shot together on quite a few occasions and I would describe her as a good friend which is why I was able to make such a dark, hard hitting film. Imogen cried real tears and when you watch it, you will understand why.


Imogen’s lover is now showing just how nasty and cruel she can be. Imogen refuses to continue with their relationship but because she is secured to the bed she can’t stop the painful assault on her body. She is whipped on her breasts and bottom and between her legs, she is then subjected to a hard paddling which brings her to tears. RedStripe Films
Last but by all means not least, my Spanking Sarah site has been updated with another saga from the House of Correction. Auntie Katie has taken a break from the action and the kindly Vicar has popped along to make sure all is well.
After being punished by Aunty Katie Amelia Jane is telling her story to the spiritual advisor for the House Of Correction, he is appalled to learn that Sophie has beaten Amelia Jane and the tricked Aunty Katie into doing the same. Sophie’s is sent for and Amelia Jane can witness her receive a bare bottom spanking and then a severe caning, the wrongs must be righted. Despite her protestations of innocence her punishment is long and hard and well deserved Spanking Sarah



Hotpants for Anastasia at

SoundPunishment recently went to film bad-girl Anastasia being punished by her partner.

Anastasia is in trouble again for sneaking out of the house on the pretext of going to see a friend when she really went to a sleazy nightclub where she was seen wearing tiny hotpants and getting too ‘friendly’ with one of the male customers! Severe retribution is carried out onto her bare bottom by her partner when she gets home! This wanton young lady is soon over his knee getting the hard bare-bottom spanking and slippering she deserves.

Great spanking films and photo-stories at


Spanking Mansion, new film range

The new Spanking Mansion films from Redstripe have proven to be very popular. These films are really edgy and completely different to the normal ‘run of the mill spanking film’ They will not appeal to everyone as the punishments are not only on the bottom and are often of a harsher nature. So far we have filmed these special films with Pandora Blake, Suzanne Smart, Nicki Montford and Aleesha Fox. It takes a special kind of lady to make a Spanking Mansion film and I am very pleased to add Imogen D’Arcy to that list.

We have filmed with Imogen on a lot of occasions and would class her as one of our Spanking friends. To make these types of films there has to be trust between the participants. We asked Imogen if she would like to make a Spanking Mansion film and after watching the ones already available she was more than happy to go ahead. As Sarah and Imogen had filmed together before it was felt that the two of them could and would make a realistic film and we are very pleased with the outcome.

Imogen plays the part of a girl who is sick to death of her controlling Girlfriend. Sarah has constant demands for kinky sex and Imogen is not happy with this at all. In fact, she has found herself a new Girlfriend and plans to leave Sarah. Sarah is not used to being left and tries to change her mind. When she realises that this is not going to happen she tries a different tact. She begs Imogen to stay with her for just one more night. When Imogen says yes she could not have known just how life changing her kind deed was going to be.

When Imogen awakes it is to find that she has been drugged, stripped and tied to the bed. She has been gagged and the terrified girl suddenly realises just how unstable her Ex is. Sarah is out for revenge. She has read all the texts on Imogens phone and knows that she had been replaced. She is furious at the betrayal and is going to make sure Imogen pays a heavy price.

A terrified Imogen is forced to listen to her rants and is unable to move, speak or beg. Sarah produces various implements which she plans to use on her defenceless victim. Apart from the real pain Imogen is feeling is the helplessness. Sarah has no plans to let her go and is going to make her life an absolute misery. Imogen is whipped on her legs, breasts, bottom and back with a variety of nasty spanking tools. Her eyes fill up with tears and if she could she would beg for her torment to stop. A dark and twisted film. Take a look at the free clip here


Video pirate jailed

A man has been jailed for 33 months after recording Fast And Furious 6 from the back of a cinema in Walsall.

A judge in Wolverhampton ruled that Philip Danks, 25, uploaded the movie, which was downloaded 700,000 times. The Federation Against Copyright Theft (Fact) claimed this meant “millions of pounds” lost for the film’s distributor, Universal Pictures.

Another man, Michael Bell, was also sentenced to a community order for 120 hours’ unpaid work. Bell, the former boyfriend of Danks’ sister, had played a part in uploading material, the court ruled. As well as putting the film on the internet, Danks offered to sell copies of the film using his Facebook profile.


Danks had also used his profile to update his friends about his case – on 20 August, a day before his hearing, he wrote: “Not loking good.” The judge who sentenced Danks said his behaviour was “bold, arrogant and cocksure”. In a statement distributed by Fact, Det Sgt Rod Rose, of West Midlands Police, said: “We assisted the Federation Against Copyright Theft throughout this case with search warrants, forcing entry to addresses and making arrests. “We also supported with evidence recovery and interviewing suspects. “Fraud comes in many guises and ultimately affects all of us.” Police said that Danks had continued to illegally distribute movies after his arrest in May last year. Officers were able to trace him after he used the username TheCod3r to leave a comment on a well-known pirated movie website.


Businessman Fined for spanking his wife

Businessman fined for putting his wife over his knee and SPANKING her in a row over money John Smith put wife Kim over his knee and smacked her bottom, court told. The 60-year-old carried out the smack after a row over financial matters. Magistrates told he held her face down on sofa smacking her several times.He later told police that she had ‘deserved’ the spanking, claiming she had shown him ‘disrespect’

John Smith, 60, put spouse Kim across his knee and smacked her bottom five times following a row over money, a court heard. When police turned up to investigate he simply told them: ‘She deserved it.’ Magistrates this week issued a restraining order against Smith, who has been married for 18 years. Skegness magistrates’ court heard the assault took place at one of the couple’s homes in Lincolnshire in July when a row over a £3,000 loan got out of hand. As voices were raised, Mrs Smith feared she was going to be beaten, said prosecutor Marie Stace. Smith then grabbed her by the arm, held her face down on a sofa and smacked her several times, she added. Asad Aziz, defending, said Smith had seen red after being called offensive names by his wife during the argument.

He described how the businessman could not accept the ‘disrespect and conduct she displayed that day’ and openly admitted he had put her over his knee and smacked her five times. Smith had complained that the words she used were ‘unnecessary and uncalled for’, he said. Smith admitted assault by beating and was given a 12-month conditional discharge and a 12-month restraining order

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