A pornography festival in London this weekend has been forced to relocate after protests.

Faced with the prospect of a picket, organisers of the London porn film festival, which describes itself as “celebrating queer, feminist, radical and experimental porn”, pulled screenings from the Horse Hospital, an arts venue in Bloomsbury. The three-day event will […]

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Age verification won’t block porn. But it will spell the end of ethical porn

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Porn is not illegal. Please write this down on a sticky note and put it on your fridge at some point before 15 July this year, when the UK government […]

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Watch out, there’s a thief about

Once again in the land of the free we have to watch our backs, and just about everything else. The guardians of our morals who sit in Parliament are trying to curtail another and maybe in this age of the instant dissemination of information the most important of our freedoms, the freedom to look at […]

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