Censorship in the UK a supposedly free country

The government’s proposal for age verification to access pornography is running out of control. MPs have worked out that attempts to verify adult’s ages won’t stop children from accessing other pornographic websites: so their proposed answer is to start censoring these websites.

That’s right: in order to make age verification technologies “work”, some MPs […]

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EU MEP wants to take away your rights

Once again some right wing or left wing zealot (What’s the difference) is out to reduce the freedom you as an adult and as a human being have. As usual they try to make the case of harm to children without ever paying any attention to parental responsibility or looking at the sociological history of […]

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Watch out, there’s a thief about

Once again in the land of the free we have to watch our backs, and just about everything else. The guardians of our morals who sit in Parliament are trying to curtail another and maybe in this age of the instant dissemination of information the most important of our freedoms, the freedom to look at […]

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