A pornography festival in London this weekend has been forced to relocate after protests.

Faced with the prospect of a picket, organisers of the London porn film festival, which describes itself as “celebrating queer, feminist, radical and experimental porn”, pulled screenings from the Horse Hospital, an arts venue in Bloomsbury. The three-day event will […]

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BRITS will have to hand over ID to access adult websites from July 15, the Government has confirmed.

The new start date for the controversial “porn block” follows a series of delays that pushed the roll-out back from its original April 2018 kick-off.

Dubbed a “porn ban”, the new law will force 18+ websites […]

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Spain in the middle of your British winter has got to be a big plus for anyone but, for a spanking model who loves to keep working it’s a great few days away in the sun and the chance to earn some winter money.

Kayleth is a 20 something model who covers most […]

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Well we’re into the New Year updates now and boy do we have some amazing films for you. Sarah and her crew are shooting fresh new content right through the year, looking for new spanking models and especially those who have never been spanked before.

Lots of girls have started their spanking life right […]

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Well, it’s been a great day working with lovely Louise, she is such a delight and laughed all the way through the filming. So much so that Mrs. Stern had to cane and paddle her harder than she otherwise would have. As I said before some girls really do enjoy the sting of the […]

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Shooting Today

The first shoot after Christmas and it will be with lovely young looking Louise. We have filmed with her previously but not for some time now and it will be great to see her again.

Louise is a very young looking spanking model so we will have to give some thought to the story […]

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Four delinquents are sent for punishment to one of the most severe disciplinarians, her brief, to hand out a cold caning to each girl.

There will be an allotted number of strokes delivered cold to their bottoms. The girls were to be covered but because of some attempted subterfuge on […]

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Do we like costume spankings

What a question to ask, yes of course we do like to see our spanking ladies dressed in all sorts of different costumes, anything to try and give the story a bit of a lift I say. We are all used to the school girl, school master scenario and of course we have loads of […]

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It’s all in the costume

no Twitter with current idA new series has started on Spanking Sarah, the home of Unladylike Manor a major spanking soap and of course The House Of Correction. The series is entitled  Breaking The Habit and it is of course based on the adventures of a serious minded Nun who is trying to save the […]

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Classic spanking films and a rant

So many spanking web sites and so many new films every week, it seems that spanking must be one of the most popular fetishes going, maybe I’m a bit biased but it’s the one I love the best and within which I have had countless hours of fun.

I often think, how do they keep […]

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The new girl

It’s early morning and Spanking Sarah and her crew are setting up for another days filming. Nothing new about that you may say but they are filming a new girl who has never made a spanking film before. This is always a bit of a tense time, will she turn up and when she gets […]

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Best British Spanking

I always love to see a new site come out and especially when it is a really cheap membership one.

The last new one I looked at was Caned On Line and as the name says it is devoted just to caning films and this had a very cheap membership. There is now a sister […]

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It’s always good to have a laugh

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Age Verification Live on Sky News

We are printing in full the post from Pandora Blake as it clearly lays out the situation that will greet all of us come April if the government bring in their aget verification law. Unlike Pandora however we do not agree with anyone, government or private company having the right  to censor the internet and […]

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British Government set to hand over Age verification to “internet pirates”



MindGeek, the biggest internet pornography company in the world has told Sky News it will not snoop on the sexual preferences of 25 million people in the UK under new age verification laws.

However, MindGeek also plans to collect a trove of information on users, including their names, addresses, date of […]

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