Classic spanking films and a rant

So many spanking web sites and so many new films every week, it seems that spanking must be one of the most popular fetishes going, maybe I’m a bit biased but it’s the one I love the best and within which I have had countless hours of fun.

I often think, how do they keep finding the lovely new ladies to make these films and how do they keep coming  up with the stories? Well I then got to looking around and realised that there are some great older films out there, some of these have over the years come to be seen as classics, not all by any means!

So what does it take to make a classic spanking film? Well I think you have to start with the people in the film, not just the lady but all those involved in it from the actors to the camera people and the producers. I think that these days most of the producers are one man bands, the equipment is now so light and portable and so easy to use that almost anyone it seems can pick up a camera from their local store in the morning and be a film producer before lunch. All well and good and not to be discouraged.

There are however others out there who have learnt their trade, know how to shoot films and how to edit them, yes I know that very few these days are properly edited and it does show but that makes those that are stand out all the more. So, all power to the new kids on the block shooting things on their smart phones, oh yes they are… But lets see more of the well shot and well produced films.

When I speak to producers they tell me the same thing, there is just no money in the business out there these days. They make a good film, investing their own money and the day after they publish it some scum bag pirates it and is selling it on an illegitimate site. The pity is that spanking fans are then paying these thieves to watch the films. Well there are scum around in every walk of life but these people hide behind a wall of secrecy, they dare not be out in the open, they are talentless and they are criminals, they don’t pay taxes and they contribute nothing. So why should the producers invest good money. It’s a powerful argument and one I certainly don’t have an answer to.

So back to the real intent of this argument, I just love to see the well produced films and so this usually means looking at the older ones when it was still possible to recoup your outlay in a reasonable time.  I have had a look around and taken examples of some I think fit the bill, not what I would call classics but good, well made films with some amazing ladies. Hope you agree.  Thanks to Strand Video for the images




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