Well, it’s been a great day working with lovely Louise, she is such a delight and laughed all the way through the filming. So much so that Mrs. Stern had to cane and paddle her harder than she otherwise would have. As I said before some girls really do enjoy the sting of the […]

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Shooting Today

The first shoot after Christmas and it will be with lovely young looking Louise. We have filmed with her previously but not for some time now and it will be great to see her again.

Louise is a very young looking spanking model so we will have to give some thought to the story […]

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Four delinquents are sent for punishment to one of the most severe disciplinarians, her brief, to hand out a cold caning to each girl.

There will be an allotted number of strokes delivered cold to their bottoms. The girls were to be covered but because of some attempted subterfuge on […]

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The end of the year

Yes, it’s the end of another year and what can we say? The world is no better this year than it was last, human behaviour, one man or woman to another seems to have gotten  worse with extremists from all ends of the spectrum running the world and the people in many cases seeming to […]

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