Unladylike Manor In Spain The latest adventure

I have mentioned before the amazing long running spanking soap THE ADVENTURES AT UNLADYLIKE MANOR,  well the latest adventure is out and it sees some of the regular crew move out to their home in the south of Spain. Spanking Sarah, Suzanne Smart, Kodders and Mr. Stern spent a happy week making three films in the heat of the Spanish sun. Lucky guys!

The series is now up to Episode 52, yes an amazing number of top quality films that have seen the participants and the story line go from rags to riches, poverty to untold wealth, religion and weird cults to the latest adventures in Spain.

The story in this series centres on Lady Suzanne and Lord Stern. They have run away together to  Sterns holiday home in the sun leaving Lady Stern at home in not very good humour as they have taken her beloved dog Mr. Noah with them. Unbeknown to them she sends Kodders the butler  out to follow them and report back to her. This he does>

Lady Stern decides to get herself out there and to rescue her dog but what she finds when she gets there is where the real action starts.

Let Lady Sarah tell it as she sees it. “Now Lord Stern has taken his lady friend Lady Suzanne to our home in Spain but she has made the mistake of taking my dog. I send Kodders after them to bring my dog home but his Lordship persuades Kodders to stay in Spain. Meanwhile Suzanne has taken my dog to the clippers and they have made such a mess of him that even Lord Stern is upset and so he sets about punishing Lady Sue.

The next adventure  sees the very naughty Lady Suzanne being taken down the garden by Lord Stern and mistreated in a way I never thought he would, not his lady friend anyway! He had purchased a whip whilst out in the local village and thought now would be a good time to try it out and on the naked body of the lovely Suzanne. A real good breast and pussy dirty whipping scene.

Lady Susan & Mr. Stern confronted by me and I am determined to take my revenge for the kidnapping of my beloved dog Mr. Noah and really sort out Lady Sue. When I am  in this sort of mood the only thing to do is submit, so Mr. Stern makes himself scarce whilst Lady Sue is dragged off the bed and bent over for a long and fierce caning on her bare bottom. I have to say, this is one of the most satisfying canings I have ever given”.

I have checked out the whole series and I have to say, it’s really rather good and great to see them out and about in the village and I particularly loved the scene of Lady Suzanne in the pool. The films are available on the Spanking Sarah web site or can be downloaded individually or as a complete series from Sarah’s clip site and her Spanking Library.

Take a look at a clip from our Clip Site

I understand that the crew will be returning to Spain next year to make some more in the series but with a rather unusual twist to the story.

Oh, I also need to mention that Sarah also dealt with her butler, she was not at all happy with his loyalty to her and his complicity in what went on behind her back. This real hard hitting film is out now on the Sarah Spanks Men

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