Well we’re into the New Year updates now and boy do we have some amazing films for you. Sarah and her crew are shooting fresh new content right through the year, looking for new spanking models and especially those who have never been spanked before.

Lots of girls have started their spanking life right over Sarah or Mr. Sterns knees! Lucky people… Yes the girls as well. It’s not easy to find new faces and also to bring back those you really like. We do in fact have some models who have been working with Mr. Stern and Sarah for over 12 years, in fact one lady has worked with him for over 20 tears. Got to be a record.

Right lets get on with some information about the latest site updates, stating with English Spankers This story features Denali, as far as we know she has not featured on any other spanking sites and indeed is quite new to spanking but she is now well into the scene. This is the story:

After her home is invaded by mad striper girl Denali, Sarah is certain that her husband is going to pay for having booked this girl to perform for him, she is also certain that Denali will pay. In her case it is to be with a real hard flogging with a leather strap. Stripped naked and bent over she gets her bare bottom welted and marked in this beating.

Next we have the update for Redstripe Films this week it features the lady who runs the site the very popular Sandy. One of our more mature ladies she is a real hard working spanking fan but she is also something of a naughty lady as this film will show. This is the story:

Don’t get the idea that it’s all work at the Redstripe Films office. Office manager Sandy does manage to fit in some play time as you will see here. Mr. Stern however did not realise that she would be pleasuring herself with her vibrator. He was happy to help her get some enjoyment on the strict understanding that this would be followed by a good hard session with his new black cane. He used it on her pussy and her tits as well as her big bare bottom.

OK well that’s it for today, more update news and some vidseo clips tomorrow but don’t forget you can see free clips on the outside of all the sites above or if you want to look at more, well over 1000 go to our store at

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