Something for nothing in the spanking world

Thanks to Best British Spanking for this post:
Well I never give up looking for something that is good, free and worth having in the spanking world, well that’s the only world I live in! At last I have found something that comes pretty close. I have reviewed Caned On Line on here previously, its a very new site featuring only caning scenes from across several sites.

It, was always quite cheap to join, well, very cheap really but now there is a way to get a free membership. If you join English Spankers or Spanking Sarah, you can if you wish claim a free membership to Caned On Line. Now I think that’s pretty amazing and the only time I have seen a genuine free offer of this type.

You can get this offer from any of the websites above or from Strand Video so I don’t know how long it will last so get along and take advantage of this very generous offer.

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Redstripe Films

So many websites with so much fantastic spanking content that to write about just one is not easy. I have however picked out one I really do like. REDSTRIPE FILMS is run by a housewife called Sandy and whilst she does not do so much filming these days she still makes sure that the site features some very different content.

Focusing mainly on the older lady and those who maybe a little “different” Sandy says that for a while the site did lose its way but she is now getting it back on track. Well I can tell you it is packed with some of the very best films around. I am particularly fond of the older lady, the mature housewife and the enthusiastic amateur spankee. She features a number of films straight from the husbands of some of the ladies and also a good selection of those with ladies who maybe only made just the one film

There are also a good number of sex and spanking films, I know that some people don’t like to mix the two, indeed unless it is an intrinsic part of the story I tend to feel a bit that way as well. I am pleased to say though that she seems to get the mix just right.

There is also a section inside the site called the Spanking Mansion. Now this I really do love, it features the more way out and inclusive side of the CP scene. With some excellent stories from Nicky Montford, Aleesha Fox and my favourite Suzanne Smart. This is one amazing lady and I would love to see a site dedicated just to her. If you have not seen any of her films then it is well worth the cost of joining just to see her in some incredible spanking action. She is typical of the sort of lady featured on this site but she goes the extra mile. Writing most of her own scripts she experiences all the nasty painful things she wants to.

Sandy manages to find those ladies who really are naughty and cheeky and I would say that the update this week features one such. Rachael is really bratty and whilst she has featured in a few films she has not been over exposed. Sandy has three of her films lined up, starting this week with her playing a naughty schoolgirl, well very naughty as you will see. She ends up with a hard spanking and I think it was well deserved. I think that just for the natural naughtiness of Rachael and the excellent spanking action you should take a look.

So, an excellent site packed with full length films and pictures at a very affordable price. Get along and take a look.


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Caned On Line

It’s always good to see a new website these days with so many having to go out of business. This one however is quite different from the usual, it is VERY niche! Yes as you will have gathered from the name it features caning films and pictures only.

Now I have it on good authority from those who make films that the ones that are the most watched are the caning films, these are the ones that are most asked for by the members of sites. So, what does this site have. For a start in the free area it has a bright, attractive, clear and easy to follow design, with pictures to represent the films and a short description to follow each. These days in common with most sites you will not find free clips on the outside of the site, this is just to keep them away from those who should not be looking, but I can tell you the quality of the films is excellent and everything you would expect. Inside the members area there are a number of different sections for films, pictures and one for bonus content. This I understand will cover films from amateurs, pictures that don’t quite fit the spec of the site and most important some extra long bonus films. These will be compilations and can run for in excess of 60 mins. I hope you have a good broadband speed as these are in very high quality.

The films are sourced from across the range of the Strand group of sites and also some that do not appear on any sites at all so a real mixed bag. The subject matter ranges from domestic punishment to secretaries, uniforms including nurses and school and some good double caning sequences. I have to say though I am very keen on the longer films, it’s great to be able to download one that has maybe six sequences on it with just the caning scenes. The cost of all this? Well more than reasonable at only around £8.00 per month.

So there, please hop along and take a look see, it’s called

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Please read the many earlier articles so that you know just what your MP is doing in YOUR name. Dis he or she ask you? Ask them, tell them you do not want this bill.

                                                                                    Almost 25,000 people have signed our petition calling on Parliament to reject censorship of legal content.

In the Digital Economy Bill, the BBFC  would be able to block adult websites that don’t verify the age of their users. No privacy safeguards are in the Bill. UK citizens risk having their sexuality and sexual interests leaked, hacked or exploited.
                                                                                                       What makes this worse is that the proposals are unlikely to work or keep children safe online.

The House of Lords is looking at the Bill at the moment and will vote on it in the next couple of weeks. The UK is a small market for adult websites. Most foreign websites won’t enforce age verification.  So the BBFC will have a power to block potentially millions of non-compliant websites.

The Government says the BBFC will only use this power to block a small number of websites – perhaps 100 of the largest sites. But blocking 100 adult sites won’t prevent under 18s from accessing adult content. There will be plenty of other sites for them to access.
                                                                                                          Help us get the message out that the UK’s children need education, not censorship, to keep them safe online.
Can you sign our petition against the censorship of legal content? Once you’ve signed it, could you share the petition with your friends too?

                                                                                                                                                           Sign the petition


Thanks to the open rights group. Please support them they are working for you

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Inside the government’s mad plan to catalogue every video on the Internet

This is taken from an article written for  The New Statesman by leading lawyer Myles Jackman

The plan is unworkable and troublingly authoritarian, says Myles Jackman

Imagine a government scheme to catalogue and classify every single video on the web.

But you don’t need to imagine: that’s the bizarre proposal being put forward by Theresa May’s government in the Digital Economy Bill, which reached committee stage in the Lords this week.

The Digital Economy Bill proposes that online video should be classified just as films are now, and by the same people – the British Board of Film Classification.

According to the BBFC’s annual report for 2015, the board classified 983 films for distribution in the UK, and 1,143 hours of online content for video-on-demand.

To put this in context, hundreds hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. The demand that the BBFC should be able to make a judgment on the vast amount of video uploaded to a vast range of sites across the world is extremely ambitious.

As David Austin of the BBFC tactfully put it in a letter to Joanna Shields, the minister for Internet Safety and Security, “the internet is constantly evolving and inevitably any initiative in this area needs to be multi-faceted and flexible.” Well quite.

How could this possibly work? Classification can’t simply be left to an algorithm, so we’re left with the prospect of a huge recruitment drive for people to sit around all day and decide what is and isn’t acceptable, as suggested by Open Rights Group New Government Jobs spoof adverts.

But let’s give the government the benefit of the doubt and suppose that this plan has been fully, scalably costed, and thousands of people across the country will be paid to watch and classify millions of hours of video and decide who’s allowed to watch it.

The next step is placing age verification on sites.

The bill states “A person must not make pornographic material available on the internet on a  commercial basis to persons in the United Kingdom except in a way that  secures that, at any given time, the material is not normally accessible by  persons under the age of 18.”

“Commercial basis” here includes free-to-access sites, and “pornographic material” is a phrase that covers a multitude of sins, from R18 content (of the type not to be supplied “other than in a licensed sex shop”) to video of which it is “reasonable to assume from its nature that it was produced solely or principally for the purposes of sexual arousal.”

There is no indication of how age verification will work. A basic option would be through credit cards but this would expose Internet users to greater risk of credit card fraud – nor would it take much for a young person to ‘borrow’ an adult’s card for the purpose of identification. Other proposals could mean that porn sites are creating databases of what sites are viewed by whom – essentially surveillance, with the potential added risk of accidental public disclosure.

Given the trail of leaks of personal data in the last few years, such as the Ashley Madison hack, is anyone comfortable with the idea of a record of every risque but legal site they have visited?

Given these hacks, you would think that the Bill would at least require that Internet users privacy is protected but there are no obligations to do this.

How can the British government impose age verification on the porn industry, especially as the majority of porn sites are based outside the UK? This was not adequately thought about in the first draft of the Bill but since an amendment has been added to give the BBFC the power to tell Internet Service providers to block sites that don’t comply.

So the BBFC could be in charge of a censorship regime overseeing the blocking of thousands of websites, whose content is perfectly legal, without a court order. Once this is in place to censor porn sites, how else could it be used?

New Statesman

If you are concerned about you loss of freedom keep informed, take a look here 

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Blog roundup

It has been a tough start to the year.  I really am not made for the Winter and I am in desperate need of some Sun.  Unfortunately, circumstances will not allow me to go back over to Spain until March and it seems such a long time away.   Despite ill health I have been busy shooting more content for our great sites and have some fantastic girls and guys lined up for your viewing pleasure for the next few months.  Some brand spanking new faces and some of your favourites have made a return.   I am particularly proud of our latest series on Spanking Sarah.  St Justs is a school with a difference.  I am educating the parents one spank at a time to try and ensure that their children behave.  If you haven’t already, go take a look.    If you don’t like to buy a site membership then please remember that all our films and some special compilations are available at Clips4Sale or Spanking Library.

We shot with a new model called Ambrosia on Saturday.  Ambrosia had never been spanked before but was keen to give it a try.  We loved filming with her and you will see a lot more of this lovely lady on our sites over the next few months.  She makes her debut at English Spankers this week.  Mr. Stern is a well-known disciplinarian and as well as punishing naughty housewives at the request of husbands it is not unknown for ladies to come to see Mr. Stern to take their very first steps into the spanking world. This is what happened in this story, Ambrosia had come to see Mr. Stern, she wanted to experience her first spanking but she did not know that Kodders was pretending to be Mr. Stern. He told her some story and soon she was over his knee getting her very first taste of a spanking from this impersonator. She did get spanked hard but justice would certainly come.

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New Government Jobs

More on the campaign to stop the government implementing the digital economy bill, that iniquitous piece of legislation designed to close down the porn industry and to stop you as adults looking at perfectly legal content on the internet. As usual in cases in cases like this their chosen agents are the backward thinking BBFC and so thanks to the Open Rights Group for the information below.

We have launched a spoof recruitment campaign to highlight absurd proposals in the Digital Economy Bill, which will give the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) the power to classify and censor websites, just like they do for films.

The BBFC will decide if porn sites are checking and monitoring the age of their users. If they’re not, the BBFC can tell ISPs to block sites – even though their content is legal. The only problem is that the Internet is massive so the BBFC can’t be expected to do it all by themselves. So we’re running spoof adverts for Internet Censors, who can help the BBFC classify all of the adult content on the web.

The campaign launch coincides with the start of the committee stage for the Digital Economy in the House of Lords this week. Please share the campaign and sign our petition.

Please help us by linking to this news site, if possible place our button on your own web site, if you place it we will always link back to you. If you care about your freedom please help. Remember, they will start by banning porn but then what come next?

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Blog Roundup

We previously posted some caning updates and some great pictures but did neglect to feature any men being caned, well so as not to be accused of discrimination we would like to make redress and publish this from Kodders blog  It’s pretty strong stuff but I understand that Sarah has no problem finding men who want to be dealt with in this way and, well why not? She has a fascinating site here and it’s packed with very good, well thought out sequences and with some lucky guys who obviously adore her. Thanks must go to Kodders who runs a good, informative blog and keeps it well updated. Please send me details of your blog and I will review it here.


Welcome back James to Sarah Spanks Men. Well it’s been a while, over a year in fact since James was last at the site and what better way to welcome him back in Sarah Stern style especially after Sarah checked and realised James has never received a cold caning on camera, which has given Sarah the perfect opportunity to deliver a severe cold caning on the bare bottom which will be a first for James. Next to chocolate this is one of Sarah’s most favourite things ever.

Sarah has chosen a cane which is fast becoming one on her more favoured heavier thuddy implements. it’s a Reformatory Kooboo Rattan 83cms in length and 12 mm in width with a straight handle. It’s a wonderful choice for this first time cold caning as demonstrated beautifully by Sarah as she begins to deliver the hardest strokes to James’s naked bottom. He really is feeling these strokes.

After ten strokes or so James’s bottom is turning a lovely shade of red. Sarah delivers the next three strokes in succession which makes James catch his breath, Sarah has a little chuckle to herself.

Sarah describes how wonderful caning is and how much enjoyment she gets from delivering a caning because we the subbies enjoy it so much too. I (Kodders) am in total agreement. I adore the cane and I adore the challenge of a cold caning and being caned by Sarah is one of the most amazing, challenging, fulfilling experiences. If you haven’t tried it, but you’ve thought about it, you must do it as soon as possible so you too can feel this utter satisfaction of total submission for everybody’s pleasure.

Went off on a slight tangent there, let’s get back to this wonderful scene.  Sarah continues her wonderful cane strokes towards the end of the scene there are more flurries of three, four and five strokes in very quick succession.

For the record as Sarah was curious as to how many strokes, not counting the lesser cane taps about half way through the films, Sarah delivered a total of 80 of the hardest and most wonderful cane strokes during this awesome cold caning scene. Hats off to both James and Sarah, a wonderful cold caning, and thank you both for a truly remarkable and enjoyable punishment film, and Sarah, you look absolutely amazing in your beautiful black lingerie, no wonder you have such a long line of willing male bottoms waiting to go over your spanking bench.


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Blog roundup 2

I do love to see a good hard caning film, it has to have a good story as well but the important thing is that both parties are well into what they are doing. There are many types of canes and they are all different, the real aficionado will know all about dragons and such like but for me I just like to see it used to effect and to see the response of the recipients. I have taken a couple of good examples here from English Spankers.

The first features a girl I really do like who takes a real punishment JESS


Jess is from the Sexy Cleaning Company but so far she has not done much cleaning and she has not been very sexy. After a chat with her our good housewife decides that she still wants to get her monies worth from this young lady. She is well into spanking and the cleaning company girls are supposed to like being spanked but will she like the selection of canes. Well she bends over and gets her bare bottom caned, see what you think, did she enjoy it.

There is always something a bit special about watching the first caning sessions for a new girl. The one I want to show you is from Lilly, a rather mature lady who has made her only films for English Spankers, Take a look at the pictures and see what you think.


Lilly is a mature lady making her first spanking videos for us. In this film she is about to get her very first caning. She is supposed to be a sexy kissagram girl but she gets to the job she should be doing to reveal her bottom covered in bright red spank marks. She had previously been sent by her husband to see Mr Stern for discipline and had neglected to tell the agency that she was well marked. Only one thing to do, more discipline but this time it is a severe caning as she is bent over. Hard and boy this time she does have some marks.

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Blog Roundup

OK so no more nasty news at the moment we therefore have the time to report on the latest blog updates. It does seem to me that there are fewer blogs around and we have asked blog owners to email us and we will feature their blogs, but so far not a very good response, we had hoped for better but there you go.

Lets take a look at The Chiefs Spanking Blog, he always has some interesting things happening, not too sure about those pained faces though. I did like this update but there again I love anything with the amazing Amelia Jane Rutherford in it.

Cheerleader Spankings – The Dramatic Brat
Starring Amelia Jane Rutherford & Joelle Barros

Assistant coach, Joelle Barros, calls in new girl, Amelia for a private meeting during practice. Joelle has a few issues with the new British girl’s terrible attitude. Amelia has been wearing her game uniform instead of the plain practice one everyone else uses. It unsettles the other girls as she knows this causes friction in the squad. Joelle also knows she is dealing with such an annoying brat so insists that she take a good old fashioned spanking. Amelia complains and grumbles rather too loudly so she is further humiliated with her cheer panties pulled down getting spanked over coach’s lap. Earlier, Amelia had been brushing her hair whilst talking to Joelle, something which the coach had noticed and it had irritated her so decides to take the punishment s a stage further. She pushes this annoying dramatic brat further over her lap so Amelia is uncomfortably face down, ass up… getting her bare bottom whacked harder! Joelle only finishes the punishment when she is ready and ignores the continual whining from the new, embarrassed British cheerleader. This ordeal only ends when Amelia accepts her poor attitude and behaviour is wrong and that she will be a more valued member of the squad! 

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Some facts about banning porn

What do you think of our politicians.

UK’s EX Prime Minister David Cameron said he was going to block all online pornography, have a look at him on the BBC News   This means that every household in Britain connected to the internet will be obliged to declare whether they want to maintain access to online pornography.

Digging deeper into the subject you find out three things: firstly, how much of the UK’s web traffic is affected by the ‘corroding influence’ of pornography; secondly, see how the UK compares to other countries when it comes to adult content; and finally, understand what’s the demand for online pornography in the UK.

Porn Traffic is Bigger than all Social Networks Combined

An analysis was done of the UK’s web traffic in June 2013 and looked at by category, finding that an astonishing 8.50% of the UK’s web traffic in June 2013 took place in adult sites. To put this in context, traffic across all social networks combined accounted for 7.30% of the UK’s web traffic in June and Shopping for 6.06%.

So porn is big on the web

Only two categories surpass porn in terms of traffic volume – Search Engines and Arts & Entertainment (thanks to YouTube) which accounted for 15.65% and 9.59% of the UK’s web traffic in June.

UK porn consumption above worldwide average, but Germans take the crown

The Worldwide average share of adult traffic is 7.65%, nearly a point below UK (8.50%). Interestingly, Ireland also consumes less adult content than the UK and it’s slightly below the global average with 7.45% share of adult traffic. Stereotypes are bad but Germans take the crown when it comes to porn consumption – 12.47% of their traffic takes place on adult sites

 Searching For Porn

The fact is that most of the time people don’t just stumble upon adult content. When analysing Google UK’s outgoing traffic over the past 3 months, we see that 8.19% of searches led to Adult websites. What’s more,  the Top 20 sites receiving traffic from Google UK (list below) and 5 out this Top 20 sites are adult. is the biggest winner of Google traffic and even made it to the Top 10. Over 1% of Google UK’s outgoing traffic ended up in Pornhub – that is a lot of traffic! AND IT’s A PIRATE SITE given prominence by Google.

Food For Thought

Porn is a big part of the internet. Not just in the UK but around the globe. Filtering porn sites is not an easy job yet it ultimately comes down to what people search for and what they want to see. The quick and easy access to pornography is indeed a phenomenon that the internet accelerated, but we live in a multi-device society and when there’s a will there’s a way. When people started setting up Wi-Fi networks in their homes, neighbors often “borrowed” their internet connection – soon, the favorite neighbor on the block might be the one that ‘opts in’.

Thanks to @MrBuchuk on Twitter Get good news from him.


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Sign the petition


If you value your freedom of expression and the freedom of the internet then you should seriously look at what the British government has planed for you. They are going to stop you looking at your favourite adult web sites unless you pass to them some of your most sensitive details and information and we know just how much we can trust the government to keep a secret. Please take the time to sign this petition and get all your friends to sign it as well.

So far it has a pitiful amount of signatures, is this really a measure of how concerned the kink community and the vanilla community is about the total loss of freedom. Your freedom of choice must be worth the small effort it takes to sign and to pass on this information via Facebook and twitter.

The Digital Economy Bill has passed its third reading in the Commons. It includes measures to force Internet Service Providers to block pornographic websites which don’t verify the age of users via intrusive means, and to censor legal content depicting sexual acts classified “non-conventional”.


This amounts to intrusive and dangerous State censorship of legal content online.

While the Government may claim that the aim is solely to protect children from viewing adult content, the reality is that these measures are unnecessary – when ISPs already provide optional filters for such content, bring severe privacy risks, and establish the precedent and framework to allow the Government to censor legal online content of which it simply does not approve.

These measures must be rejected so please follow this link and sign now.


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Attending the shoot

Yesterday I was privileged to get a look at a shoot for a new series to run on Spanking Sarah web site. “This”  said Sarah, “is a rehash of a series we used to do based on St. Justs Academy for girls, we have now brought it up to date and it will be an academy for girls and boys.

As we are no longer able to punish the pupils, something to do with political correctness we have decided to punish the parents of the children who then can instil into their young monsters the ethos of good behaviour and the value of hard work, application and the need to study”.

Well the shoot was very interesting and the star for the day was the amazing Amelia Jane Rutherford, this is one stunning lady and it was a privilege to get to meet her on the set and I am able to reproduce just a few still here today and I am hoping that the series will be a success for Sarah.

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Don’t think it cant happen in your country Backstage Censored

WASHINGTON, Jan. 10, 2017 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — As the direct result of unconstitutional government censorship, has removed its Adult content section from the highly popular classified website, effective immediately. For years, the legal system protecting freedom of speech prevailed, but new government tactics, including pressuring credit card companies to cease doing business with Backpage, have left the company with no other choice but to remove the content in the United States.

As federal appeals court Judge Richard Posner has described, the goal is either to “suffocate” Backpage out of existence or use the awesome powers of the government to force Backpage to follow in the footsteps of Craigslist and abandon its Adult advertising section. Judge Posner described such tactics as “a formula for permitting unauthorized, unregulated, foolproof, lawless government coercion.”

“It’s a sad day for America’s children victimized by prostitution,” said Dr. Lois Lee, Founder and President, Children of the Night, a leading national hotline and shelter program for victims of sex trafficking based in Los Angeles. “ was a critical investigative tool depended on by America’s vice detectives and agents in the field to locate and recover missing children and to arrest and successfully prosecute the pimps who prostitute children.” She added, “The ability to search for and track potentially exploited children on a website and have the website bend over backwards to help and cooperate with police the way Backpage did was totally unique. It not only made law enforcement’s job easier, it made them much more effective at rescuing kids and convicting pimps.” was created thirteen years ago by Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, through their newspaper company, New Times Media, to compete with Craigslist, the nation’s largest online classified ad platform. ­Larkin and Lacey were pioneers in independent journalism, establishing Village Voice Media in 1970 to provide alternative news coverage of the Vietnam war and later served as editor and publisher of twenty weekly newspapers.  

As The Center for Democracy and Technology and the Electronic Frontier Foundation have observed, the Senate subcommittee has engaged in an “invasive, burdensome inquiry into’s editorial practices [that] creates an intense chilling effect, not only for Backpage but for any website operator seeking to define their own editorial viewpoint and moderation procedures for the third-party content they host.”

This will not end the fight for online freedom of speech. will continue to pursue its efforts in court to vindicate its First Amendment rights and those of other online platforms for third party expression.

To learn more, visit


The government has unconstitutionally censored this content. What happened? Find out
Use your social media to support #FREESPEECH #BACKPAGE
Donate to Children of the Night, an organization dedicated to rescuing children from prostitution.
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What’s new on the sites

If you want us to mention your site just get in touch, we will be pleased to do so.

Starting this week with English Spankers. Here’s what they say. “Louise does not make a very good maid but I suppose that is why I like her. It means that she is always doing something wrong and so I get the excuse to punish her. I have given her a taste of my lovely leather paddle but now more serious measures are called for. She is to be caned, her very first caning I think. Will I hold back and take it easy on her bottom? No she will get caned and caned hard.” I like the film, the caning is not over hard but it is very effective and Louise was crying like a baby before the end of the caning. She is a great looking girl, nice figure, well spoken and I understand she is a life and fashion model. Works for me.

Next a look at Spanking Sarah, although she does appear on other Strand Media sites I just love the way she hands out the punishments. She must be one of the best disciplinarians around and always seems to keep the dialogue on the films flowing a long. This film features Leo & Heather, I am not too sure of their relationship. Both young and good looking and I am getting to think that Leo has a bit of a sub side to him. Anyway, here is what Sarah has to say. “Leo & Heather have a strange relationship but when it comes to porn they both seem to like it a lot. I am going to try to cure Heathers addiction to the hard stuff with a hard caning. She is a beautiful young girl and I dont want her going astray so she gets a telling off and then she has to bend over for some good hard strokes from my cane whilst Leo looks on”. 

Don’t forget, and I know we do keep plugging this but wherever possible put a link or RSS feed to Spanking News, there are bad things happening in the UK with a repressive right wing government who are trying to make access to all spanking sites illegal or impossible and not only that they are trying to take away your privacy and make your private details available to outside parties. All the sites we feature here are based outside the UK and will NEVER divulge any information about you or your internet usage. We will shortly be publishing an article which explains just how your information is used and disseminated by people like Facebook, Twitter Instagram and others.


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