The New Year

Once again it’s time to say goodbye and then hello and then make of it what we will. What sort of year has it been, in general? Even the most optimistic amongst us would have to say it’s been a pretty shitty year. Here in Europe we have the crisis of the UK wanting, no, daring to want to take back its Sovereignty and make its own laws, this means according to most that the collapse of the Queens realm is imminent. France and Italy look to be electing extreme right wing bigots into government, America has just elected a Donald Trump to the Presidency, may your god help you,  and from Russia we have a war monger ruling the rest of the world and dictating the terms. So the world will carry on as usual and we the little people will become ever less relevant to it all.

Poverty is rife through out the western world, we the most advanced countries can’t feed or home our poor, we can’t look after our sick and we are not educating our kids to do the jobs that need doing, and we don’t have the will to change this, we are too apathetic and it’s not really our business anyway. Why have we become so complacent, what has happened to the peoples of the western world, will we really standby and watch while the other side of the world is ravaged by war, dictated to by greed and the unquenchable desire for power of a few. The sad answer is yes we will, we will because we are OK, we have a job, we have some money in our pockets, we have our kids…

OH yes our kids, our kids are pretty lucky, for the average teenager the ability to put a smart phone in front of their faces and spend their days talking nonsense to others like them is all they want and all they need, they do not know how to engage in any social discourse, how to relate face to face with others so they will be well equipped when it’s their turn to start doing the politicking and the diplomacy . Syria, starvation, deprivation, not for them. Do they even know what is happening? Some do and some are doing things about it but they will come up against the same walls and we do not encourage too much dissent, too much free thinking, so don’t break these walls down.

There are other kids though, these are the ones who are being bourn into a world we created, where they grow up knowing nothing but war and hate and poverty both of mind and spirit. These kids are going to grow up but what then? What will their out look on life be, will they be thankful to us for our inability to end what is happening in their homeland, will they thank us for passing by on the other side.  We have Palestine where a whole people are being systematically squeezed into the sea and America agrees with this illegal activity, we have the UK where MPs on Britain’s  are divided over plans that would recommend suspending UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia over alleged breaches of international law in Yemen. Why are the UK government supplying these head chopping butchers with arms? Money of course, what else would it be, they dress it up and say no, it’s because of the intelligence we get from them, so we condone torture as well.

That’s just a small look at where we are going to be in the New Year and I for one do not see it getting any better, the cause and the effect are the same. I start the year with profound sadness because I know it wont change. America had half a chance with Obama but the right wing fanatics neutered any good this man could have done and beat him down, the UK has a man called Jeremy Corbyn who has vision and has a deep commitment to socialist principles but he has been beaten down by his own people and the rest of Europe is holding its breath waiting for the collapse of their currency.

I can only wish us all a Happy New Year and hope that I am entirely wrong and that nothing written above is true.

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How to avoid the UK’s new online surveillance powers


Although the UK government has lost it’s case in the EU court please don’t think it will simply give up and go away, that’s not what they do when they seek to control and there are always ways around most court rulings. Our government employs experts to look at ways they can get to you, at you and inside your head, the easiest way these days is just to follow you on line. We all know the dangers of things like Face Book, what you say or display in picture there will be around in one form or another and will, as the younger members of our society find out in years to come, come back to haunt them. If you must display your life on line for all and sundry to see then you are asking for all the problems you will get. Better to be wise, we did before the internet get around with out recording our every activity and sharing it with total strangers, why do we feel the need to do it now? I am just posing the questions, I’m not interested in the answers as those who live by social media will surly die by it.

Just writing blogs like this leaves one open to trolls and other agencies to keep an eye on what you do and what you think so unless you are able to live with this and not really care about the fact of being hacked or followed then continue with your open life style.

For those who take their privacy seriously then we reprint, in part a very good article from The Verge. Read it and digest it as it may come in useful to you one day. Take particular note of the section referring to FREE services. They are NEVER FREE, they all take something from you, usually information, this goes for Google, Amazon, Ebay, PayPal and all the rest. Every time you search for something or buy something online it adds to an over all picture of you. So, don’t be paranoid, be careful but also be sure, someone is watching.


The UK is about to pass into law sweeping surveillance legislation that will force ISPs and mobile operators to keep a complete record of every citizen’s browsing history for up to a year. This information will be accessible without a warrant to intelligence services, the police, and a number of other government agencies — including, bizarrely, the likes of the Gambling Commission and the Food Standards Agency.

While much of the legislation is concerned with how the government can track down serious criminals like terrorists and child abusers, it’s the wholesale collection of every citizen’s web activity that has a lot of people worried. After all, there’s very little oversight about how the information is accessed, and it’s private companies that have to store the data, there is a good chance it will get stolen by hackers at some point. (If this sounds too pessimistic, remember that in the last year alone, there have been two major attacks in the UK stealing customer data from the ISP TalkTalk and the mobile operator Three.)

So, if you’re a UK citizen who doesn’t want their browser history to end up in a government vault, how do you protect yourself?


This is really the simplest advice for anyone looking to use the internet with a little more privacy. A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a service that passes your internet traffic through different servers around the world. Not all VPNs are created equal, though, and companies differ on whether or not they encrypt that traffic, or whether they keep logs of users’ activity. (This doesn’t mean recording browser history, per se, but can include basic information like “computer with IP address X used our VPN network for Y hours on Z day.”)

You’ll have to pay for a VPN to get a good one

Ed Johnson-Williams, a member of the UK’s Open Rights Group, and someone who briefs journalists and NGOs on how to avoid surveillance for a living, says that if you want quality, you should expect to pay for your VPN. In the UK this could cost between £25 and £40 a year. “That is an investment that you just have to make if you want to take privacy seriously,” says Johnson-Williams. There are free VPNs available, but he advises against them. “A free VPN company will itself probably be analyzing what sites you’re looking at, or inserting its own advertising into your webpages to make money,” he says.

The website TorrentFreak publishes a yearly survey of VPNs, and asks them questions about what information they store on their customers, where they store it, and how they deal with government requests for data. As the survey shows, most paid-for VPNs don’t keep logs and don’t hand over data, but at the bottom of the page you can find a list of companies you’ll probably want to stay away from. Some popular paid services include NordVPN, AirVPN, and Private Internet Access.


Although the police are not going to be picking up your phone conversations, or the content of your chats in Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp (not without hacking your phone anyway, and they’ll need a warrant for that), you might want to start using a more secure messaging app all the same. Experts agree that the best pick is Signal, which not only offers secure one-to-one conversations, but also group chat, and voice calling. You can download for iOS here or for Android here.

The advice in this article certainly won’t protect anyone against determined government surveillance. If the security services of the UK — or any other nation for that matter — want to hack your phone or your computer, there’s really very little you can do to stop them. But, if you simply object on principle to the idea of being watched online constantly, you might want to follow some of these steps all the same. It’s up to you.

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Is spanking fun? Well that obviously depends on   (1 Did you want it   (2Did you deserve it   (3 Do you like it   (4 Did you have a choice   (5 Is it your chosen way to spend a Saturday evening. Well they are just a few reasons why it may or may not be fun for you. As a giver of spankings I always find it fun, if it’s being given as a punishment, well that’s great, if it’s part of a sexy kinky evening, well that’s great and if I get called in to spank bottoms on peoples films well…Yes you get the idea. That’s great as well.

These days we need to have something to make us smile, to inject a little fun into the spanking world so I started looking around and discovered Spankart a rather clever concept executed by a nifty photoshop jockey and all round good egg called Kodders. This guy is getting quite a name for himself in the spanking business, he’s inventive, funny and knows that a good laugh is the best medicine when you’re feeling a little low, he also appears in a number of films on Sarah Spanks Men.

I thought that you might like to see some of his work, not all is terribly politically correct so if you get offended, too bad. Those of us who are in the spanking scene will recognize some of the situations and people and I just hope you can enjoy them in the spirit Kodders created them.

Oh, and have a very happy Christmas from us all at Spanking News. Please try to publicize our News Blog, take our RSS FEED as there is a more serious side to what we are trying to do. We do take comments on the blog so if you wish please leave them.

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News From the Courts

Many thanks to The Open Rights Group for this information and for their work helping to keep our data private. You can follow them here This is once again just highlighting just how the UK is governed and how the citizenry are being manipulated and controlled. Just remember, the UK  has more experience in repression and suppression than almost any other country and they know how to go about it without telling the electorate.

The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has ruled that the mass retention of our online communications data should not be allowed. The Court ruled that:

  • Blanket data retention is not permissible – it should be restricted.
  • Only data belonging to people who are suspected of serious crimes can be accessed.
  • The police and other organisations must get independent authorisation if they want to access this data.
  • You should be notified if your data is accessed.

The UK’s surveillance laws go against all of these rulings.

ORG played a part in this when we intervened in a case about the Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Act (DRIPA) brought by the MPs Tom Watson and David Davis. We argued that blanket data retention was incompatible with EU law and today the CJEU agreed.

Although DRIPA expires at the end of 2016, the ruling will affect the Investigatory Powers Act (IPA).

When MPs come back in January, we’re going to tell them they need to change the IPA. If not, we’ll see the Government back in court.

We could not have done this without our supporters. Please help us to undertake future legal actions by joining ORG or upgrading your membership today.

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Pandora Blake is one of the most articulate and vocal campaigners against the DEBill {Digital Economy} and against internet censorship. Please take time to look at this short film made by those involved in the spanking industry. Help defend all our liberties and our fight for sexual freedom. Please take our RSS feed for this site and publicize this site wherever you can, we will endeavor to keep you informed about the changes and the creeping censorship that will affect us all.
Do not think that just because you don’t live in the UK this does not affect you, it most certainly does. All websites depend on being seen by as many people as possible, one of the largest markets for spanking porn is the UK.

If your American or French or German based websites can’t be seen in the UK they will lose a large market share, this will severely curtail their ability to continue in business. None of these sites make a great deal of money, producing films is expensive and time consuming. So, add this to the fact that if the British government are able to get away with this scheme, which will make our internet the most heavily censored outside North Korea, your country could be next. Support Pandora
In the wake of the AVMS regulations 2014, porn performers, kinksters, erotic writers and spanking enthusiasts from the UK and US talk to Pandora Blake about the implications of the new laws, how it affects them, and why porn censorship is something we should all care about.

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More on Age verification or the loss of your rights

By Jim Killock

The government intends to require pornographic websites to verify the age of their customers, in order to exclude under 18s from accessing inappropriate material. Setting aside for a moment whether this is the right approach or even achievable, the consequences are potentially disastrous.

Around half of UK adults access pornography, including a large proportion of women. This bill therefore places perhaps 25 million UK adults at risk of data leaks and fraud.

Age verification (AV) is not an easy task. In this case, it needs to be accurate, private, secure, trustworthy, easy and very cheap. Up until now, sites have employed either an ‘honesty box’ approach (‘proceed only if you are over 18’) or taken a card payment to imply age. Neither are robust. In the case of pornography, card details are not an appropriate means to verify age. Encouraging people to use them in this way creates a potential gold mine for fraudsters.
So behind the scenes, the government encouraged industry to find their own ‘solutions’ to the problem. In parallel, the industry wrote UK guidelines for age verification systems, known as PAS 1296 at the BSI. How official sounding. It must be good.

Unfortunately, industry efforts so far appear woeful. At an event a few weeks ago, the various providers touted their solutions. One involved scraping Facebook profiles to guess your age; which is as horrific as it sounds (and as Admiral Insurance found out, against Facebook’s T&Cs).

Others leveraged credit cards. This would not only open up the possibility of fraudulent imitations, it would also cause chaos for the payment industry, who look for small, token payments as a sign that criminals are ‘testing’ the validity of stolen card details.

Another tried to use people’s mobile phone numbers to work out if they were over 18. This would be discriminatory against people who use unregistered pay-as-you-go phones, for instance. A further likely approach would be for IT companies to attempt to register users, perhaps alongside credit card details. This could help them track users across the pornographic internet. Others were complicated, or deployed security measures that worried our security experts.

Given that the solutions for the age verification system seem to be at best embryonic, you’d hope that the digital economy bill would regulate the privacy aspects tightly, in order that issues such as porn tracking, massive databases, fraud and cybersecurity would be minimised. There is none of it. Not once is privacy mentioned. AV systems aren’t mentioned, either.

Instead, the bill hopes to empower the regulator to specify what qualified as a website that verifies age. It is a recipe for chaos and confusion.

It isn’t as if the UK government doesn’t know how to do age verification either. It has experience in creating Verify, which does exactly this while keeping user data separate from government services. Why isn’t the government advocating using Verify, you might ask? Cost is the most likely reason.

Aside from all the risks the government is taking with UK adults’ privacy and security, the obvious question is whether AV technologies can be forced on foreign websites. Here, the bill’s strategy was to create a legal duty for card and advertising companies to cut off UK payments to non-compliant sites.

Many sites wouldn’t care of course, as they are too small, or the UK market is not significant to them. This will be a commercial decision for them, and at the long tail of pornographic websites, implementing UK age verification will simply never happen.

That leaves the embarrassing likelihood that even if major pornographers adopt AV technology, teenagers will merely have to click through another page or so of results to get to material that is not blocked. This does not seem like the result that was intended.

Thus Conservative MPs – led by Claire Perry and backed by Labour – have forced the government to propose website blocking as part of the armoury for the regulator. Here, the regulator will be able to block sites that don’t implement AV.

This of course creates a paradox that perfectly legal material is being restricted for adults as well as under 18s. While that may not worry MPs, it is bound to impact sexual minorities. Advocates claim that this is not censorship. We can argue about whether the state’s aim is to restrict the availability of pornography to adults, but it certainly will be the effect.

As the Guardian pointed out on Wednesday, once a regulator has the ability to decide what compliance looks like, the BBFC will inevitably want to specify whether websites are conforming with their view of UK law. Non-compliant websites won’t qualify and will be open to sanctions including blocking.

As we know, the BBFC and UK legal views of what is acceptable pornography is rather narrower than that of most US publishers. It remains to be seen if it is practical for them to curate their massive back catalogues in such a way as they restrict material for a UK audience.
For UK readers, the question you should ask is whether you want the government investing in this infrastructure of control, and where they might apply this approach next. In our experience, once MPs have a taste for censorship, they develop an unpleasant and anti-social addiction.

Jim Killock, is executive director of the Open Rights Group.

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A strange new spanking paddle

At English Spankers Kiki Vee makes a welcome return.   When Mr. Stern is let down by a spanking model Kiki Vee steps in at short notice. The thing is, he wants to try out his new spanking paddle made from bullet proof plastic, Kiki is not quite prepared for the amount of pain this will inflict but makes a good start as she goes over his knee for a warm up spanking. She then bends over so Mr. Stern can get a good swing in with the paddle at her bare bottom

Kiki Vee gets the bullet paddle at English Spankers

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Satine Spark

At Spanking Sarah we give Satine Spark a warm welcome back.  I love shooting with Satine and I don’t think she ever looks any older.  Hopefully we will continue shooting with her for many years to come.  Satine Spark is one of my favorite lady friends but in this film she takes things into her own hands, yes she is giving herself a really hard spanking. She is very good at this and manages to get into some very naughty and revealing positions as she whacks her bottom with a pretty pink leather paddle. She whacks herself so hard she leaves her bottom bruised. What will happen next.

Super self spanking at SpankingSarah

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IT Would Be Nice….

It would be so nice to be able to end the year with some positive thoughts, some bright star on the horizon, some hope for the coming year but, this post is a little like the one I made at this time last year. This blog has not been too active during the year, other things seem to get in the way and when there are so many problems one does not like to keep highlighting them. I do pledge however that for as long as we are able we will keep posting and helping in the fight against our reactionary and seriously nasty politicians.

As far as our industry and our fetish and for many of us our way of life is going, my last post should be read and taken seriously. The proposed legislation is taking us back to the day of Lady Chatterley, yes I am old enough to remember the outrage that was caused by this crass decision and now we are sleep walking into control of the masses by the minority. We are letting this happen, we are doing nothing about this.

Maybe we have not realised it but the proposals outlined in the Digital Economy Bill will effect every producer of content of an adult nature no matter where in the world they may be. The UK is proposing to block EVERY website containing adult material. So, look at this, I know that lots of girls and indeed couples earn a living from the website adultwork many of our favourite ladies in the spanking world advertise on sites such as Spanking Personals and ITC well these sites will be banned, they will not be visible to anyone in the UK. Sites which give instant downloads of movies like Clips4Sale and The Spanking Library Will not be visible in the UK, they will have to go behind an age verification wall and you should read the article below to understand what this entails.

Take some time to reflect on this.


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Endangered – Your freedom to view on the internet


Are you aware that your freedom to view what so ever you chose on the internet is being curtailed by the British Government?
Are you aware what your Members of Parliament are doing in your name and this is not limited to the right wing Tory government but is backed also by the Labour party?
The Investigatory Powers Bill is on track to becoming UK law after being approved by the House of Lords, despite facing strong opposition. What does this mean for you:

To prove you’re over 18, you’ll have to type in sensitive personal details such as your legal name, credit card details, date of birth, address or phone number. That data will be visible not to us, but to whatever age verification system we use. Private companies will be involved they are free to operate unregulated, and without having to safeguard the security and privacy of your personal data. It will force internet service providers (ISPs) to store people’s web history data (known as Internet Connection Records, a list of websites you visit, but not the individual webpages you click on) for up to a year. Spy agencies will also be granted the power to collect bulk personal datasets, including information of people not suspected of any criminal activity. They will also be permitted to undertake large scale hacking operations, though they must first obtain a warrant from the secretary of state.

Web users in the UK will be banned from accessing websites portraying a range of non-conventional sexual acts, under a little discussed clause to a government bill currently going through parliament.

The proposal, part of the digital economy bill, would force internet service providers to block sites hosting content that would not be certified for commercial DVD sale by the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC).


“Many of the sexual activities prohibited from R18 [the BBFC’s most explicit certification] are normalised and accepted aspects of healthy sexuality, and are proudly celebrated by the feminist, queer and ethical porn movements internationally,”


It is contained within provisions of the bill designed to enforce strict age verification checks to stop children accessing adult websites. After pressure from MPs, the culture secretary, Karen Bradley, announced on Saturday that the government would amend the bill to include powers to block non-compliant websites. In order to comply with the censorship rules, many mainstream adult websites would have to render whole sections inaccessible to UK audiences. That is despite the acts shown being legal for consenting over-16s to perform and for adults in almost all other liberal countries to film, distribute and watch.

Free speech campaigners labelled the move a “prurient” invasion into people’s sexual lives. “It should not be the business of government to regulate what kinds of consensual adult sex can be viewed by adults,” said Jodie Ginsberg, chief executive of Index on Censorship.

Pictures and videos that show spanking, whipping or caning that leaves marks, and sex acts involving urination, female ejaculation or menstruation as well as sex in public are likely to be caught by the ban – in effect turning back the clock on Britain’s censorship regime to the pre-internet era.


“There has been no discussion of the censorship provisions of the digital economy bill by MPs during its committee stage, where debate has largely focused on age verification rules. But sources within the adult industry seemed aware.”


The scale of the restrictions only became apparent after the BBFC, which has since 1984 been empowered to classify videos for commercial hire or sale, agreed to become the online age verification regulator last month. A spokeswoman for the BBFC said it would also check whether sites host “pornographic content that we would refuse to classify”.

“In making this assessment, we will apply the standards that we apply to pornography that is distributed offline,” she said. “If a website fails on either of these [age verification or obscene content] tests then a notification of non-compliance will be sent to the site.”

There is no definitive list of sexual acts proscribed by the BBFC, but many adult film producers who have worked with the regulator have been forced to cut scenes, said Jerry Barnett, a free speech campaigner and author of Porn Panic!, which details the rise of a new pro-censorship movement in the UK.

“Although it is nominally designed to enforce the [Obscene Publications Act] guidelines of the Crown Prosecution Service, in practice it draws far tighter lines, many of them inexplicable. The ban on female ejaculation is a particularly strange example,” he said.

The censorship regime has led to bizarre understandings between the producers and regulators, Barnett said. One is the “four-finger rule”, which limits the number of digits that can be inserted into an orifice for sexual stimulation.

This whole act is going to make the UK the most heavily censored country outside North Korea and put us on an equal footing to tin pot dictatorships which find arbitrary reasons to stop its citizens viewing the internet of their choice. Please sign and share the petition against the censorship of legal adult content. You can find out more information from the open rights group We take this infringement on our human rights very seriously, so should you. The passing of this legislation opens the door to wholesale blocking of websites the government do not approve of, not only this, they are infringing upon your freedom to please yourself what you see or hear.

To summaries: Parliament has voted to create a new national censor, that can block websites without a court order. The government wants it to censor adult websites that don’t offer “age verification”—and censor “non-conventional” content on those sites that do

Send your response

The Digital Economy Bill now has powers to force Internet Service Providers to block erotica and pornography websites that don’t verify the age of their users. It can also tell those sites what kind of material is acceptable—it says it will censor “non-conventional pornography”.

This equates to censorship of legal content – potentially affecting tens of thousands of websites and millions of people.

The policy is meant to enforce the use of “age verification” technology. Most websites won’t add these checks, or will choose to use simple but bad methods.

Age verification could itself lead to widespread credit card fraud, if publishers ask people to share their card details just to access random websites. Collection of porn browsing information would create risks of Ashley Maddison style data leaks. There no privacy safeguards in the Bill.

Once censorship is in place, politicians will think of plenty more things they can ban. We have heard discussions around this bill asking why more material is not being censored to make the Internet safe for families.

Blocking websites is a disproportionate, technical response to a complex, social issue. The UK’s children need education, not censorship, to keep them safe.

“Campaigners label bill targeted at online pornography a ‘prurient’ intervention that will take Britain’s censorship regime back to pre-internet era”.

Thanks to:

The Guardian
Pandora Blake
Open Rights Group

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Handy Spanking, Behind the scenes & 3D VR

A daring newish site, well new to me but it has loads of good films and its very cheap to join. That’s got that bit out of the way but what’s it all about? Well it seems to feature two distinct things, hand held camera shoots and behind the scenes at spanking shoots. There are loads of hand held sequences taken from a number of different web sites, all in top quality and most in the MP4 HD format. Some of the films I have seen before on sites I am a member of but others are new to me, there are also a few of the behind the scenes variety.

I am always a bit sceptical with behind the scenes films, but I need not have worried. They are made during the actual filming sessions and apart from being quite funny in parts they also give a bit of an insight into the difficulty of shooting spanking films. On some films the cameras appear to have been mounted at the rear of the shooting area so they do capture all the shoot, on others the editor has taken segments from films, the bits that usually don’t get used and put them together into really interesting clips. So, I like the site and it does have loads of good films, no messing nothing fancy and it’s very cheap to join so take a look at handy spank cam.

The other quick mention is for Spanking Sarah who once again is doing something different, she has in her members area some FREE 3D VR versions of some of her films. Only a few at the moment but she says she is experimenting with them. I have some VR glasses so I was able to download and watch the films and they are very good quality and as I say they are free to her members.

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Censorship in the UK a supposedly free country

The government’s proposal for age verification to access pornography is running out of control. MPs have worked out that attempts to verify adult’s ages won’t stop children from accessing other pornographic websites: so their proposed answer is to start censoring these websites.

That’s right: in order to make age verification technologies “work”, some MPs want to block completely legal content from access by every UK citizen. It would have a massive impact on the free expression of adults across the UK. The impact for sexual minorities would be particularly severe.

This only serves to illustrate the problems with the AV proposal. Age verification was always likely to be accompanied by calls to block “non-compliant” overseas websites, and also to be extended to more and more categories of “unsuitable” material.

We have to draw a line. Child protection is very important, but let’s try to place this policy in some context:

  • 70% of UK households have no children

  • Take up of ISP filters is around 10-30% depending on ISP, so roughly in line with expectations and already restricting content in the majority of households with children (other measures may be restricting access in other cases).

  • Most adults access pornography, including a large proportion of women.

  • Less that 3% of children aged 9-12 are believed to have accessed inappropriate material

  • Pornography can and will be circulated by young people by email, portable media and private messaging systems

  • The most effective protective measures are likely to be to help young people understand and regulate their own behaviour through education, which the government refuses to make compulsory

MPs have to ask whether infringing on the right of the entire UK population to receive and impart legal material is a proportionate and effective response to the challenges they wish to address.

Censorship is an extreme response, that should be reserved for the very worst, most harmful kinds of unlawful material: it impacts not just the publisher, but the reader. Yet this is supposed to be a punishment targeted at the publishers, in order to persuade the sites to “comply”.

If website blocking was to be rolled out to enforce AV compliance, then the regulator would be forced to consider whether to block a handful of websites, and fail to “resolve” the accessibility of pornography, or else to try to censor thousands of websites, with the attendant administrative burden and increasing likelihood of errors.

You may ask: how likely is this to become law? Right now, Labour seem to be considering this approach as quite reasonable. If Labour did support these motions in a vote, together with a number of Conservative rebels, this amendment could easily be added to the Bill.

Another area where the Digital Economy Bill is running out of control is the measures to target services who “help” pornography publishers. The Bill tries to give duties to “ancillary services” such as card payment providers or advertising networks, to stop the services from making money from UK customers. However, the term is vague. They are defined as someone who:

provide[s], in the course of a business, services which enable or facilitate the making available of pornographic material or prohibited material on the internet by the [publisher]

Ancillary services could include website hosts, search engines, DNS services, web designers, hosted script libraries, furniture suppliers … this needs restriction just for the sake of some basic legal certainty.

Further problems are arising for services including Twitter, who operate on the assumption that adults can use them to circulate whatever they like, including pornography. It is unclear if or when they might be caught by the provisions. They are also potentially “ancillary providers” who could be forced to stop “supplying” their service to pornographers to UK customers. They might therefore be forced to block adult content accounts to UK adults, with or without age verification.

The underlying problem starts with the strategy to control access to widely used and legal content through legislative measures. This is not a sane way to proceed. It has and will lead to further calls for control and censorship as the first steps fail. More calls to “fix” the holes proceed, and the UK ends up on a ratchet of increasing control. Nothing quite works, so more fixes are needed. The measures get increasingly disproportionate.

Website blocking needs to be opposed, and kept out of the Bill.

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A look around at some spank sites

Well it’s been quite a week, loads of good new spanking content out there but I have as usual just picked on a few sites and taken pictures and text from them. For all these sites you can download direct from the web sites or you can go to This clips site where you will be able to not only download the full films but also get a look at some great free clips. I always think it helps if you can look at a clip first but I do understand why more web site owners are stopping clips on their sites. Anyway lets take a look.

Sarah Spanks Men

Part one of the film:This is a long story, Lola Marie tried to do my builders out of some money, she offered sex instead but it all went wrong and they ended up beating her and spanking her. I caught them at it and then I caned Lola. In this story you get to see the revenge I let Lola extract from these two builders who had taken advantage of this poor innocent girl. I let her use two different paddles on their bottoms till I felt they were sorry for their actions. Part two of the film:.Lola has given both Mike & George a very effective paddling but I am not satisfied. I can’t have men taking advantage of any of my girlfriends, not even if the silly girl was to blame. I will only be happy when these two builders have been really punished and that’s something I will take on myself. I select two canes, one thin and whippy the other thick and thuddy and I soon have Mike whimpering like a girl.

English Spankers

When Sarah employs a maid she expects her to work hard for her money, not to daydream and spend time talking on her phone to various boyfriends and what makes it worse she is moaning about her! In this household punishment comes swift and very severe as Jasmin finds out. Her long skirt and frilly panties are soon set aside, her bottom is spanked over tights before these are ripped apart and her bare bottom gets a hard paddling with a thin leather punishment instrument. This magnificent bottom turns red and Jasmin is one sorry girl. (I love this film, it has one of my favourite spankees Jasmine Lau and she really is good playing opposite Sarah)

Redstripe Films

Mr Loverage is not a patient man at the best of times and when his new secretary is persistently late he knows her needs to set about a program of retraining. This starts with a good hard over the knee spanking. Her tight skirt is raised and her panties removed so that she may feel every swat of his big hard hand, and she does. He leaves red marks that will be with her for days and a very sorry secretary. This is a real classic spanking film from a well selected list of films that should be in every ones collection.


This is a long story, Lola Marie tried to do my builders out of some money, she offered sex instead but it all went wrong and they ended up beating her and spanking her. I caught them at it and then I caned Lola. In this story you get to see the revenge I let Lola extract from these two builders who had taken advantage of this poor innocent girl. I let her use two different paddles on their bottoms till I felt they were sorry for their actions.

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Well it goes to show that if you have the courage and commitment and the knowledge that what you are doing is the right thing you can overcome all obstacles. I do not think there were many people in the spanking and fetish scene who thought that Pandora Blake would open the box, shake out the worms and then be able to crush them. She did, she took on the establishment and won and this was not just a victory for her but for freedom of thought and action for adults everywhere in the UK. She showed that if you have the conviction that what you are doing is right you have to fight, she did and we congratulate her.

Pandora Blake, award-winning activist and feminist pornographer, has won her appeal to Ofcom against ATVOD and can reinstate her site Dreams of Spanking, which was banned under the AVMS guidelines in August 2015, triggering widespread anger among free speech advocates as well as porn fans.

The controversial Audiovisual Media Services Regulations came into effect in December 2014, banning consensual sex acts from online porn including facesitting, female ejaculation, and spanking that leaves marks. Pandora Blake took part in the ‘facesitting protest’ outside Westminster, and also spoke on Newsnight and Women’s Hour challenging the sexist and regressive nature of the regulations. She believes that speaking out made her a target for censorship.

ATVOD – the Association for TV on Demand – were tasked with regulating online porn in 2010. While porn critics often focus on the ‘mainstream’ industry, ATVOD made a point of targeting independent niche and fetish porn producers, including a disproportionate number of female filmmakers. In January 2016, Ofcom shut down the quango amid rumours that it was acting beyond its remit.

Pandora Blake said, “The point of Dreams of Spanking was to make ethical porn based on my own fantasies. I’m not ashamed of being kinky and there’s no harm in adults sharing consensual BDSM films. The AVMS regulations effectively criminalised my sexuality. I was singled out because I criticised the new laws. ATVOD tried to shut me up, but they failed.”

“Now I’ve won my appeal I feel vindicated. It proves that it’s worth standing up to bullies. The war against intrusive and oppressive state censorship isn’t over, but this decision is a landmark victory for feminist porn, diversity and freedom of expression.”


  1. Dreams of Spanking has been offline since August 27 2015, but will be reinstated very soon – the team is hard at work behind the scenes to get billing set up and the full site back online. Meanwhile you can browse Dreams of Spanking films on Clips4Sale.
  2. Press can contact Pandora Blake for comment on and 07762 599 557
  3. Details of the AVMS regulations were published by Myles Jackman in 2014.
  4. Pandora Blake’s interview with Ann Atkins on Newsnight can be viewed here  (Pandora also wrote a blogpost about the debate)
  5. Pandora Blake’s appearance on Woman’s Hour discussing “Can porn empower women?” at the Woman of the World festival is discussed in more detail here and here.
  6. Details of ATVOD’s investigation into Dreams of Spanking
  7. Ofcom’s announcement that ATVOD is being folded
  8. ATVOD’s website has been taken offline, but Determinations including Pandora’s can still be viewed via the Internet Archive.
  9. Pandora Blake’s December 2015 statement about the censorship of her website.
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Some news of new films

Life gets in the way of my Blog sometimes, so much to do and there never seems to be time. I thought this week as I had not even had time to look around the spanking websites I would take a look at a couple of blogs and see what they have to say. I started with Spanking England as it looks attractive and has loads of new content reviewed. I have more or less taken their posts and reproduced them her for you.

It was lovely to see Satine Spark again recently. She made her first ever spanking film with us about six years ago and she comes back at least once a year to make some more. People can change a lot in that amount of years but I can honestly say that Satine looks as great now as she did then. Take a look at the latest films where she gets her bottom spanked and paddled by Mr Stern.

After the disastrous start to our Spankers cook book film I ask Satine to make a fruit cake. It is in fact a very nice fruit cake and when Satine invites me and the photographer to share it with her we are pleased to do so. We did not know that Mr Stern had need of it for his video and when he comes to shoot the film there is not a lot left of the cake. He is not happy and decides that a good paddling should be the reward for this rather thoughtless and naughty young lady. She has to touch her toes as he applies the paddle to her pert bare bottom. SpankingSarah

Nigel returns to SarahSpanksMen this week to receive a cold caning. Nigel has been to see me before but he is back and this time he is more honest with me abou this needs. He wants to be cold caned. Now this is extremely unpleasant and very painful but that is what he wants, I agree to cane him. We pick a selection of canes, from very thin to quite heavy and I give him just what he asked for as he bends over my caning bench

At English Spankers April May is back. April made her spanking debut with us some time ago and despite never being spanked before, she took to it like a duck to water! April has been sent by her boyfriend to see disciplinarian Mr Stern. She will not openly admit why she has been sent thus but the story does emerge after a while. She has been cheating on him and he wants to see her suitably punished. Once she owns up to this she is placed over the knee and spanked on top of her denim shorts before these are removed and her bare bottom gets the expert attention it demands. English Spankers


Last but by no means least at RedStripe Films Ashleigh knows she will get further punishment for her bad behaviour and her almost criminal activities. She is not mistaken and the pyjamas she is wearing offer her little or no protection against the hard paddling she is going to get. Her bottom is pushed high into the air and this deserved paddling commences. RedStripe Films

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