The end of her spanking journey

All good things must come to an end and so it goes with the film appearances of our lovely lady spankees. I was privileged at the week end to be invited to witness the last films being made featuring Allison, one of the more popular mature housewife spanking models.

During the filming she was interviewed about her life in the business and about the films she has made over the years. Now this is a lady who is not really into spanking, indeed she started her life in the business making sex films and progressed to higher things from there. She says she really does not enjoy being spanked at all but she knows that she needs the feel of a hard hand on her bottom from time to time.

Asked about her likes, she did say she quite liked to be over the knee of a strong guy, held tight and have her panties removed for a spanking. It was just that she did not like the spanking. So why keep doing it? Well, the after spanking feeling was quite nice and she did confess to having reached a climax on more than one occasion whilst being spanked so, well maybe that’s reason enough.

The shoot was fascinating, shot on a GoPro of all cameras with just natural light in the lovely room used for the filming, the was done to give the least intrusive effect, little editing as there is only one camera position and a very natural look to the film. More like watching a wife being disciplined by her husband in the privacy of their own home.

The films will be out on Redstripe Films in the New Year but till then I do have the few stills taken from the shoot for you to enjoy.

Thanks Allison for all the years and all the happiness you have given so many people, me included.

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