I hate people who rip off other people’s web sites or intellectual copyright but sometimes it just has to be done. Below I have repeated the latest E-Mail from  The Open Rights Group. If you do not already subscribe I suggest you get your hand in your pocket and pay the miserable pittance it costs to help protect your rights.

The information contained below may shock some of you, try putting the names of some of your favourite websites into the Blocked search and see what your ISP is up to. The tell them NOT IN MY NAME NO!

Reprited with thanks to OPR

ORG’s censorship detection tool Blocked is rolling out a major upgrade, making it better than ever at documenting the damage done by inaccurate ISP filters. You’ll be shocked to see just how many ordinary websites are affected, it’s ridiculous!


Test the new Blocked!

Often switched on by default, these blunt filters harm countless businesses and damage free speech online. Local pub websites, LGBT support resources and counselling services are among the innocent pages caught in automated dragnets meant to block illegal content like child porn and extremist propaganda.

By reporting sites on Blocked you’ll help ORG gather evidence of thousands of wrongful blocks and raise awareness of this quiet disaster. We’ve added improved searching capabilities and made it easy to complain directly to ISP’s to hold them accountable. We count on user feedback to refine this tool, so if you notice any bugs or have suggestions for improvements please raise a ticket on our feedback page.

Blocked is made possible because ORG activists run probes on ISP networks throughout the UK and Europe. The more we have running the better, so we are always looking for people to help by running their own probes. We’ll send you the equipment and the set up is easy.


Test the new Blocked!

It is important to protect citizens and minors from Illegal or obscene content, but filters that throw out the good with the bad are not the answer. Help ORG document and expose wrongful censorship by reporting sites on Blocked!

Pretty shocking dont you think! What this means, is, well it’s only porn so it’s not serious, take another look, it’s not only porn though it’s serious enough if that’s all it was, no, what it will mean is that anytime the government see something they don’t like they can get your ISP to block it, so, once again, tell them NOT IN MY NAME NO!

Next year the government are planning to block, with the help of your ISP all websites they have decided they or their agents don’t like. Are you going to put up with that? Think about where it starts and where it ends, do you really want state sponsored censorship. I don’t.


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