It’s not about spanking

The one thing we should all be aware of when it comes to looking at the planed age verification legislation is that it has absolutely nothing to do with keeping our children safe from harm. There is no proof that harm comes from accessing pornography, kids have done it since it became available on cave walls and will continue to find it and explore it no matter what.

This is all about appeasing, distraction, and control. Appeasing the extreme elements in all governments, don’t think this is just a Tory thing, all governments have the same agenda and appeasing the ultra-orthodoxy of the vocal religious and social commentators. It helps to distract from other more serious problems the country is facing, if they wished to tackle the extreme they could start with extreme poverty, if they wish to protect children they could make sure they have food in them when they go to school, that they and their families don’t have to visit food banks, that as well as attending school they don’t have to provide care for sick parents because the state will not. They could protect them by giving them good quality social housing instead of having families living in tents and industrial units. But no, it’s better and cheaper to distract the public with unwanted and unasked for legislation against a legal industry.

Control is maybe the most sinister and the most insidious of all because it happens slowly and quietly in the background. One more little law but it establishes a very important point for any government, it means that once in place they have the perfect base from which to exert their control over any internet content they don’t like. They do it once they will do it again. So don’t think it’s about a few spanking or sexy web sites, it’s not, it’s much more insidious and important than that.

What can you do to help combat the threats that face us, the most  important thing is to be aware of them so please join the Open Rights Group

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