A day on the film set

Oh the joys of being a spanking blogger, you get all sorts of invites and once again Sarah Stern invited me to a shoot and I was delighted to find the delectable Susanne Smart was working with Sarah, Mr. Stern, Katie Didit & Kodders.

As usual I had an amazing day and it amazes me just how much work goes into the making of the spanking films featured on Sarahs Site. It’s a long day, they started at around 10.00 and did not get through till around 16.00 with just the occasional stops for café and sandwiches.

They were filming another series of Unladylike Manor and the only disappointment that I had was that Sarah did not feature in any of the films but the lovely Susanne and Katie Didit were a great compensation. As usual in this series, Katie plays the housekeeper and Susanne the luckless maid. The first scene was to be a spanking scene and it was not long before Susanne found herself over Mr. Sterns capable knees. He spanked her first of all over her tight black knickers, good, full sized ones, not those silly little ones we see so much of these days. The knickers came down and I was looking full onto the beautiful bare bottom of Susanne the maid, her uniform skirt framing her perfectly. Now this lady can take a good hard spanking and I can tell you this is just what she got. This continued till she was bright red and I do have to say, she did not seem too eager to get off the comfortable knees she was laying across, I rather think she was finding the whole thing quite enjoyable.

Next a complete scene change as Mr. Stern Initiates Susanne into his latest mad idea, a sect formed to save fallen ladies. Well, someone has to pick them up I guess and Stern seems the ideal guy. There is of course an initiation process to be gone through and he uses Susanne to work out just what that should be.

I am not able to give away to much  here but as you will see from the pictures it does involve, a bizarre costume or two, some leather paddles, a martinet and a nasty cane. I found it utterly amazing how Susanne, who I am sure wont mind me saying is not the youngest model in the business, gets so much obvious enjoyment from the filming and the extreme amounts of pain she takes and at the same time is able to remember and to improvise all the dialog to keep the thing moving along at a great pace.

During one of the breaks she told me the reason she does the films is that she loves being able to get away from reality for a day and go into another world where as well as the hard work she also gets a certain satisfaction from the mechanics of making the films, the pain which she enjoys and the knowledge that here will be  a very good few films at the end of it all.

The films will now go for editing and post production and will be available on Sarah’s site early next year I believe. If you have not seen any of the previous episodes they are on the site so I do urge you to take a look at them and catch up with the story.

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