Ambrosia a painful day

I once again had the good fortune to be invited to witness a day’s shooting with the amazing Spanking Sarah. I would welcome invites from other producers, I do give you good publicity! so please contact me and give me some dates.

This was a great day and a very quick shoot with a lovely young lady called Ambrosia. She seemed quite nervous but over a cup of tea she began to relax and she told me this was her second shoot with Sarah and Mr. Stern. She reckoned that Sarah had by far and away the stronger arm, I was invited to try it out but declined, I had to sit for a long drive home.

It was planned to shoot four films and Sarah said she could get that done in about half a day. The setup was very professional, very modern lighting, small and powerful and a two camera set up. The camera man and director Remington Steel said that they no longer used the broadcast cameras they used to as the new smaller ones were easier to set up and move around the quite small location. Assistant camera man Kodders seemed to be a bit of a sound expert and set up an amazing array of recording devices, he wanted he said to get the very best  sound, every swish and thwack as he said.

The shoot had a central theme about a girl who sets out to work in a brothel but finds that she is not quite up to what her first customer requires from her.  The customer calls Miss Stern, the madam into the room and makes a complaint and well I’m sure you can guess what happens. Yes the poor girl gets a good dose of the paddle and although I was at the other end of the room I am sure I could feel the wind from the paddle strokes.

Not satisfied with that Sarah gets out a rather nasty looking cane and pointed to a very workmanlike spanking bench ordered poor Ambrosia over it. The young lady then had to take a real good hard caning. Boy, it was hard and it was accurate. It did look to me as though Ambrosia was in tears so I had a chat with her as soon as I could. I thought she would need time to recover but no, she was bubbling away and said she just loved it and although the cane was not her favorite she was more than happy with her session under it.

Sarah and the rest of the crew seemed happy with the whole shoot, it had taken around three and a half hours and they had made four films. Hard work, fast work but a real fun day. Everyone was easy going and knew what they had to do and I took a quick look back at some of the footage and I think it will be a  great little film.

I have some stills taken from the film itself below so enjoy. I think the film should be out on the 14th of the month over at Spanking Sarah

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