The mature spankee. Scarlet

I spent the week end visiting Remington Steel the spanking producer and we got to talking about all the different ladies he has filmed over a very long career and a very long interest in all things spanking. I wanted to get a perspective on the merits of various of the models for an article I am writing for Spanking News.

I must admit, I did not get quite all the answers I was seeking and I did not get all my questions answered in just the way I thought I would. I suppose my silliest question was to ask him who his favorite spankee was! “Well”, he said, “where do you want to  start and what do you mean by favorite. Do you mean the lady I most liked, the ones I could fall in love with, the ones who could take the hardest, the best actress the most popular with my clients and members, the one I got the most enjoyment from filming or the one I got the most enjoyment from spanking”. I stopped him there as I had come to the realization that it was a pretty daft question.

We decided that it would of course be impossible for after making over 3000 spanking films with the very best spanking ladies in the country he certainly would not be able to pick out one and almost certainly would not remember all of them. He did say however that contrary to what I would have thought he did have a preferred age group. The more mature ladies he thought were definitely his favorite.

Asked to give me some names he said that as it was coming up to Christmas he would send me a present or two in the form of pictures of some of the outstanding mature ladies.

Here today is the first of those ladies her name is Scarlet, these pictures are taken from the Spanking Sarah web site and from English-Spankers where she appeared in a number of films as both a spankee and a disciplinarian. And very good at that roll she was. Scarlet did also do a number of sex scenes to go with some of the films and they can be seen on the web site.

Most memorable for her amazing long legs and her love off all things sexy and spanking related. “She was” says Stern, “a real lady and a real pleasure to work with, I wish we had more films with her as they have always been very popular. She was one of the main starts in the Dothegirls Hall series”. So enjoy the pictures and a short video sample take a look at some of the films starring Scarlet.


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