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Copied from ITC Forum. Take a look at the conversation on the forum.

“One of the very useful things everyone can do at the moment is to try to influence the way this legislation is enacted. If it does go into force then it will make the UK the only country outside the well known repressive states, to control by law what it’s peoples can look at on the internet. The consequences of this are frightening and go way beyond the searching out of pornography.

Once the state has established the fact that it can, without any primary legislation get away with closing down parts of the internet it will use it to silence dissent or the publication of anything not to their liking. Write to your MP, tell them you are not happy with this. Join this is serious and the fact of the matter is that not many people outside the kink business know what is happening to them, so tell your friends!

If you have a web site in this country you are worried about, placing it off shore will not make it safe from this legislation if they chose to get at the sites through the ISP’s. It does however give that extra bit of piece of mind.

I think that a lot of site owners worldwide, the USA for example, have not realized that this blocking will include their sites as well. I have spoken to some of them and they think it applies only to the UK. Not so, any site that meets their criterion will be eligible to be blocked. I know from the stats of our sites and those of others I am knowledgeable about that the main customers for such sites are in the UK and the USA.

One of the frightening aspects of all this is that they are talking about handing control of all this to the BBFC. This is a private limited company with a profit not a safeguarding ethos. They in turn are looking at outsourcing to the worlds largest pirates, criminals. Do you want to give any of your details to people like this?

Nothing has happened yet, I am pretty sure when things do happen their will be legal challenges. This will be a time for everyone who has an interest in freedom to contribute to a fight.

I am not heartened by this prospect. I know that if I put out a spanking related tweet @realspanknews  I get loads of re-tweets. If I put out something serious like this or if I ask for contributions to so that we may share information the response is practically nonexistent. It’s complacency that can cost us dearly. There are lots of very erudite people contributing to this forum, reach out to other medium and get your voices across”.

Lets have your comments, send them to us we will publish them, show that you care. You have a voice here so use it.

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