Shooting Today

The first shoot after Christmas and it will be with lovely young looking Louise. We have filmed with her previously but not for some time now and it will be great to see her again.

Louise is a very young looking spanking model so we will have to give some thought to the story line! Out comes the note book…

Fortunately enough she is a young lady who also loves to be spanked, that is not always the case, whilst all of the girls we shoot are more than up for the spankings and caning it does not mean they all enjoy it and want it.

So, it’s always nice to work with a lady who loves it. We work hard, as I ‘m sure does every spanking film producer to put our models at ease, plenty of time, no rush chocolates always on hand and of course cups of tea and cafe. The camera man today is Remington Steel and Kodders will be handling the sound. Mr. Stern may show his face once he knows we have Louise coming back as I happen to know he did rather like her first visit.

Right, some pictures from our first shoot below and I will post some from today later. The films will be on Redstripe Films web site quite soon.

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