It’s all in the costume

no Twitter with current idA new series has started on Spanking Sarah, the home of Unladylike Manor a major spanking soap and of course The House Of Correction. The series is entitled  Breaking The Habit and it is of course based on the adventures of a serious minded Nun who is trying to save the fallen ladies of this world.

The part of Sister Sarah is admirably played by Sarah Stern who, if memory serves me also played a sexy Nun in earlier adventures of the Unladylike Manor series. In this new series however she is serious about her work and much more demure in her dress code.

The first two stories are coming out right now and feature a couple of rather lovely new ladies to the spanking scene. I particularly love the first episode featuring Kayleth, she is such a great foil for a serious Sarah with her quirky behaviour and quick answers.

In this film she gets a rather severe telling off and is told in no uncertain terms that she needs to mend her ways. She comes along in response to Sister Sarah’s search for fallen women, she having just discovered the amount of lewd and disgusting things available on the internet. After the lecturing comes the penance and this consists of Kayleth getting a real hard beating with a wooden backed hairbrush.

The camera does pick up, and how could it not, the tears rolling down the cheeks of the lovely Kayleth as the spanking progresses.

I loved the film, its fun, it’s different and the action is excellent. You can see it now on Spanking Sarah, or you can download it from Sarah’s download site here.

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