A new departure for one of our Top spanking sites Northern Spanking

It’s always good to be able to start the year with news of interesting developments in the British spanking scene and this new year looks like it is going to be a good one for our great British spanking sites. I have taken the report below from Best British Spanking where you can go to to see some pictures.

They say; I have news that two sites will be taking things further than ever before with great new and innovative films and filming. The first of these I can exclusively announce today is a new look to Northern Spanking

I have to admit that I have not yet had a chance to visit the site and view the film but as soon as I have there will be a fuller report. From the information supplied by the ever helpful team over at Northern I can say the following:“Two women. Unsuspecting. Unknowing. About to be thrown head-first into a world of hell. 2013. Northern Spanking Gets Evil.”What we did was,taking a story written by Stephen Lewis,asked two girls who we knew trusted us completely,Jadie Reece &Sascha Harvey if they would take part in a filmed scene,without knowing anything whatsoever about what was to happen to them! Yes,really! Having checked hard limits of course!

What followed was completely unscripted and even the camera operators knew nothing about what was going to happen,which made shooting it interesting! Jadie and Sascha remained in-role throughout a long and very painful afternoon,even when the cameras weren’t running (again,they never knew when they were). It would be easier to list what wasn’t done to them than what was in a really wicked kidnap,punishment and exploitation game played by Stephen and Lucy 

Says Best British Spanking, “Now one other reason I really want to get a look at this film is to see the lovely Sascha Harvey,one of my all time favourite spanking models and we see too little of her these days so,welcome back Sascha. Get along to Northern and support them in their efforts to up the spanking game,you know,it’s the innovation and the clear thinking and the understanding of the subject that makes our top sites the very best in the world”  We at Spanking News second all of that.

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