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It must be the new year that’s doing it but we have another revamp of a top site to tell you about. We do welcome information from anyone on the progress or any changes to their sites just send us the details and a small article and we will reprint for you.


The New Year is certainly bringing in the changes and the latest to be notified to me comes from the good ladies at Redstripe. This site has been up and running very successfully now for around three years and has always concentrated on those ladies not normally seen on the more conventional spanking sites. Larger ladies,the more mature  and those who love to combine their sex with spanking. well they obviously thought it was time for an up  date and to move forwards and widen the scope of their site.

So what has happened? Quite a lot is the answer,they have sent me a free members pass,yes I know I am a cheapskate and anyone who wants to do the same is quite welcome to,but lets look at the changes. Starting outside the site the whole look is changing,away from the stark black and red to a much more friendly grey and a much nicer looking art work,still not the most modern,if you want flashes and whistles and bangs you won’t get it here but you do get an easy to navigate site. Click on the first page pictures which show the latest update and you go into the free area of the site where you can access the free clips,there are around 26 as of my latest count plus there are the update details of well over 100 of their latest films.  Then you see the most exciting changes,the affiliation with their new range of films under the Spanking Manor brand name. This is what they say about the films ”Our well loved Redstripe Films featuring the more mature and different ladies will still be there with more sex and spanking action planed for this year and now running alongside these films will be our Spanking Mansion specials. These will,we are sure show you a natural progressive side to the spanking and CP scene,filmed in different styles to reflect the story line and as with our first series actually written by the lady herself”.

”You may find some of these films will go to the extreme of what you like to see,some may want to take things further well if that’s what you want we can. These films will all have more than one episode and your response could help us shape the next in line. We want your feedback so please let us know what you think and what you want to see”. They go on, ”The films are designed to be edgier,harder and for the most part written by the ladies who will feature in them. Our first series of films feature the thoughts and the desires of Suzanne Smart. Suzanne has made a number of films for other web sites and volunteered to be the first star of our new genre of films. The story revolves around a period of infidelity in her life,her husband has found out and now she is awaiting the punishment she knows will surly come,what she did not expect were the consequences of that very first punishment session and where fate would lead her”.

I have been into the totally revamped members area and can report that the picture sets are now larger and the Spanking Mansion films and pictures are filed separately from the traditional Redstripe. I have watched the first film and had a sneak preview of the second and I have to say I am most impressed. Everything about this film is right. Suzanne Smart is just the most believable of ladies and the discipline is hard and done without any mercy being shown to the poor girl and the story looks as though it is going to go down a very interesting path. I have said it before but it’s worth saying it again,if you are going to attempt to make a soap or a semi feature film then you have to know how to shoot and also how to edit it,this has happened here,everything about it is just right. Best British Spanking.

I think that this range of films will just add to the excellent range produced by Remington Steel for the Strand Group,this guy has been making spanking films for over 30 years so he should by now know what he is about so please,do yourself a favour,get along and take a look,not only at the new range from The Spanking Mansion but the more traditional Redstripe Films.

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