The cost of Piracy

The article below is reprinted withg thanks to Spanking England

I remember a TV advert which had the slogan ‘It is good to share’and must confess,sometimes it is.  However,it certainly isn’t if  you have joined a spanking website.  Your membership is for you and only you –when you join all websites set this out in their terms and conditions.  You could say in the contract and if you breach this,then you could find yourself in hot water.  Now,let us set the record straight.  It is true that their are some prolific pirates out there that we do not catch,do you know why?  They are involved in organised crime.  They join our sites with stolen credit cards and they download our films via proxy servers. We have all got much better at identifying these but occasionally one manages to get into our sites and before we know it,our whole site is replicated on a pirate board.  The IP addresses are usually in Russia or other far flung countries where copyright rules are not recognised.

But if you are a Spank Fan who has joined and decided to share our content then you are headed for trouble as Darren East of Brighton can attest.  Now,I am well within my rights to publish his full name and address online but I won’t.   He was a member of the  Spanking Sarah Site and they can prove that he has re uploaded their films to a file locker company.  Whether this has been done for financial gain I cannot say. Darren East has now had his membership to Spanking Sarah cancelled and his credit card has been reported and blocked by all billing agents.   He has been emailed and asked to remove content from the pirate board.  If he fails to do so,then action will be taken.

I expect some of you will class this as ‘petty’or ‘vindictive’  Spanking Website producers are rolling in money right?  Think again.  Most of them have separate jobs as well as their sites. The days when there was plenty of money to be made are long gone.  Every single membership matters and if they allow  films to be shared in this way the websites will simply not survive.  Everyone has to take as many steps as possible to protect their content and if that means chasing people in the small claims court then so be it.  I should imagine Darren East would prefer to just take the pirated films down rather than face his neighbours and work colleagues knowing that not only does he watch spanking porn but that he illegally shares it as well!

I know a lot of the British Spanking website producers and they are all in exactly the same boat.  None of them are rich. They do what they do because wthey have a genuine love of spanking and corporal punishment but  can’t produce content for free.  There are costs involved which need to be covered.  Equipment,Studios,model fees and server costs are just the tip of the iceberg.  The big pirates could not care less if another spanking film was never ever made –they don’t care what genre they rip off.  But if you are a genuine spank fan and you share you are destroying the source of your enjoyment.   You do not have to be a rocket scientist to work out that if the producers do not make any money, they cannot carry on.

I understand that times are hard,for everybody.   However tempting it maybe,please keep your membership to any site to yourself and do not share.

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5 comments to The cost of Piracy

  • admin

    gucettis, there are now such systems and we understand that pirates have been caught and are facing action.

    Lacy Sutton Well so many points, so little thought given to your reply. It is not spanking producers who are causing problems on the internet, it is people who misuse it.

    Mickey Mouse there is plenty of proof that the organised pirates are using their illegal business for credit card fraud and as part of money laundering. Billing agents report on the amount of fraud and track it back so it is not our idea, it is a fact of life.

    Yes we always do approve comments unless they are insulting or just plain nasty, if you want your voice to be heard then don’t write idiot things

  • Lacey Sutton

    I knew you wouldn’t approve it, coward.

  • Mickey Mouse

    Are you people serious??? Files are uploaded to forums FOR FREE, and you think these people are involved in organised crime?? Where is the profit? Why would anyone involved in crime do anything that did not profit them? How can you possibly expect to gain any respect or be taken seriously when you advance an argument so shaky that it’s not even a paper tiger or a house of cards, it’s a feather in a hurricane, with about as much chance of standing up even for a microsecond.

    Do some research, don’t just throw out wild, unfounded and completely baseless accusations that are not supported by any sort of logic at all. You’re completely pathetic, trying to convince people of something you know is not true, and could never be.

  • Lacey Sutton

    It’s funny how you talk about how bad it is the share spanking videos but then you own run somewhat of a legal prostitute chain where girls are hired for sexual service.

    The part I find extremely stupid about your horribly written article is when you implied that darren should hide out so that his neighbors don’t know that he watches spanking porn or shares it while you are producing it.

    You guys are just a sad example of total greed in the world. You talk about there being no money in spanking videos but yet there is so many and most models charge between $350/hour to $600. Are the models curing cancer? flying planes?

    How many paid memberships does the spanking sarah site have?
    I bet you won’t realize that proof because you are lying greedy idiots.

    I came online in 1994 and there were NO MEMBERSHIP SITES. What right do you have to lock out the internet and start charging everyone and helping to turn the internet into one giant store. You want to talk about rights to protect. You are part of the chain that STOLE the freedom of the internet.

    And just as cowardly as you are, I’m willing to bet you will remove this post to hide a fair amount of valid points.

  • gucettis

    It seems to me that the only solution would be to personalize each downloaded video with a hidden code that allows the sites to identify the culprit. This should not be too difficult to implement, and I wonder why it hasn’t. True, it would be a headache for DVDs and CDs, but for digital downloads it would be a cinch, if only the main video formats allowed it.

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