A fair comment but nothing to do with spanking

I hope the good people over at Spanking England wont mind me lifting this bit from one of their recent blog posts. As it says, not a lot to do with spanking but maybe quite a lot to do with free speach and expression.

Quote ”

When Margaret Thatcher came into power I was seven […]

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The cost of Piracy

The article below is reprinted withg thanks to Spanking England

I remember a TV advert which had the slogan ‘It is good to share’and must confess,sometimes it is. However,it certainly isn’t if you have joined a spanking website. Your membership is for you and only you –when you join all websites set this out in […]

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Spanking England A new review site? Is it like the rest

It seems that there are spanking review sites springing up all around the place, all telling us what in their opinion is the best spanking site for us to spend our hard earned $s & £s on, well I for one don’t mind that at all. If someone is willing to go out there and […]

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