A fair comment but nothing to do with spanking

I hope the good people over at Spanking England wont mind me lifting this bit from one of their recent blog posts. As it says, not a lot to do with spanking but maybe quite a lot to do with free speach and expression.

Quote ”

When Margaret Thatcher came into power I was seven years old.  When the election results were given I can clearly remember my Father stating that ‘She would ruin this Country’  Did she?  Perhaps,in all honesty I can say that I was not adversely affected.  In fact,I was rather glad when she got rid of free school milk!  I had never liked drinking from those nasty bottles.  My brother and I proudly refused to pay our poll tax  unbeknown to us my Mother who didn’t want either of her kids to have a criminal record paid it for us and perhaps that is the point.  We as a family were not adversely affected,but then we lived in Kent and were not dependent on industry.

I do know that as an adult I did not and still do not agree with her policies or her polictics and I certainly don’t think that our cash strapped country should be contirbuting to the funeral!    Life for many under Thatcher was miserable and families particualy in the North suffered and some are still suffering the affects to this day.  Some will argue that she made hard decisions that had to be made and they might be right.  However,all these years later a lot of people still feel very bitter.  In fact,bitter enought to ensure that their voice is heard.  The BBC ummed and aahed about whether they should play the song which looks very likely to get to number one and fortunately good sense and ‘Freedom of Speech’has prevailed.   I don’t feel strongly enough to download the song and in some ways to believe it to be quite disrespectful,but that doesn’t mean that I want it censured.  We as ‘Producers of Porn’who some would rather call ‘Disciples of the Devil’face enough censorship already.  Long live Freedom of Speech and RIP Margaret Thatcher who probably wouldn’t have cared about this song anyway.

What did that all have to do with Spanking?  Nothing?   Apart from the Freedom of Speech bit. So without further ado I will stop subjecting you all to my somewhat (light weight) opinion and proceed with the reason that you are all here.”


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