The Zeroth Film Festival

Once again we have something of great interest not just to spank lovers but to those who like all things kinky. I have, with permission reprinted a complete blog posting  from another blog, always ask first! Take a read I think it is a really great idea and something we have been needing for quite a time. Your comments will as usual be welcome.


It is 4am in the morning and I can’t sleep. Rather than lay in bed I thought my time would be better spent telling you about the Zeroth Film Festival which is the fantastic brain child of Hywell Phillips and Ariel Anderssen (better known as Amelia Jane Rutherford) in the spanking world. Fans of Bondage will of course know this lovely couple from their website Restrained Elegance. Inspired by a showing of films from the Kiel Fetish Film Festival they decided to run their very own hence the birth of the British Fetish Film Festival Now let me just say before members of Atvod start licking their lips at the smell of fresh and easy blood, although it is a British Festival, entrants can submit films from anywhere in the world. A ‘dry run’ for film producers was held yesterday and I think went rather well.

.Restrained Elegance

I was very happy to be one of quite a select few to receive an invitation to submit some of my work. I have been involved in the production side of our sites for quite some time. Now, I am well aware that none of us are going to win an Oscar anytime soon and there is an argument and it is quite a valid one that we are making videos for people to wank over. I am under no illusions that people sometimes fast forward to the spanking or indeed any other fetish and ignore the storylines BUT I and a lot of other producers still take care to ensure that we are providing a quality product that we are proud to put our name to. The day I start to make ‘insert girl here’ porn will be the day that I look for an alternative job.

Spanking Sarah Spanking Porn to be proud of

Paul and Lucy from Northern Spanking had kindly offered to host the Zeroth Film Festival. As the day drew ever nearer I was filled with excitement. I also realised that the only time I had ever watched any of my own films was whilst in edit or with friends and let us be honest, your friends are not going to say that they don’t like your material are they? On the way to the Festival I suddenly decided that it wasn’t such a good idea. What if the other producers hated my work? What if they belittled it? What if they were all far more intelligent than me? Paranoia took over and I announced to Mr S that he should turn the car around, that I didn’t want to go. After he had calmed me down we continue on our journey but I will admit that I was still filled with dread.

One of the very many excellent updates available at Northern Spanking

Upon arrival it was nice to see a few familiar faces who incidentally shared the same concerns as I. In fact Nimue from Nimues World has admitted on Twitter that she had wanted to submit but had ‘chickened out’ Despite taking our clothes off for the Nation it seems that we are quite a shy lot and probably all feel insecure about our work. Perhaps this is because in the greater community we are seen as odd, strange or in extreme cases dangerous? Whatever the reason, it is a shame and unfounded. I can’t speak for my own work but I can say that the other producers including Nimue have absolutely nothing to be worried about.

Fantastic Porn at Nimues World

We chatted for a while before settling down to watch each others films. The moment had arrived. I realised that despite having memberships to a great many sites that it had been a while since I had seen any films. This was not a choice I had consciously made, but due to lack of time. It felt quite decadent to know that I would be spending the whole afternoon watching fantastic films made by fabulous people. As this is a spanking site I will concentrate on the spanking content but will say that it was interesting to watch things from outside my ‘kink’ I won’t admit to understanding all of it but could recognise that the production was fantastic. I am sure that there were people in that room who didn’t get the whole ‘getting spanked’ concept either.

A very early Spanking Sarah film were I look very young (and very skinny)

Pandora Blake submitted her film ‘Marital Discipline’ featuring Michael Darling and Dana Kane. Having shot with Michael I knew that he was a great actor but I hadn’t realised quite how good Dana was. She really holds a scene and add a touch of humour alongside some good hard spankings. The film also included a bathroom scene where Dana shaves Michael. This was very well edited. Poor Pandora nearly died when it was her turn and it was suggested that a cushion might help the more nervous producers get through the viewing of their film. If you haven’t already joined Dreams of Spanking then please go and take a look at this great site.

One of many great full films at Dreams of Spanking

The ‘Governor’ at Bars and Stripes decided against the ‘Cup Cake Cushion’ but I suppose if you are in charge of a notorious prison you can’t be seen to show any weakness. I secretly suspect he was as nervous as the rest of us but hid it well. He submitted the film ‘Dream or Nightmare’ starring Paul Kennedy, Stephen Lewis and Amelia Jane Rutherford. A great film which took time to make. Good films tend to take the time not only to produce but to script and edit. I am of the belief it is better to make less ‘great films’ then lots of rather rubbish ones and it seems that Bars and Stripes (and all the other producers present tend to agree)

Bars and Stripes

50 Shades of Pink was the submission from Northern Spanking and I must confess that this was one of the few spanking films from another Producer that I had watched before. It did not lose anything in the second viewing. A hilarious story, Scarlot Rose and David Wolf played their parts very well It was a perfect example of the excellent (and vast) amount of content you can expect from a membership with Northern Spanking.

‘That Shower Scene’ from English Spankers

After lots of discussion and lots and lots of cake it was time to go home. I can’t speak for anybody but myself but I can say that despite my nervousness it was a fantastic afternoon. In an age where just about anyone can (and does) buy a couple of cameras and call themselves a producer it was nice to meet people who share our values and beliefs and can be proud of the material they produce. Everybody there seemed to be a genuinely engaged and interested in the fetish material that they shoot. I feel refreshed and energised and raring to make more great films! Will there be another Film Festival? I hope so. Time will tell as there are certain hoops that the organisers have to jump through. But even if there isn’t I am proud and pleased to have been at the Zeroth. Thanks once again to Ariel and Hywel from Restrained Elegance and Paul and Lucy from Northern Spanking for making it possible.


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