Schoolgirl Ella spanked

A spanking for EllaWe are at this time working hard to resurrect the SPANKING NEWS web site. Owing to the many pressures of other work, having to make a living being to the fore front, this sadly got neglected. Just to get things moving here are a few reviews of new and current content on some top British Web sites. We film with a lot of lovely ladies both young and old and we love them all. However, sometimes someone a little special comes along and you just know that they are going to take the spanking world by storm. Meet Ella Hughes at just nineteen years old she is rather new to the spanking world but do not let her beauty fool you. This is one young lady who knows exactly what she wants. Ella has wanted to be spanked from a very early age and now that she is old enough to do so she is certainly making up for lost time. Ella has done an interview with Sarah which she will show on her site at a later date. In this she explains just how much she loves to be spanked, whipped, paddled and strapped. This week we see her play the part of a college girl who is failing in her grades. Sarah is her tutor who offers her some motivation to get back on track. Ella does not want to fail so enquires as to what this motivation will entail. She is rather shocked when Sarah informs her that it will involve having her bottom spanked. With little choose open to her but to accept a reluctant Ella goes over the knee. She cannot believe what is happening to her, especially when her skirt is lifted up and her knickers pulled down. Her bare bottom is subjected to a prolonged, fast and really painful hand spanking which leaves it marked and bruised. For those of you who think that it is ‘just a hand spanking’ should perhaps take a turn over the knee. Ella kicks and wriggles but this does not prevent Ms Stern from making sure that she is punished. Ella is told that she must return later for some further motivation and leaves the office red raw and sore. Take a look at the free clip here

Hard spanking for HonestyWe love introducing new Spanking Models to you and have the great pleasure this week of showcasing the lovely Honesty a young lady who has been involved in the spanking scene for some time but had not made any spanking movies. Not only have we brought you a new spankee but also a new spanker and I am sure you will agree that his rather heavy hands will be feared by many.

Honesty certainly gulped when she saw just how big his hands were! Our new Spanker is as happy giving as receiving so knows exactly how to get a young lady to behave herself. Honesty plays the part of his young wife who has overspent on the credit cards. In the past she has managed to get away with this by dressing up in sexy clothes and taking her Husbands mind off of the bill. She has however overspent by far to much this time and he is determined to teach her a lesson.

He drags his protesting Wife over the knee to administer her first dose of domestic discipline. Sometimes a Husband has to be cruel to be kind and so he shows her no mercy. Honesty is given a good hard hand spanking and to say she is shocked is an understatement.

This spanking is hard from the very first spank. No warm up for this naughty Wife. Each and every slap leaves its mark on her tender bottom and it is not long before her skirt is pulled up and her knickers yanked down. Poor Honesty feels like her bum is on fire but the spanks continue to be administered.

Honesty begs for the spanking to stop but her Husband wants to make sure that she really has learnt her lesson. She kicks her legs and cries real tears but it is to no avail. The spanking is prolonged and very painful and leaves her well marked and sore. Take a look at the free clip here

Jadie Reece paddledI really enjoyed shooting with Jadie Reece a little earlier this year. Despite this lovely lady being on the scene for a long time we had somehow never managed to film together and this was something I was eager to change. We had met at a few parties and so I knew just what a nice girl she was and how much she loves to be spanked. All we needed to do was to get a date we could both make. After a couple of false starts we finally got together and had some great fun at the same time as making some great films. I am hoping to be able to film with Jadie when I get back from holiday.

This week she plays my naughty girlfriend who has been dabbling in drugs. Nothing harsh just a little pot but we all know that this is illegal and that a crime cannot go unpunished. Sarah comes home from work a little early and catches Jadie red handed. Jadie totally denies any wrong doing but Sarah knows exactly what has been going on.

After a stern telling off Jadie is given a choice to make. Sarah can inform the police of her illegal activities or she can take a punishment from her cross and concerned Girlfriend. Jadie at first thinks this is all a joke but soon realises that Sarah is completely serious.

Feeling as if she has little choice Jadie decides that she should be punished at home. I am pretty sure that she almost changes her mind when she sees the size of the paddle Sarah intends to use upon her.

Jadie is asked to kneel in the chair and to lift her dress and take down her knickers. The paddle manages to strike both cheeks at the same time and is applied without mercy. Jadie cannot believe what a bitch her Girlfriend is being. Sarah feels that Jadie needs to learn her lesson and is determined to make it a painful one. Take a look at the free clip here

Amelia Jane punished by Aunt KatiePoor Amelia Jane. She really should not be at the House of Correction. She is a good girl who just got in with the wrong crowd! She is trying so hard to serve out her sentence without incident but It just does not seem to be working out that way. It doesn’t help that her fellow inmate Sophie Parker is just so horrible to her.

Auntie Katie has asked both girls to clean the house as part of their punishment. Amelia Jane is eager to please and gets straight on with it but Sophie just sits and mocks her. Not only does she not help, but she deliberately breaks one of Auntie Katies prized ornaments.

Amelia is mortified and tries to fix the broken boat. Unfortunately for her, Auntie Katie makes an appearance and when she sees the damage assumes that it was Amelia. Sophie takes great pleasure in lying to Katie she even tells her that Amelia has not helped with the cleaning!

The poor girl just cannot believe what is happening to her. She is trying so very hard yet she still seems to end up in trouble. Auntie Katie is not happy at all and decides that Amelia needs to be taught a painful lesson. She fetches a rather nasty strap and proceeds to give Amelia a good hard beating.

Sophie is rather pleased to see Amelia in so much trouble and she loves the fact that she gets to watch such a humiliating punishment. The strapping commences on top of her ting denim shorts which do not offer a great deal of protection.

Amelia is made to kneel on the sofa with her bottom high in the air. She tries to explain that she hasn’t done anything wrong but it is to no avail. In fact, it makes Auntie Katie smack her harder. Her shorts are soon removed as are her panties so that the strapping can continue on the bare.

This is an unfair, humiliating punishment which is eagerly watched by Sophie. Poor Amelia is left red and sore and feeling really sorry for herself. Take a look at the free clip here

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