Businessman Fined for spanking his wife

Businessman fined for putting his wife over his knee and SPANKING her in a row over money John Smith put wife Kim over his knee and smacked her bottom, court told. The 60-year-old carried out the smack after a row over financial matters. Magistrates told he held her face down on sofa smacking her several times.He later told police that she had ‘deserved’ the spanking, claiming she had shown him ‘disrespect’

John Smith, 60, put spouse Kim across his knee and smacked her bottom five times following a row over money, a court heard. When police turned up to investigate he simply told them: ‘She deserved it.’ Magistrates this week issued a restraining order against Smith, who has been married for 18 years. Skegness magistrates’ court heard the assault took place at one of the couple’s homes in Lincolnshire in July when a row over a £3,000 loan got out of hand. As voices were raised, Mrs Smith feared she was going to be beaten, said prosecutor Marie Stace. Smith then grabbed her by the arm, held her face down on a sofa and smacked her several times, she added. Asad Aziz, defending, said Smith had seen red after being called offensive names by his wife during the argument.

He described how the businessman could not accept the ‘disrespect and conduct she displayed that day’ and openly admitted he had put her over his knee and smacked her five times. Smith had complained that the words she used were ‘unnecessary and uncalled for’, he said. Smith admitted assault by beating and was given a 12-month conditional discharge and a 12-month restraining order

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