Oh dear another nail in the coffin of the spanking film producer, one which I doubt will be survivable, Net Models that bastion of all that is correct in the modelling world has decreed that those who make video films are no longer welcome to advertise on their forums. I quote “I regret that Escape ( The Boss)! says this is a stills only site and your ‘filming’ suggests a video He permits video of stills shoots don’t ask me the difference“. There you have it. Now we feel pretty aggrieved about this having payed the not inconsiderable fees to this site for a good number of years and establishing a very good reputation with the Net Models we have worked with. One can only hope that those models seeking video work will now take their money and advertise and search elsewhere and that any film makers out there will do likewise.

I would just like to know why a video producer should be seen as any less of an employer that a still photographer, after all, I can do both and I thought this type of site was all about finding work for the models not standing in the path of their employment particularly when times are hard.

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