We have information exposing a major video pirate who seems to be concentrating at the moment on stealing content from spanking web sites throughout the world. He was brought to our attention some time ago but we did not have sufficient proof to expose this individual but we do now have absolute and concrete proof of his activities.

Selling his stolen video via mail order he uses PayPal to collect the money from his customers, PayPal we understand have been advised of his illegal activities but don’t hold your breath for them to take any action to stop him.

Listed below are some of the companies he is ripping off, this is not an exhaustive list but it will come as no surprise to find that most of the major video producers product has been stolen by this individual and is being resold at £5 per DVD.

So the owners of: Mood, Montrose Academy, Miss Lancer, Spanking Services, Nuwest Leda, Strictly English,Rosaleen Young, Moonglow, Real Spankings, Pain 4fem, Shadow lane, Girls Boarding School, Lupus – Rigid East, British Punishment, Real Life spankings, Calstar, Spanking Sarah, Spanked Schoolgirls, 1st Choice Spanking, Spanked in Uniform, Fullforce, Spanked cheeks, Rosaleen Young, Girls boarding school, Spank camp, FirmHand spanking, Spanking Digital, Lady Sonia, Red stripe, Shan van Media… And so on. This guy is listing hundreds of titles from all these companies and more.

So where is he and who is he? Well his name is Chilli Palmer and he lives in Gloucestershire in the UK, we do have his full address which will be given to site owners and web masters as will a copy of the full lists of the films he has to offer.

What can be done to stop this pirate from selling your films, spoiling your business and offering very low grade second rate films to your potential customers, we have heard various suggestions from webmasters but most are illegal, so maybe the best thing is to invoice him for the use of your titles and make no mistake, he has the full catalogue of some sites on offer. Times are hard for legitimate web site owners and film producers and we do not think they should be ripped off by people such as this.

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