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Just an interesting little snippet from one of the pirate boards, the guys who run these things are obviously not content with the money they are making selling stolen films they have now branched out into the password sharing market.

Take a look at this missive:

Dear members! Unfortunately, the Spanking Passwords Exchange forum is not as active and popular as we want it to be. I’d like to make a couple remarks concerning passwords exchanging via PMs. While posting links to copyrighted material is a crime in some states, exchanging passes with friends is absolutely legal. If you buy a password and wish to give it to a friend for free, you have the right to do so. You can do almost whatever you want with the passes you  buy.

Yes, many sites say that they prohibit password sharing. But this is not a crime from the legal point of view and giving passes to a friend does not have any legal consequences. Exchanging passes is one of the best ways to make new friends!

Well there you have the voice of reason and sanity It’s not a crime so let’s all do it!  So once again those who are not able to produce anything good of their own seek to take money from those who have spent money building web sites and promoting their material for the benefit of everyone who wants to join a site in the usual, proper way.

 First thing, it’s not a nice thing to do, trade or sell a password that you have paid for. It is also pretty mush counterproductive, the security software on most sites these days is sophisticated enough to put a quick stop to the illegal use of the password. That means that not only will it not work for those who buy or trade illegally, it will no longer work for you.

 When you join a web site they have terms and conditions, you agree to these when you join. So you are in breach of the contract between you and the site owner. So as soon as the site owner finds out you are sharing the password he notifies the billing companies who will blacklist you and your credit cards. Come on, is it worth it? At one time it was a bit of fun to give your password to your mate, now it’s big business for crooks, do you really think they do it out of a sense of altruism? No they are making money and not only that, the sites you are going to are in many cases downloading to your computer all sorts of spyware and malware. Keep it clean, but your own membership and keep it to yourself.

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