No spanking on Google

It would seem that Google have gone all coy about spanking, yes at one time you could type spanking into Google and there before you would be listed hundreds of good spanking sites with some of the best British sites right there at the top. No more, we have to probe a lot deeper now to find the good stuff. Well that is if there is any good stuff left to find on Google, our researcher is up to page 20 at the moment and is still looking. Seems that all the commercial spanking sites have been consigned to Goggles shit list. Forget doing what the Chinese government want, this  is serious!

What can have happened, are Google censoring what goes  into their listings or are they hoping that spanking site owners may pay them money to be listed, whatever the cupboard is now bare and this well searched term produces nothing you want to see. Examles;…/Keira-Knightley-A-Dangerous-Method-Sex-…/spanking/10-reasons-not-hit-your-chil… –

What to do? Well you could use other search engines, Yahoo have a good selection of spanking sites as do some of the others  so this is  just more evidence that that you can’t trust anyone to keep things fair and let the number of clicks decide what is on show.

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